Wednesday 14 January 2009

Boycott Coronation Street

Boycott Coronation Street.

Boycott the show.

What sort of mug watches this PC crap anyway.

The show is written by homosexuals, liberal, PC freaks and communists.

Its just multi-cultural propaganda.

CORONATION Street bosses wanted a cross removed from a church during filming because they thought it would be offensive to some viewers, says the vicar.

The Rev. James Milnes, of St Mary's Church in Nether Alderley, Cheshire, described the request - made during the filming of Molly and Tyrone's wedding scenes - as a disgrace.

The cross was bolted down, so the soap's producers hid it behind candles and flowers for the scene, which was screened on Monday.

Rev Milnes said: "I can't imagine how people would be offended. It's a church - you expect to see a cross in there.

"You would expect to see the Koran in a film of a mosque, a menorah in a film of a synagogue and similarly a cross when filming a Christian church."

Stephen Green from protest group Christian Voice said: "It's absolutely ridiculous.

"If you're going to film people getting married in a church, you're going to come across the odd cross, picture of Jesus or a stained glass window.

"It's this sort of stupidity that gives political correctness a bad name."

Stephen Regan, a spokesman for the Diocese of Chester, said: "The cross is universally accepted as a symbol of Christianity, and should offend no one.

"Christianity and Christian characters are quite often featured in both Coronation Street and EastEnders, so why the makers of the Street should object to a cross featuring during a Christian wedding service does not make much sense.

"Certainly, Christians throughout the Diocese of Chester continue to revere the cross as a symbol of hope and faith."

The 14th century church was paid £4,600 to be transformed into the wedding venue for filming in late November.

Granada arrived with a caravan of trailers, vans, their own security, a double- decker bus dining cart and more than 150 cast, crew and extras.

Soap bosses have admitted covering up the cross was an `error'. A spokesman said: "We are looking into how and why this happened.

"We chose the church because the characters of Molly and Tyrone wanted a traditional religious church wedding service in a quintessentially English church.

"Covering up the cross was an error and we apologise for any upset this has caused."

Rev Milnes, 29, who doesn't watch the soap, said: "I want us to spend the full sum of £4,600 on a handmade silver processional cross.

"I want us to say that the cross was obscured, which is a disgrace - but guess what, we spent every penny from Granada buying the very thing they wanted us to obscure."

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Anonymous said...

Well lets see... Granada TV founded by TV moguls Cecil and Sidney Bernstein; its hardly going to produce soaps which resemble in any degree true life. Like its BBC twin East Enders it has a script which is designed to promote the multicultural agenda, sympathetic characters will always be non white, gay men will always be handsome and compassionate, whites will come in all shapes and sizes but the "good "ones have been Frankfurt school tamed and reflect when they think and have had their consciousness raised.Lifes not like that, and I m not trying to make anti gay or racist points here because i am neither.
Dont watch such crap life is too short get down the gym, listen to music,socialise, read the net just whatever you do dont watch crap on TV.

Anonymous said...

The more the television attacks our way of life, the more I start to understand why the Taliban banned television.

The more I start to sympathize with the Talibans motives, the more I realize television has scored a Propaganda Victory for a Terrorist Organization.

The more I see this logic, the more I accept those in charge of television should be arrested for assisting the Taliban.

I know its a strange kind of logic

Anonymous said...

I would say that the overwhelming audience watching Corrie is female.

I don't think the female of our specie gives a damn one way or the other, it's simply not on their radar.

In general, the audience is so dumbed down they're oblivious of what's going on.

The media is the biggest problem that nationalism faces, their stranglehold on opinion forming is almost total.

The media is more powerful than the government.

Anonymous said...

"The media is more powerful than the government."

- They are merely different heads of the hydra.

Towards a Higher Man said...

The aim of all soaps is to push the lowest denominator. Classic Marxism.

Towards A Higher Man

Joe Owens