Monday 12 January 2009

Anne Frank, Defiance and the German Genocide

Image above - Young German girl raped to death by Russian soldiers in World War 2. A victim of the forgotten genocide. Dehumanised, violated and left to die.

This week a story was printed in German newspapers that was not reported anywhere in the UK.

Whilst the British public were watching Anne Frank on BBC 1 and going to see Jewish terrorists in the Cinema in Defiance or weeping over Palestinians in Gaza - the story of the systematic slaughter of German civilians at the end of World War 2 was quietly consored by the mainstream British media, because this was a story about the forgotten and hidden genocide of the 20th Century.

Over nine million Germans were murdered at the end of the war - they were driven from their homes, raped to death by Russian red army scum, killed by partisans, starved to death deliberately, deliberately murdered in prisoner of war camps, deliberately killed by communists and anyone with a gun who wanted to kill a German for fun.

The victory of the allies did not stop the killing and the suffering - it merely allowed the Germans to replace the Jews and be slaughtered at will by any criminal with a gun.

The victory authorised the slaughter.

There was no moral victory for the allies, merely complicity in the crimes of those they allowed to kill as many Germans as they wished with no sanctions or punishment.

No films have been made about their suffering - no Hollywood movies have been made about the children raped and killed, the women gang raped until they bled to death and the entire families murdered by people who went on to live without any punishment, and who even today are still alive and unpunished.

The hijacking of history by the holocaust industry is a crime against humanity.

The time has come for the sickening obsession with the Holocaust, and the plethora of industries that profit from the holocaust, to be shut down.

When history has become hijacked for political reasons, and entire industries are using it for their own political, economic and social interests then this has to be stopped.

The holocaust was a crime against humanity, but the endless propagandising of the holocaust at the expense of the rest of suffering of humanity is an affront to all decent human beings.

I am sick and tired of the holocaust industry imposing its fascistic version of history upon our nation, culture and people.

If you dont join in the shirt ripping, the howls of anguish and abase yourself before its icons, monuments and remembrance days then you are regarded almost as a criminal.

It is form of state sanctioned violence, where anyone who dares dissent from the mass hysteria is seen as an criminal.

When has Holocaust Remembrance Day ever remembered my two uncles who were in a Japanese death camp and the 50,000 British soldiers who died in the Japanese death camps.

When has Holocaust day commemorated the 6 million babies aborted in this country since 1967. I was born in 1967, and just like Christ I survived the Herod slaughter of the innocents that has afflicted this nation ever since.

When has Holocaust day remembered the slaughter of Anglo-Saxons by the Norman invaders and the theft of our land, liberties and culture by the Norman aristocracy - the 3 % of the British population that still own about 60 % of the land in the country.

When has Holocaust day been nothing more than an attempt to indoctrinate our children and people with a shallow guilt for a crime that they fought against - our families died fighting fascism, and yet our children are infected with the guilt of the Holocaust at schools and all through their lives.

This Holocaust propaganda is a psychic crime against our children, for they deserve to grow up without the images of death, slaughter and horror that are equated with the Holocaust.

The first naked body I saw as a child was an image of dead bodies in a Nazi death camp.

Those images haunted my youth - they were imposed upon me and sickened me. They festered in my mind and gave me nightmares for my entire youth.

I cared more for Jews and the Holocaust as child than I did for my own people and the suffering of my own people. I was not taught about the history of my people, instead I was forced to learn only what suited our political masters - and which allowed them to manipulate me and my generation so that we would accept multi-culturalism and mass immigration.

I was indoctrinated to believe that resisting mass immigration = being a Nazi.

Those who wish to impose such sick images of the Holocaust in the minds of children are sick bastards.

Leave the minds of our kids alone you sick fucks.

They will grow up with the most debased sick imagery of this sick debased world poisoning their minds soon enough - who the fuck do you think you are forcing little kids to see sick images of dead rotting bodies being shovelled up and thrown into holes in Nazi death camps just because it suits you politically to poison young minds.

Forcing little kids to see Holocaust horror porn in schools should be made as much of a crime as allowing kids to watch, or be involved in child porn.

Those that use kids for their sexual gratification are as much perverts as those that want to use kids for their political gratification.

Our kids should be able to go through schools as innocents - not forced to learn about sex as five year olds then have the Holocaust rammed into their young minds.

Schools should be Freedom Zones, where young minds are free from sex, porn, crime, violence and the psychic abuse of the Holocaust industry.

Leave our kids alone you sick bastards.


Bodies of 1,800 WWII Germans found in Poland mass grave

Construction workers made a grisly discovery in the Polish town of Malbork when they uncovered a Second World War mass grave containing the bodies of 1,800 German civilians.

The first skeletons had been found at the site in Poland in October, but yesterday the Public Prosecutor’s Office revealed that the body count now totals 1,800.

“[The grave includes] the remains of women, men and children,” public prosecutor Waldemar Zduniak said.

“Some of the corpses display signs of bullet wounds.”

Bernard Jesionowski of the Malbork Museum told the Polish PAP press agency: ““It could have something to with the German civilians who were killed during fighting between German and Russian troops at the beginning of 1945.”

The WWII German military authorities had told the civilian population to leave the city at the end of 1944, but several thousand inhabitants remained.

Their fate is so far unknown, according to Jesionowski – but the mystery may now have been solved.



Possible mass grave of German WWII civilians found in Poland
Published: 7 Jan 09 12:25 CET

Some 1,800 corpses that authorities believe to be German civilians killed during World War II have been discovered in the Polish city of Malbork, daily Bild reported Wednesday.

"They are the remains of women, men and children," public prosecuter Waldemar Zduniak told the paper. "A portion of the corpses display bullet wounds."

The first skeletons were uncovered in October in Malbork, which before World War II was part of Germany and known as Marienburg. But officials didn’t have an official body count until Tuesday.

"It could be that the German civilians were killed during fighting in 1945 between Germans and Russian troops," Bernard Jesionowski of the Marienburg musuem told Polish news agency PAP.

German military leaders ordered civilians to leave the city at the end of 1944, but several thousand remained and their fates remain unknown, Jesionowski told the paper.

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Anonymous said...

The moral relativism of the lunatic left reveals a deeply sinister psychology.

For surely all human suffering, regardless of race or religion is equally as detestable and horrifying. But the left does not believe this to be the case, for left believes some lives are worth more than others... the left believes that the 1800 German's found in the mass grave in Poland deserved it, the left believes the women and children brutally raped and slaughtered after the end of WWII deserved it.

The indoctrination in schools is grotesque and inhuman. These children are taken in their formative years, and callously mind-fucked by a vicious and psychotic leftist propaganda machine - this is far worse than Orwell's 1984... and when the leftist lunatics rant and rave they are the products of this deliberate mass mind control, simply reacting instinctively to their programming.

Anonymous said...

Well its only 17 days to holocau$t meomorial day so expect the usual daily items about the Jewish suffering to reach crescendo pitch as the great feast day dawns closer.
You will have the famous Belson pictures shown repeatedly on the BBC and ITN,what you wont be told is they all died of typhus which is something even the red cross who visited all German concentration camps including Auschwitz said the Germans tried to eradicate. Conditions despite their best efforts broke down at the end of the war. Then the BBC report will show the famous Dachau gas chamber, which even the high priests of the new holocaust religion say was never used as a gas chamber and seems to look like a shower bath! Then the famous arbeit macht frei at Auschwitz, though they wont show you the Auschwitz swimming pool for the inmates.Yep there are two sides to this story, millions suffered in WW2 and the only victors were the US who were able to occupy western Europe, the Red Army who occupied eastern Europe and the zionists who got their state in Palestine.

Anonymous said...

What is interesting to observe is how the media tries to walk the impossible tight-rope of peddling it's holocaust propaganda and yet trying to avoid 'giving offence' to Muslim's... I find it amusing to watch the establishment squirm on this one.

The establishment is schizophrenic and insane, it is tearing itself apart trying to force all the myriad and opposing fragments of it's being into one whole - and this simply cannot be done... in time it will collapse, this is inevitable.

Anonymous said...


I agree . Time to strip away all the layers of false ideology and history.

Time for a coherent set of beliefs to benefit our own people.

" This scatter of rock,
great scour of wind,
we are made from all this

and loosing ourselves,
out here,

we are nature
come back to regard itself
through it's own eyes."

This is our starting point.

How this neo liberal , left wing
has truly done our people's heads in !

Not on your own.

BTW- I have stopped booze, fags, meat etc. Just walk the dog for a little recreation after work in the woods. Getting a clearer sense of things and historical perspective. :)

Take care.

Anonymous said...

The picture of that poor German girl is shocking... I have seen a lot of shit, but that is aweful. If anyone is desensitized to such an image they need to either get some serious therapy or kill themselves. God rest her soul.

Bert Rustle said...

For a readable and scholarly account see A Terrible Revenge: The Ethnic Cleansing of the East European Germans, which includes many eye witness statements.

... The genocidal barbarism of the Nazi forces has been well documented. What is little known is the fate of fifteen million German civilians who found themselves on the wrong side of new postwar borders. All over Eastern Europe, the inhabitants of communities that had been established for many centuries were either expelled or killed. Over two million Germans did not survive. Some of these people had supported Hitler, but the great majority did not. In "A Terrible Revenge", de Zayas describes their horrible fate. This new edition includes an updated foreword, epilogue, and additional information from recent interviews with the children of the displaced. ...

Anonymous said...

How would we respond to 26 million of our countrymen being killed as a result of Germans seeking lebensraum?

Suggest you visit one of the 1941-1945 Great Patriotic War museums and see how many Oradour-sur-Glanes there were in the occupied territories of the Soviet Union.

The population of the Ukraine was 41 million in 1941, by 45 it was 29million. Even Stalin didn't manage that many in his two man made famines and culling of the kulaks. How many Soviet women would have been raped or put into field brothels? You live by the sword, be prepared to die by it. BTW the French in 1812 committed similar attrocities in Russia, they too "reaped the whirlwind!"

I think Churchill said something about letting the mad dogs of Europe fight it out between them. "Splendid isolation" was a brilliant strategy.

Defender of Liberty said...

I will tell you how to respond to barbarism - by punishing the GUILTY, not by slaughtering the innocent, raping little girls and killing civilians.

Your barbarity was as bad as the Nazis.

In fact it was worse - the majority of the Nazis did what they did as they were under orders to do and if they did not do as they were ordered too they were shot by their own leaders.

Nazism was a machine where each was forced to play a part or be thrown into a concentration camp if they did not do so.

The Russian Red Army raped and slaughtered across Europe not because it was ordered too but because it enjoyed it, because it wanted to sate its sick lusts and because it wanted blood.

Not the blood of the guilty though, the blood of innocent civilians.

That in my eyes makes the Russians worse than the Nazis - that and the fact that the Germans have admitted their guilt for decades whilst the Russians have admitted fuck all about their crimes, and instead have assumed the pose of heroes - when in fact they were nothing better than wild beasts.

Anonymous said...

anonymous writes: "How would we respond to 26 million of our countrymen being killed as a result of Germans seeking lebensraum?"

Exactly the point of one of my previous posts, the moral relativism of the left is deeply sinistr - how on the one hand it whines endlessly about Nazi attrocities and yet, like the message above, it then goes on to justify atrocities of others.

This anonymous responder is totally sick to somehow try and state that the brutal rape and murder or innocents is acceptable - this is the reason why the world is so fucked, because fuck-wits like this have weedled their way into positions of power - but they have no conscience or true integrity.

We nationalists believe in equality, a crime is a crime no matter who commits it, an atrocity is an atrocity no matter who commits it.

Anonymous said...

anonymous then goes on: "Splendid isolation" was a brilliant strategy.

Exactly, so you agree that the current Israel conflict in Gaza isn't anything to do with us.

Anonymous said...

In response to Defender of Liberty (clearly you don't practice what your name suggests) and Andastre, to my earlier anonymous response yesterday @ 6.51.
DoL I presume you're supposed to be a lawyer of some kind. Please point out where I said I was a communist? I just offered what I deemed to be the other side of the story, hence the mad dogs reference. They were both as bad as each other. But as the Nazi's murdered far more Russians, or untermensch as they deemed them to be, they must have been therefore the worst of the two.

So is it a justifiable defence to say you were only obeying orders? According to you it is. Therefore only Hitler was guilty. No point in having the showcase Nuremburg trials was there? How many did they prosecute? A massive hundred or so. Not many guilty then? Sounds very much like the judiciary we have today, the guilty go free, the victims suffer, because of the defenders of liberty granting them THEIR human rights?

Communism wasn't a machine then? They didn't have gulags, or if you were lucky, a neck shot from a nagan for all those who opposed the Bolsheviks? Clearly you never heard of the NKVD or the political commissars following behind attacking troops shooting anybody who faltered or retreated. So the peoples of the Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic states, the Cossacks and the Tartars to name but a few who opposed the communists didn't obey orders and paid the price for it.

"Not the blood of the guilty though, the blood of innocent civilians." So the Russians who were murdered and raped were guilty in your law court and so deserved their punishment. The Russians wanted to execute 50,000 Nazis, SS, concentration guards etc.but were forced to settle for less than 20.

Once Khrushchev had a strong enough power based in 1956 he effectively started a de-Stalinisation program which was the nearest the communists would go to admitting some of their guilt. Obviously after the fall of the Soviet Union massacres such as Katyn were admitted. While the Germans, like the Japanese have only one regret about WWII, that they lost.

Andastre, where did I say the rapes or murders were justified by either side? You will surely present a fine case for British Nationalism by name calling & swearing. Germany invaded Russia and butchered and raped, it's way of winning hearts and minds? The Russians reciprocated. Statement of fact. Rape was always used as a strategy of war, you only have to look at our indiscretions in the Peninsular Wars and later in India.

In answer to your question, directly the situation in Gaza or South Lebanon has nothing to do with us. But indirectly it's a proxy war until Israel & Iran start slinging nuclear bombs at each other. As the USA continues to weaken so will Israel. Then, who will stop it at the Gates of ..... London?

And finally my own view on WWII. Many German units surrendered to the Western Allies in the misguided view that we would join with them and take on the Soviets. I agree with this idea, which I believe was supported by Churchill & Patton. There were in fact a number of incidences were this did in fact happen.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled across this website and have to admit that it certainly makes you sit up and think about the attrocities that occurred during the second world war and indeed subsequently. I feel it's only fair and proper to remember everyone that was a victim of any attrocity of one form or another, of any war or situation and indeed to learn from it. I do find it strange that mankind still hasn't, or should I say, does not want to learn from the lessons of the past. A classic example of this is the situation with 'the Promised land' whereby the Jews have simply taken land and committed numerous attrocities, in much the same way as what the NAZI regime did. However, they are not the only ones guilty of 'double-standards'. We can all be guilty of this and until we learn tolerence for each and everyone, then sadly there is no future for mankind. Finally, I would like to pay my respects to all of those families who have suffered around the world because of the evil which sadly is mankind. I enjoyed your website.

Anonymous said...

Today, any mention of German wartime suffering must be prefaced by a justification in the form of a disclaimer explaining that "they" started it, hence "they" deserved it. The German government does this. All of the media does this. So to hear the facts, we must first sit through recitations of prior German atrocities which brought on their "bad luck", and by the time we do, we are conditioned to accept it as an acceptable consequence. Occasionally, we can read of the situation without the preamble of collective guilt.

Anonymous said...

Here's the thing. You have to look at both sides. Yes what the Russians did to the Germans was wrong but what the Germans did to the Jews, or anyone Hitler didn't like was wrong too. Yes the ends didn't justify the means. The only thing we can do now is honor the memories of not only those poor Jews but also the Germans that did not deserve the punishment they received. We cannot change history but we can change our view on it. Believe me I do understand.

Anonymous said...

History is always written by the victors ... if World War 2 never happened, what would the world be like today.