Sunday 11 January 2009

Grow A Set Met Cops

Who remembers the Met Police hammering the hell out of pro-hunting demonstrators in Parliament Square a few years ago.

Pictures here ;

Now watch the video below of how the police treat communists and Islamist rioters with kid gloves.

Note the police backing away all the time when the rioters run forward.

Retreat, retreat , retreat is the cry of the police and the politically correct dogs that run the police and government.

They would rather we lose our nation than stand up for the rights of our people against the extremist minorities that attack us.

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Anonymous said...

Initially, after watching this video i got really annoyed, but have since decided to calm down and respond in a sensible manner.

As sickening as it is to watch, the Police are having their chickens come home to roost. This is the result stage of appeasment to islam and the far left. Watch as the imbeded foreign cameraman goads the police by calling them 'cowards', but when they try to defend themselves he calls them 'racists'. This is the politically correct strategy that is employed by the enemies of Britain.
Unfortunately, the poor bobbies that had to endure the humiliating barrage of misiles and verbal abuse have no-one only their superior officers and a limp wristed government to blame. No doubt Labour will now try to buy the protesters off, as is their normal flawed tactic for terrorists.
Ask yourself this hypothetical question, What would have happened at that demonstration if there was a BNP Government in charge?
I rest my case!!
Sunday rescued, due to a visit to the gym, some lightly fried pigeon breast and a bottle of ale.

Anonymous said...

& she is anti BNP!
Will she wake up one day?

Anonymous said...


I have watched that disgusting act of cowardice - OF FUCKING NASUEATING DHIMMITUDE - up until 3:00 - until I can take no more.

What the fuck is wrong with us BRITISH? This is JIHAD it is fuck all to do with Palestine, that is THE EXCUSE to wage jihad against US and SUBJUGATE US.

WAKE THE FUCK UP TO JIHAD - NOW. They are screaming AT YOUR POLICE FORCE paid for by YOUR HARD EARNED - "Run you cowards run you KUFFAR - ALLAHU AKHBAR" - This isn't a fucking issue about "Palestine" it is an issue about conquering and subjugating YOU the lowest of the low,the unbeliever, the detested KUFFAR.

When will the penny drop? When will KUFFARS like you finally get it? YOU ARE SCUM, YOU ARE SHIT, PISS, SWEAT, BLOOD, you are NAJIS - the equivalent of pigs, dogs and monkeys and you must be CONQUERED and SUBJUGATED or KILLED for your unbelief. Welcome to Islam.

We're at war and it's now way past bedtime to wake the fuck up and smell the jihad, infidel.

That video makes me ashamed to be British. The only people with the balls to smash these filthy fascist, Islamic scum are the Israelis - they know what the game is here and they're doing what we shoud be doing.

God bless the IAF, God bless the IDF and please do the cowards of the west a huge favour - smash the Islamic jihadists of HAMAS to smithereens, we dhimmis in the west haven't got the bollocks for it.

A very pissed off, utterly ashamed,


Anonymous said...

Don't worry, here in the US we have also seen violent demonstrators and the police stood by and did nothing.
Something weird is going on with all these demonstrations.
The western powers are acting like headless chickens, too scared to call in some serious riot police and make mass arrests.