Monday 12 January 2009

EXCLUSIVE - NUJ Reporting Rules on BNP Revealed

I have been sent a copy of the National Union Of Journalists Code on reporting the BNP that all media companies have to adopt ;

Media Rules Of Engagement For Reporting On The BNP.

1) Never report on the BNP in a way that can be regarded as impartial. Impartial reporting equates to supporting the BNP. Reporting of the BNP must be negative at all times, as any impartial reporting will be read by the public as equating to support of the BNP. If the truth is not bad enough, then make up lies.

2) If mention of the BNP are made in the media then the BNP acronym must be followed by phrases such as ' Nazi, Racist, Extremist' or phrases such as ' local people are opposed to the BNP'. If you cannot find a member of the Labour Party, Tory Party or Liberal Party to make a negative comment about the BNP then ring Gerry Gable of the Searchlight group and he will make one up for you. Print only negative comments, or if people make positive comments about the BNP, make those people appear to be Nazis as well as the BNP.

3) If local people interviewed for your report do not make critical comments about the BNP or the BNP candidate then simply make up some 'anonymous' comments for your newspaper story and then just say that the person you interviewed did not want to leave their name and address. No-One will find out, so just make up the comments and publish them.

4) If you cant find anything bad to report about the BNP candidate in your area, then attack the party itself. Gerry Gable , who has nothing better to do than make up lies about the BNP for a living and then sell them for profit in his magazine Searchlight will be able to give you any number of lies about the BNP from his extensive collection of lies created by him over the years. Do not mention though that Gerry Gables family members are members of the IDF , Israeli Defence Force, who may be at this moment exterminating Palestinians in Gaza. If the public find out that Gerry Gable is a supporter of Zionism, funded by Israel and personally involved in the fascist genocide of Gaza then this may discredit his 'neutrality'.

5) If there is nothing bad to say about the BNP candidate in your area who is standing for election and Gerry Gable is on holiday in Israel, then simply talk about Hitler, Mussolini and the fascists and smear the BNP by implied association. Do not though make mention of the BNP's hostility to Zionist interests controlling the UK media, as we do not want our Zionist paymasters to be revealed in public. Melanie Phillips is a Zionist puppet who will always attend to attack the BNP, though her recent drubbing by the hands of Lee Barnes on Radio 4's The Moral Maze showed her weakness as a journalist when faced with someone who isn’t cowed by Zionists and who will shout back when shouted at.

6) When having a BNP member or spokesperson on your TV show or radio show ensure that EVERY other person on the show is either hostile to the BNP or bought and paid for by the Zionists, is a Dhimmi-politician dependent upon Islamist oil money for their political campaigns or that the other people are simply liberals who support Political Correctness. The BNP person being interviewed must be interrupted every ten seconds, face constant hostility and stupid time wasting questions and they must NEVER be given the opportunity to respond to your questions. Make sure you begin the programme with an attack on the BNP and end the programme with an Ad Hominem attack on BNP members.

7) Never invite the BNP onto Question Time. This is because Question Time is a BBC show for lightweight establishment politicians to appear on and thereby gain credibility - when we all know none of them could win a primary school debate with a class of five year olds if they were in the real world. Transvestites, idiot pop stars, radical homosexuals and any number of freaks and degenerates are welcome on the show but not the BNP. The fact that Question Time has never invited the BNP on the show means Question Time has about as much integrity as a tank made of chocolate, but the British public are so brainwashed, and the Question Time audience so dim, that they will never notice that they are being patronised, lied too and taken the piss out of. David Dimbelby gained his reputation as an interviewer and host of Question Time by only allowing on lightweight politicians and if the BNP were invited on this would reveal to the country just how incompetent he is and how idiotic the other panellists are. Therefore David has a rule that the BNP must never be invited onto Question Time.

8) If you print a picture of the BNP in your paper use a picture from around 1975 and try and use one with a skinhead in it. If you take a photograph of the BNP at a BNP demonstration find the person with no hair and photograph them - if they are having chemotherapy, are bald or suffer from alopecia do not mention this in your report. Just put the picture in of the bald person and that way it will appear as though the BNP are skinheads. If you cannot find a bald person then get someone to stand in the demo and take their picture. Gerry Gable is able to hire out 'fake BNP activists' from his fake Charity The Searchlight Trust, so if you need some fake Nazis then ring Gerry and he will send along a few kosher Nazis from the Community Security Trust ( CST - the C18 of British Zionism).

9) Never report anything negative about Gerry Gable and Searchlight. Gerry is the bagman of British Zionism and his job is to ensure the Zionist monster that controls British politics is protected from press intrusion, by pretending that the threat to British democracy is the BNP - when in fact the Zionists as Lancaster Unity, Labour Friends of Israel, Searchlight, in the media, economics and politics all control the UK. Gerry must be made to appear as a legitimate commentator on British politics, and the fact that he is convicted thief, liar and fantasist must not be reported upon. Neither must the fact that Gerry Gable runs a fake charity which is involved in dodgy money deals with Gerald Ronson of the CST and his cabal of Zionists in the UK.

10) The role of the media is not to report the truth. The role of the media is to ensure the present corrupt political elite control Britain. The role of the media is to lie to the public about the political parties that can offer real regime change to this country. The media are owned by private individuals and organisations and represent only the private interests of those individuals and corporations that own and control the media. Our job in the media and the NUJ is not to report the truth, the truth is often the enemy of our own individual and group interests - so we report lies when we must to ensure we remain in control of the media.

Those in the media that do not obey these commands will be sacked from the NUJ and also removed from their jobs in the media.

These rules are not for public release and any NUJ official involved in leaking them to the public will be sacked from the union.

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Anonymous said...

[Quote]though her recent drubbing by the hands of Lee Barnes on Radio 4's The Moral Maze showed her weakness as a journalist when faced with someone who isn’t cowed by Zionists and who will shout back when shouted at.[Quote]

Thanks for reminding me about that Lee cheered me up no end mate!

Anonymous said...

You obviously have about as much money as you have brains/talent so Gerry won't bother to sue.

I however, am not so forgiving.

Remember that when you see me.

Defender of Liberty said...

Shouldn't you be in Gaza killing Palestinian babies and unarmed women with the rest of your Kosher Nazi mates in the IDF.

I look forward to seeing you sometime - lets see how big you are when you dont have an Israeli air force F-16 jet overhead, an American M16 in your hand or a red mob of Anti-Fa to hide behind.

Youre only as hard as the tank you hide behind.

Oh - The reason why Gerry doesnt sue anyone is because Gerry is a bent crook.


Anonymous said...

This use of the word "Nazis" to describe Israel's right to defend itself is a vile tactic of the left that detracts and mocks the victims - all vitims, jews, gypsies, the mentally and physically handicapped, etc. - of the real Nazis. There is quite simply NO COMPARISON whatsoever with Israel and to use this smear is both a unjust and morally bankrupt.

It isn't the IDF/IAF who are killing the GAZAN people it is HAMAS. HAMAS IS THE PROBLEM along with its Iranian Islamist nutjob sponsors. Even the Arab sunni world is waking up to it.

But where is the outrage about what the Iranians do to Zorostrans, gays, thieves and adulterers? Where is the outrage about what muslims do to the innocent women and children of Somalia and the Sudan (an actual holocaust), of Nigeria, of Pakistan where 80% of the women in prisons are actually rape victims? Where is the outrage regarding the Muslim persecution of ME Christians - Maronites, Copts, and Assyrians in Iraq where the muslims are driving them out?

Where was the outrage when HAMAS dragged FATAH supporters out of their homes and executed them in cold blood in front of their traumatised wives and kids?

NOFUCKINGWHERE. But show me where Israel resorts to this mindless violence against Arabs. 1 million of whom live in Israel and who enjoy more human rights than any other muslim in all of the Arab states. The vote, the right to your sexuality, equality between the sexes and the right to believe in any religion or disbelieve it without fear of being executed for apostasy. And they're the nazis?

Get real.

But the Jew-hating pious hypocrites only crawl out of the woodwork when Israel has the nerve to defend itself against Islamic terrorists who are terrorising its citizens and the citizens of Gaza. But why let the truth spoil a good old anti-jewish rant eh?

What a pity these people don't possess the same righteous attitude towards the Islamic world. But seeing as people are so full of hate for what Israei is doing to "Palestinian" women and children, let's see what the reaction is to the way HAMAS treats ITS OWN women and children and how HAMAS rules in Gaza:

HAMAS And Children

There's 8 more in the series. Wonder why the media don't show any of this?

Israel and the Jews have no intetion of waging war on us but HAMAS and the rest of the Islamic world has a sacred duty to do so and they are doing so right now. The only Nazis on this planet are the Islamofascists and the marxist-liberal left (some of whom are Israel hating Jews) who are out to destroy the west. We need to pick our allies very carefully based on reality and not some media-induced, marxist-liberal skewed version of it.

I stand with Israel - even though I hate what Zionists do in Britain - and firmly against Islam every day of the week.


Anonymous said...

@ Harder Than You

"You obviously have about as much money as you have brains/talent so Gerry won't bother to sue.

I however, am not so forgiving.

Remember that when you see me."

Ooo, scarey! You mean when you are with your gang of psychotic, social freaks you will not be so forgiving; 'cos I bet my bottom dollar you ain't gonna do sweet FA on your own - you moronic worm.

Anyway, I thought we are the thugs who go round making threats?! Another piece of your lies - but hey, when have you lot been interested in truth?! In fact, the BNP are much stronger than any one of you leftists lunatics... because we don't need an unthinking, labotmised mob behind us, foaming at the mouth, wetting our kaks in some sort of mass hysterical delusion. No, we stand alone if need be ... something you leftist cowards never do - you are like sheep. Put it this way I have never, ever known of, or even heard of, a leftist lunatic confronting anone from the BNP one-on-one... you don't have enough guts to do it - it's simply not they way you cowards are made.

Keep on running blind with your unthinking goons - the establishment like it like that - in fact they laugh at how pathetic you are, believing all their lies and acting like Nazi's, all so that they can continue to line their pockets, whilst you bunch o' losers run round the streets, or phone up old ladies - very brave you lot... HA HA! People like you are the perfect fodder for the establishment, perfect drones.

Defender of Liberty said...

Hi Chris,

Zionism is the basis of National Socialism, in fact Hitler based National Socialism on the Zionist model.

For Greater Israel read Germannia.

For Aryans read Jews.

For Nazi race hatred of Untermensch read Jewish Zionists hatred of Gentiles and Goyim.

For Nazi terrorism read the King David Hotel.

The Zionists in Irgun even offered to fight alongside Hitler and fight the British even as the Holocaust was underway.

I could go on but I have addressed these issues many times on this blog and you will have read them.

As I have stated many times I am against Islamism and Zionism in the UK, I am not against British Jews and moderate Muslims.

What Islamists and Zionists do in their own lands, or what they do to each other, is down to them. I couldnt give a flying fuck if they wiped each other out - as long as they dont start their shit in my country.

Start shit in my country and we will deal with you as an inner enemy. Use my country as a tool for your own religious or national interests and we will fuck you off out of our country with your tail between your legs.

I support Israels right to exist and her right to defend her national security - but regard her actions as excessive and counter productive in the long view.

I am against Hamas but I am full of admiration for the bravery of many of the Palestinian people faced with the overwhelming might of the Israeli army. At least Palestinains fight for their nation, whilst our people sit on their arses and do fuck all.

I also admire the Israeli people for fighting for their land and nation against the muslim extremists they face.

That doesnt mean though I cant see the faults, hypocrisy and stupidity of all sides.

Israel funded and helped set up Hamas as a counterweight to the PLO - and now she is reaping what she has sown.

The minute Israel gave a single sheckle to Hamas they sealed their fate. Fund terrorists, then expect to be attacked by those terrorists.

The minute the Palestinian people voted for Hamas they also sealed their fate. Vote terrorist, be treated as a terrorist.

So to be honest, they can all go and fuck themselves and live in their own shit that they created for themselves.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear Lee you seem to have stirred a hornets nest. You mustnt question current orthodoxies or reflect on why and how you must do as youre told. Interestingly in the last week another mass grave of WW2 victims has been found with bullet holes in their head most are woman and children bumped off by our old brave ally Uncle Joe.Of course you wont read about that in even our quality papers because they feel that Prince Harry's epithets from three years ago have more value. I wonder how many of them were called Anne ? of course they are the wrong ethnic group ie Germans and dont count.,1518,600216,00.html

Defender of Liberty said...

In the multi-cultural system the murder of the majority group is an irrelevance, as only the minority group interests are supposed to be represented and publicised - as that way the 'suffering' and 'history' of minorities can be used to undermine the interests of the majority.

Majorities dont count - only minorities do.

Anonymous said...

"Majorities dont count - only minorities do."

Exactly, and this is what the BNP campaigns against, we do not believe in racial superiority, we believe in racial equality, that is why we defend the rights of the indigenous British folk, when all the other establishment and media institutions singuarly advocate the rights of minorities over the majority, a position which of itself is racist.

Genocide as defined on Wikipedia:

Genocide is the organized attempt to deliberately and systematically destroy, in whole or in part, an ethnic, racial, religious, or national group.

While precise definition varies among genocide scholars, a legal definition is found in the 1948 United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (CPPCG). Article 2, of this convention defines genocide as "any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such: killing members of the group; causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life, calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; [and] forcibly transferring children of the group to another group."

Anonymous said...


There is no such state as "Palestine" it has never ever existed. There are no such people as "Palestinians".

These people are NOT fighting for territory they are fighting to wipe out the Jews that is what the war-cry "From the river to the sea" means.

Your comparison with Zionists and nazis is flawed. The Jews are not a threat to us, Islamists and the left -including Jews - are working TOGETHER to destroy us.

Did you know the muslims had their own SS regiment that helped in the holocaust? You show me evidence of where Israel or Jews have enslaved thousands of arabs in concentration camps. Show me where Israelis have condicted experiments on the mentally and physically handicapped. Show me evidence of Israelis treating people the way the nazis and the muslims treat people. When have jews ever massacred hundreds of thousands of people in the name of Zionism?

Muslims have slaughtered millions all over the planet! How many Jewsish suicide bombings? How many countries are jews waging a holy war in? How many acts of terror have Jews commited and how many innocent people have died in them?

And you call Zionists nazis? The nazis are muslims they kill, they abuse, torture, maim, subjugate and oppress all non-believers wherever the cancer of Islam goes.

Israel has lost 80% of its promised land, that is now Jordan. It gave up the sinai on condition that Egypt end its anti-semitism and it hasn't, producing TV shows based on the Blood Libel. It pulled out of Gaza and cleared its own people out and built as a gesture of peace hothouses with some of the most advanced agricultural technology in the world along with houses for arabs to live in. The Gazans smashed the fucking lot and demanded Israel continue to supply aid which Israel did.

What have muslims ever done to promote peace? Even Clinton blamed Arafat for the breakdown of Oslo.

You tell me: Comparing Jews to Nazis is reasonable? They give their arab citizens full rights - how many rights do Jews have in Arab nations? How many Jews are welcome in arab nations? Saudi Arabia won't even let a Jew in its airports - where's the left whining about apartheid?

You may not like the fact that Israel exists and that zionists have pulled some shitty tricks to establish the one jewish state in the world - a world that continually fucks them over. But whatever Israels sins they pale into insginificance compared with the sins of what The US and the UK did to Iraq (how many died in "Shock and Awe"?) and to Serbia and they most certainly pale into insignificance compared with what Muslims do in the name of Allah.

As they say in the ME: "First we'll deal with the Saturday people then we'll deal with the Sunday people."

The Nazis are the Muslims. And what they do to Israel they'll do to us as they are doing to Bhuddists, Hindus, Sikhs, Orthodox Christians, Copts, Assyrians, Maronites and Zoroastrans NOW around tbe world and it is ignored by a media that is serving the left and Islam by hsyterically reporting only when Israel gets sick of watching the world turn a blind eye as its citizens are terrorised by Islamic jihadists firing rockets deliberately at civilian areas.

Hoping that this conflict will be just their business is naive. This conflict affects us, there are lessons we must learn from it and already it is being used by muslims to exert more pressure and influence in Britain.

More about how muslims and the nazis were in bed together here:

Tell The Children The Truth



Anonymous said...

Chris writes:

"Hoping that this conflict will be just their business is naive. This conflict affects us, there are lessons we must learn from it and already it is being used by muslims to exert more pressure and influence in Britain."

Muslim's can exert such influence, an ever growing influence, precisely because of decades of Zionist meddling in western politics in order to create their multi-cultural wet-dream - and now Israel is reaping the consequences of it's amazingly short-sighted relenetless drive for multi-culturalism...

The Zionist's have created their own nightmare, and they are the architects of their own annihilation.

I do not take either side in this current conflict, let them wipe each other out for all I care, what I care about is purging the sickness which infests our society, the disease of multi-culturalism.

Anonymous said...


Sorry you're wrong. Muslims exert so much influence because of the prolifictaion of marxist-liberal ideology and the the global capitalism that is about to catastrophically collapse. Believe it or not but the Zionists and the jews aren't to blame for all of it just as there are Brits who aren't innocent. Scapegoats maybe convenient but rarely are they fully to blame.

Muslims also exert such influence because the west refuses to acknowledge the reality of Islam and Islamic jihad of which the jihad against Israel is just one battleground.

You can care about whatever sickness you want but you are a kuffar and the muslims will have as much regard for you as piss, shit, monkeys, dogs, pigs and sweat. Google "Najis" and see. Islam is here, it is festering and it will devour you and all other kuffars who think "it's all the jews' fault".

Doubt me? Look at Kosovo. Look at it long and hard. It is frightening what happened there and we are not immune from it.

What Israel is getting is what EVERY land gets wherever Islam takes root. You and people like you better wake up to this very very quickly. Forget your zionist jew-hatred, a far worse, much more ruthless enemy that absolutely despises you is coming. It will not be stopped it will not be reasoned with and it will subjugate you or kill you.

"Inshallah" as they will tell you.



Anonymous said...

Chris, you seem to making the fundamental error is asserting that Zionists and Jews are the same - they are not. If you read my post I said it was Zionism (not the Jews) - obviosuly you haven't read many of the other posts on Lee's blog otherwise you would know that we have been over the subject and that we are well aware of the differences between the two - perhaps you might do well to revisit some of the older posts.

The liberal/Marxist agenda has in fact been spearheaded by Zionist's (not the same as Jews), thus the result of decades of their nefarious meddling in western politics has created multi-cultural societies, which is what they wanted.

"Muslims also exert such influence because the west refuses to acknowledge the reality of Islam and Islamic jihad of which the jihad against Israel is just one battleground."

The West has become another battleground because the liberal/Marxist's (including Zionists) have allowed for the creation of such battlezones because of their relentless drive for multi-culturalism.

"Doubt me? Look at Kosovo. Look at it long and hard. It is frightening what happened there and we are not immune from it."

Another somewhat confused point - the terrorist KLA were allowed free reign to attack Serbs, all under the auspices of the international community who used the KLA as a means to attack and justify invasion of Serbia for their liberal/Marxist geopolitcal agenda. Again, a battlezone created by liberal/Marxists (including Zionists) - the very same people who are now creating battlezones throughout Europe because they have created multi-cultural societies which have only advanced the cause of global Jihad.

You seem to be talking about the consequences, as bad as they are, and yet dismissing the cause - which, yes, is liberal/Marxism - but this is inseperable from Zionism.

"Forget your zionist jew-hatred, a far worse, much more ruthless enemy that absolutely despises you is coming. It will not be stopped it will not be reasoned with and it will subjugate you or kill you."

Again you put Zionism with Jews - they are seperate. I do not hate Jews, so please don't start peddling your blind mantras. Anyway, the reason why we are under threat from Islam, which as you rightly say is a threat, is because of multi-culturalism - which has been created by liberal/Marxism (and Zionists).

You can rant and rave all you like about how we will be subjugated and killed... I agree with such views... but the fundamental point we are making is deeper than this... we are addressing the causes... instead of simply chasing our tail.

So if you really want to do something to stop the threat as you have described... then the sensible thing would be to fight the cause which is multi-culturalism and it's peddlers.