Sunday 18 January 2009

Lefty Bully Boys Who Needs A Good Slap Award

The award for the lefty bully bastards who most need a good fucking slap award goes to the fat, grey haired lefty prick and his fat retarded looking glum mate in the blue jacket in the photographs here ;

I dont usually link to stormfront but the two pricks in these pictures, the old fucker in the grey jumper shouting at the woman and the retarded paedophile looking fat goon in the blue jacket who trod on the placard of the woman at the demo, both need a good fucking slap.

I hate bullys.

I especially hate bullies who cant fight.

I especially despise lefty bully boy bastards who cant fight but who go mob handed to a row and then have a pop at a lone nationalist or a woman.

Those type of arseholes deserve an extra good kicking.

It is obvious that the retards in the SWP are now just an extension of Islamism.

That is good as we can now classify the Reds as 'Political Terrorists' who are collaborating with the Islamists, and therefore we are now able to classify and treat them the exact same way we intend to treat the Islamist terrorists - with the rope and the internment camp.

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Anonymous said...

The lunatics lefties, such as SWP, Lancaster UAF, etc, ad nauseum, are just classic bullies, nothing more... the only way they escape the agony of their demented egos is to immerse themselves in a mob, with a bolt on cause, i.e. anti-BNP, pro-Hamas, blah, blah, blah.

These turds can't stand being alone with themselves - because it's a sick place, like a serial killers dungeon - so they need to create some self-righteous escapism, this way they feel some for of self esteem when they are pack of the mob.

Can you imagine being in the company of these freaks, how utterly devoid of free expression, indivuality, creativity it would be? Any form of dynamic and natural emotion is seen by these people as fascist... It's not a pleasant thought but can you also imagine either one of the two fucktards in the pictures making love or being passionate? Of course you can't, in their sick world they don't make love, they procreate, and as for passion, that is a dangerous emotion because that can lead to free thought. What a grey, bland, empty and fetid world. The left attracts people who are terrified of the world, weak and fearful people who want to concrete over nature because it is born of chaos.

Oh, and those idiots on Storm Front who support Hamas - what dick heads they are.

Anonymous said...

So the far left support a theocratical fascist anti semetic terrorist organisation and the press and the British public still think that the BNP are a threat?