Saturday 3 January 2009

Gaza - A Poem

Gaza - A Poem.

I watched F16 jet fighters fly over Gaza,
Bombing city streets at friday prayers,
Thousands were on their knees, defiant,
Not a single one raised a head, nor an eye,
To watch them streak across the sky,
From nearby streets rockets were firing,
The resistance threw stones at tanks,
For that is faith in all its fatal beauty.

But not to unleash those bombs,
Upon the enemy on their knees below,
To resist the temptation to kill,
To pour down fire upon the heads,
Until not one remains to breath,
That is the duty owed to ones nation,
In all its well disciplined glory.

For if the situation were reversed,
Would those so oppressed so defer,
From pulling at the killing trigger,
And wiping from the face of the earth,
The eternal enemy of the Zionist entity ?
No, and no again, a thousand years or more,
As the hand of history so records,
Writ with a bloody pen upon those sands,
For all to see and for all to ignore.

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Anonymous said...

I'm surprsied and saddened to read this poem Lee because I thought you,with your awareness of the brainwashing media, would realise what has been going on over in Israel.

Alas not it seems.

The Palestinian issue is the biggest con-trick ever played on the world's population by the marxists and the muslims. It plays on festering jew-hatred that has been present in western societies since the first pogrom of Hadrian banished the Jews from their own land 2000 years ago. Many more pogroms in Eurpoe followed. How sad it is to see this anti-jewish hatred alive and kicking today just 70 years after Europe's most shameful period.

The media and the marxists, ever ready to play dhimmi and further Islam in the west, play on this every time Israel has the audacity to respond to the raging hatred of the jew that the qu'ran orders muslims to have, just as Mohammed did.

And our people, pig-ignorant, media led, consumer driven sheep fall for it every single time and yet hardly any of these moral bastions know the history or the reason for what is happening in the ME.

Note how the media reports this, note how they said nothing about 5000 rockets aimed at civilians by Hamas until Israel fought back and note that since 2003 muslims in Darfur have slaughtered 300,000 people. No poems for Darfurians or mass media faux moral outrage at their massacre. Notice also how similar the Israelis are portrayed to the way the BNP are portrayed.

The marxists know the game and my word do they play it very effectively indeed.

But of course, we can't condemn muslims can we they're going to be our future masters aren't they?

I don't like what zionists in Britain do, but Israel has the right to exist and the right to defend its citizens from rocket attacks. It should also be realised that Hamas terrorises its own people again something the media do not publicize.

Hamas is an evil, brutal Islamofascist organisation that should broker no sympathy whatsoever for their bogus "Palestinian" cause. Just look at what they do to their own:

Hamas Massacre

If they can do that to their fellow "Palestinians" what will they do to the "descendants of apes and pigs" - that's the Jewish people to those of us who aren't muslims. Hamas wants the genocide of the Jews, nothing less.

I for one hope the IAF and the IDF smash the vile Hamas terrorists to bits. It's way past tea for the truth to be told about this sham of a conflict and it's time we made a stand against this nasty Islamic charade.

If we don't we will soon get what Israel is getting and you can bet your life on that.


Defender of Liberty said...

Neither Israel nor Hamas are Britains problem.

The frontline for the struggle against both Islamism and Zionism is here in the UK. Only when both are extirpated from our nation will be free of the political media and economic influence of the Zionists and our dependence on the oil and oil money of the Islamists.

Both must be dealt with.

I can admire the faith, courage and resistance of the Palestinians and the discipline, patriotism and restraint of the Israelis.

But in the end neither of them are our business.

Anonymous said...

Lee, I don't like this poem. You stated in a previous post the Palestinian problem is not "our problem" ... a sentiment with which I totally agree, but you seem to me to be going back on this statement with this poem.

I felt this poem conveys the sense of the Palestinians being a victim, and Israel the agitator - now, if I took sides I might agree with this view, but, as you stated, you, and I, do not take sides in this situation - and yet this poem seems to paint the Palestinians as the underdog... and has blatant emotional bias.

... In my mind someone who geuniely doesn't care about the situation doesn't care who is the underdog and who is the bully.

Anonymous said...

Only when both are extirpated from our nation will be free of the political media and economic influence of the Zionists and our dependence on the oil and oil money of the Islamists.

That may appear to be beneficial, but it's impossible to convince people to leave a nation... especially when they've been settled for so long. How can such a "feat" even be successful.

"But in the end neither of them are our business."

The problem is, these fights are often forced on those who would prefer to mind their own business. There really is no choice. Even if every Jew or Muslim (or anyone else for that matter) left "your nation" next month, their problem could still become your problem. I'm not picking sides, but do you honestly believe that Islamic extremists will stop when they finish with Israel? I'm speaking hypothetically of course.

Defender of Liberty said...

The poem is in three stanzas, the first stanza is me looking at the Palestinians in the street as the plane passes over and then assessing them as an objective entity and admiring their discipline, will and courage for just ignoring the jet.

The second stanza is me looking at the pilot of the plane flying over the same street and admiring his patriotism, discipline and loyalty to his nation which is of course Israel. Because he does not drop the bombs he carries on the planes on the people in the street below that means he is a disciplined pilot doing his duty to his nation and he has put aside his own feelings of hate for his enemy in the streets below and resists the temptation to blow them to smithereens.

The Third stanza is an objective look at history where I ponder what would happen if it had been a Hamas pilot in the plane and whether the Hamas pilot would have had the same discipline and control as the Israeli pilot - and then the poem continues by looking at what both Hamas and radical Islam has historically done to the Jews - and the conclusion I draw in the poem is that the Hamas pilot would not have flown over the same street without dropping his bombs on the people on their knees at prayer below - which is how I make the point that Israel has the means to wipe out Gaza and Hamas in an instant if it wants too with its vastly superior technological advantage and more powerful weapons - but it does not do that and it does not massacre its enemies.

But the poem states that if Hamas had that level of technology and military advantage that it would not hestitate to destroy the 'eternal enemy of the Zionist entity' which is how it sees Israel.

Therefore the poem is in fact saying that Israel has the moral high ground in this conflict because it does not deploy those weapons, whilst Hamas if it had the weapons would.

Re-read the poem.

The poem is not about whether I agree with either side - the poem is measuring the nature of the men involved in the struggle - the men in the street at prayer and the man in the plane and then stating who is the more moral.

Anonymous said...


I'm not into poetry but I read "the eternal enemy of the zionist entity" as pertaining to Israel's enemies not the other way around? But I don't get poetry at the best of times, my forte is History.

You say that in the end, neither of them are our business. I strongly disagree.

As you have written many times, the zionists in our media - The JC and people like Melanie Phillips - are all for defending Israel but don't afford us the same privilege.

But there is a far more sinister game going on here concerning the global jihad that is threatening us even more.

This issue, this bogus, sham issue of "The Palestinians" is being used by the Islamists to condition our people into accepting Islamic hegemony.It is being accomplished by the treacherous marxist media and in this last week it has reached a new nadir.

We've seen people - intelligent, articulate, educated people - protesting against Israel's response to Islamic jihadists conducting rocket attacks deliberately targeting citizens screaming "We are all Palestinians". Proudly flying Hamas and Hizbollah flags, they label Israel as murderers, cowards, scum, and quite disgracefully, Nazis or nazionists.

Muslims among them agitate, kneel and pray to Allah whipping up hatred with the disgusting war cry: "From the river to the sea" and the seething hatred for Israel is obvious.

This is the result of the media collaborating with Muslims to present a one sided anti-Israel portayal of this war. It is not a war about territory it is a war about genocide and it has its foundation in both the Qu'ran and sharia law. Facts that are never reported.

Palestine and the Palestinians, 2-state solution, occupied territories, West Bank, disproportionate response, Israeli agression, blockade, humanitarian crisis, bombardment, apartheid, oppression, holocaust, collective punishment - all of these terms are used to demonise the Israelis and paint the arabs as the victims. But every single one of these terms is a lie, a falsity, classic Al Taqqiya all designed to further the ongoing jihad against the Jews and to condition the infidels in bilad al kufr to be sympathetic to Islam.

It is working like a dream. Israel kills 400 Gazans - 300 of them Hamas jihadists - and the world is apoplectic with jew hatred. Muslims massacre 300,000 Sudanese and the world is silent.

Now that is disproportionate response and unless we wise up to what is going on here the day when the green flag flies over downing street will dawn ever quicker.



Anonymous said...

I think this sums things up quite well

We have all been had!

News media falsely portraying Gaza attack

Hamas Explains Use of Civilians as Human Shields
The goal is to convince Palestinians, including women and children, not to fear death but even to face it at the front to protect Hamas fighters.

Anonymous said...

Oh look, is that MS Phillips complaining of the media bias towards Israel?
we know the feeling Ms Phillips!

Anonymous said...

I do not wish to go into the Israel-Palestinian conflict but just to say that I find the constant historic vilification of Zionism and Zionists to have undertones of Jew hate. The whole notion of Zionism as some sort of conspiracy seems ridiculous to me.
For me Zionism simply means the right of the Jewish people to return to their historic homeland after two thousand years of persecution in EVERY country in which they had domicile; a persecution almost entirely created and sustained by the Roman Catholic Church in trying to create clear blue, or should I say red, water between Catholicism and Judaism.

This form of taught anti-Semitism prevailed up until Vatican Two when all Catholics had to pray daily for the conversion of Jews as part of the normal cycle of prayer, and Jews were ever excoriated for killing Jesus; not Jews of the past but the Jews of the day.

If Jews have to meddle; and that is the usual accusation, then they are meddling for their own survival. A people so repeatedly threatened with extinction in every age (just look at youtube comments today)and a people living ever under the shadow of hate, must try to influence every political movement that arises. Thus the 'Jewish Lobby' so-called, is soley motivated by the protectuion of Jews here and in Israel, not by money, not by power, not by any wish to alter the affairs of the British or American people outside the interests mentioned.

Anonymous said...

There are arguments about what are called 'Zionist extremists' Religious Jews fanaticised as relegious people can become by a throughly mistaken selfish belief that all of ancient Israel can be recovered. They are a minority but you would not believe that to hear George Galloway or watch PRESS TV Iran or Al Jazeeera.

I increasingly noticed how easily many British Jews suffering under extreme peer pressure, readily condemn Zionism because especially among Secular Jews there might be the feeling that if Israel just went away then they could have peace. However, the same forces bent on destroying Israel would then turn their attention to them and they would have no-where to run.

I have heard that the BNP's "Only Jew in the village" has to deplore Zionism at every opportunity and even wear a cross to assert her distance form Judaism. If this is true it is sad because I would have thought that the party's patently neglected less-affluent white constituency would have an understanding of the feelings of Zionists when they themselves also rightly feel that they have been ousted from their own culture and country in this case not by a Pharaoh but by middle-class marxist uberliberals who, unable to paint them black to make them dissapear, choose instead to drown them with immigrants and impose the cultural and religious values of those immigrants upon them.

Anonymous said...

Zionist Jews and British Nationalists should have more in common with each other than both have with the commie liberal elites who seem dead set on turning Britain into a Marxist-Islamist state. And though Islamism is not a major concern of the BNP but of the EDL, I would have thought that the BNP could at least appreciate the threat of growing Radical Islam in Europe, An 'Umma-nationalist' form of Islam that directly threatens BNP's nationalism. And appreciate that Israel, with all her current unsolved difficulties with the Palestinians is a bulwark against the Islamist threat.

Finally I am one of Mr Griffin's Jewish supporters, (perhaps the "Other Jew in the village" though I suspect there are more) And I believe that he has a way to go in reforming the party and firing those haters who more properly belong in the NF before I will join.

I see Mr Griffins problems in reforming his party; a lack of new blood and a reliance on senior officials who belong to a very different past.

I believe that Mr Griffin in seeking to make his party and other 'far-right' parties across Europe candidates for real power; ditching the old baggage of the past; the race wars of their parents and the old hatreds of the church, is providing us with an alternative to the tired centralising, Eurofying, globalisng liberal/leftist political theology of the past. A Political philosophy which is failing Britain and Europe and moving towards global government and the rule of the multicultural mobs.

Finally I appeal to the intellegencia and the commentariat, including vlog godess Melanie Phillips to stop isolating the BNP and to start to converse with it.

The BNP can only come to power in Britain with the will of the British People and the British people are inherently moderate. the idea that some sort of uber-nationalist, fascist expression of nationalism could ever come to power in Britain by democratic means seems remote to me.

I wonder if there is a degree of bitterness among senior reformists in the BNP with those intellectual Jews who knowing that the ruling uberliberal elites are de-legitimising Israel and failing to support her against Goldstone or in motions in the UN, and who know that Mr Griffin wishes to enter into a relationship with Israel based on respect of two nationalist nations who control their borders and immigration, yet refuse (perhaps out of intellectual cowardice or just plain doubt) to converse with or seek to influence the reforms in that party and applaud moves made in the right direction.

Nick Griffin to my knowledge was the only party leader to support Israel's right to self defence in operation cast lead.

I am not greatly familiar with the senior officials of the BNP, but if any are still motivated by hatred for Jews then I would be extremly dissapointed and concerned that this sentiment still exists at the highest levels of the party. Dissapointed as a normal English person who has always placed their country at the forefront and supports much of the BNP's vision for the UK.

Mr Griffin's challenge will be to rid his party of what he calls 'Cranks' and the sooner the better because until then the BNP cannot attract the educated middle class annd will still have to rely on the poorly educated, often bigoted, non-attending councellors I hear so much about to advance the party's fortunes.