Monday, 8 March 2010



We are still here, unseen and unheard,
Insects trapped in amber, ghosts,
Drowning slowly in the sap of silence,
Struggling vainly to free ourselves,
When our wings are wet with your resin.

Shameful now, to be locked away,
In concrete boxes and wooden coffins,
Whilst the crucifix of a rainbow,
Rises from the corpse of our culture,
And celebrates our every abortion.

The truth is no defence, for lies are gods,
To which we must sacrifice the truth,
Tearing us out of time like the pages,
Of history books filled with a ‘hate‘,
That my grandfather once called his pride.

Estranged from your welcoming embrace,
Which receives the world where we live,
Yet never plants its seeds in your streets,
So that its scions may seek to colonise,
The golden acres of your enclaves of wealth.

For we are too white, too poor, too angry,
British and bland, not spicy enough,
To satisfy the jaded palate of the privileged,
That perch upon England’s broken back,
And pontificate to the poor in their prisons.

With your raven smiles in black silk suits,
You preen in the frenzy of subtle treasons,
In the camera flash and flicker of fame,
In fashionable circles that worship each lie,
In the poetry of strangers, erasing our past.

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angrysoba said...

Drowning slowly in the sap of silence,

Could you hurry it up a bit?

Defender of Liberty said...

Aaah, thats interesting - in other words you support the removal of free speech and the imposition of political correctness (which is the poisonous sap of liberalism)

So you are fascist and a racist who supports the slow death of liberty.

What an idiot.

Adrian Peirson said...

That ties up quite nicely with a poster I saw on a local council board, setting up a new pregnancy and abortion advice centre for young girls.

Meanwhile, Porritt is suggesting the population sould be cut drastically, no mention of closing the Borders, just getting rid of some people I wonder who he has in mind.

Population reduction in the UK

Meanwhile the EU opens up secret Jobcentres in Africa.

Sterilise British Schoolgirls

Adrian Peirson said...

Further on the Times article by Porrit mentioned about population reduction, humanity emits 50Billion Tonnes of CO2 per year.

What are trees made of, well, they are made of Carbon, which they fix from the atmosphere.

Let's assume that each tree when fully grown weighs 1 Tonne, more likely 5 tonnes but let's err on the side of 1 Tonne.

So if humanity planted 50 Billion Trees per yea that would remove 50 Billion tons of Carbon from the atmosphere.
Lets assume 50 nations decided to do this, that's a mere 1 Billion trees each.
OK, you dont remove 50 Billion tonnes in the first few yrs because they are mere saplings but after 5 yrs you are removing all or most of the Carbon produced by man.
Why have the Govt not thought of this method of controlling pollution, or tried closing the Borders.

We could even use this captured carbon as building material.

It's clear, this CO2 agenda is about population reduction and control of the Masses.
It's either them or us.

I don't believe this global warming crap, just showing there are methods of carbon capture already availble that dont require taxation and produce building material, even fuel as a by product.

Even if these numbers are not exactly spot on they are rough estimates, are these clowns seriously going to build machines which will suck Carbon out of the air, meanwhile sell our industries off to China which will not be bound by emmissions targets and is building 1 new dirty coal fired power station every week.

I know off topic, just commenting on the Porrit quote posted earlier regarding 50Billion tonnes of CO2 and him claiming we must reduce the population because of pollution.

Sadly, millions of Brain dead sheep will allow themselves to be convinced their Sons and daughters should be sterilised in order to protect the planet,
( only temporarily of course ).

And to save baby polar bears.

How much evidence does one need in order to file charges of conspiracy to commit Genocide.

Adrian Peirson said...

Links again.

Sterilise British Schoolgirls

unless people wake up to what they are up to, we will be the ones extinct like those insects trapped in amber.
That is their intention.