Friday 23 January 2009

Middle East Oil Takes Over UK Economy

One of the funniest things about the Nazi fringe, apart from their new 'Love Fest' with Hamas, Stalinists and Islamists ( Nutters of the world unite - you have nothing to lose but your bullshit ), is their pathetic obsession ' viz ze jews '.

For instance, lets take the great conspiracy theory that the Jews dominate the global economy.

The basis of the global economy is OIL. Without oil raw materials cannot be dug up, refined, sold to factories, commodities produced and good sold in shops. Without oil the workers do not have jobs and do not have wages to buy those goods.

There is NO oil in Israel.

Israels economy is dependent upon US government money and EU trading deals.

The Arabs and the Islamists control the worlds oil, not the Zionists and Jews.

The basis of the entire global economic system is the United States petro-dollar recycling system which is predicated on fractional reserve banking.

Fractional reserve banking is based on credit being released today being repaid by future economic expansion - and future economic expansion is based on the availability of cheap oil.

At the moment we have cheap oil and a massive economic recession, which means the entire fractional reseve banking system is dead.

If cheap oil cannot guarantee economic expansion, then the entire present economic system is defunct.

The Jews do not control the global banking system - it is the US and its Middle East Oil allies that control the oil that is the basis of the global banking system.

What the Nazis do not realise is that modern finance is simply an aspect of oil.

The myth that the Jews control the global econoimic system is based on a fundamental misunderstanding of economics - one also shared by Marxists and Capitalists.

Economics is not based on capital, it is based on oil, as the value of capital itself is based on cheap oil.

Without cheap oil then capital loses value.

Whosoever controls the oil, controls the world.

Whosoever controls the currency that sells the oil, dominates the global economy.

At the moment we have cheap oil, a falling currency value, economic reccession and massive unemployment. The moment we experience again high oil costs, which is what will happen once an economic recovery begins and demand for oil rises, then this will cause inflation and damage future growth.

In a nutshell - the world economic system is screwed.

We are now falling into the abyss.

Wars, civil conflicts, mass unemployment and homelessness, food riots and famines will shortly follow.

The trend in British economics has been marked by two important dynamics - the collapse of British companies and the takeover of the British economy by Arab oil money hedge funds and investment banks.

The Russians oligarchs have also invested a lot of stolen money in the British economy, such as Abramovich buying Chelsea and others buying The Evening Standard. The fact is that Russian economic system that spawned the oiligarchs was itself a product of American economics and Boris Yeltsins corruption and stupidity.

The main economic force taking over the UK economy is Arab oil money.

The British media groups have been quietly heavily infiltrated with Arab oil money, our ports have been taken over, water companies bought up and now it is the banks themselves.

The article below reveals how Barclays banks is about to be taken over by one Arab investment bank.

Whilst the Nazi, Islamist and Stalinist morons read books from the 1930's about the power of 'Jewish' finance in Pre-War Germany or the role of Jewish Commissars in the Soviet Union, they ignore completely what is now happening in the real world around them.

Whilst they fixate about ancient history, and facile myths, the future is being set right and here and now.

Just like their political strategies the Nazis cannot evolve.

They are stuck in a pathetic time warp where the economics of the early 20th century are more important to their ideological, political, tactical and strategic ideas than the real world around them.

Whilst the Nazis dress as skinheads, a cult that is about as relevant to youth today as people whose politics revolves around dressing as Roman Centurions and marching through the streets waving their spears and shields, they embrace a political worldview that is also as anachronistic and outdated as that of the Roman Imperial Model.

They have refused to evolve as they cannot evolve.

Along with the Stalinists with their pathetic communist cult of the Soviet Union era and the Islamists with their pathetic cult of the Middle Ages, they are all dinosaurs.

No wonder the dinosaurs now like marching alongside each other - for each is dumb as the other. Its like watching a scene out of Jurassic Park when you watch the Nazis, Islamists and Stalinists all marching alongside each other in the street.

Barclays may lose control to Gulf investors
Government dismay as state bail-out plan hamstrung by capital-raising clause that saw Gulf investors pump £5.3bn into bank.

By Louise Armitstead and Philip Aldrick
Last Updated: 5:45PM GMT 22 Jan 2009

The Government is in talks with Barclays after the bank admitted that raising extra capital could trigger a clause that would deliver control to its Middle East investors.

Government insiders were last night reeling at the possibility that helping Barclays could see Britain's fourth biggest lender automatically delivered to the Middle East as the result of a little known clause agreed in the bank's October capital raising.

Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, a member of the Abu Dhabi royal family, and two Qatari investment vehicles invested £5.3bn in the bank in October. In return, they took a series of complicated investment structures, the bulk of which were "mandatory convertible notes".

Under the terms of the deal, the investors have to wait seven months for delivery of the shares, which convert at 153.276p. However, if at any time until June 30 Barclays raises more capital at a lower price, the Middle East investors are able to take their stake at that lower level.

With Barclays' shares now at 66.1p, the bank would have to roughly triple the number of shares issued to Sheikh Mansour and the Qataris. Such a move would hand the Arab investors around 55pc of Barclays, effectively giving them control. With the warrants for an additional £3bn of "reserve capital instruments", their combined stake could rise to 67pc.

One insider said: "This was a clause to protect the Middle East. There seems to have been no thought about protecting the bank at all. If the clause is triggered at this level, the Middle East can lay claim to the whole bank."

The Financial Services Authority is understood to be seeking a full explanation about the clause's implications.

Amanda Staveley, who advised the Middle East investors for a £40m fee, has written to Sheikh Mansour alerting him to the implications of Barclays plunging share price. According to insiders, Ms Staveley had insisted on the inclusion of the clause as a way of protecting the investment against short-sellers in the event on the ban on short-selling of financial stocks being lifted.

The ban was lifted earlier this month and yesterday politicians called for its reintroduction after noting "anecdotal evidence" that hedge funds had been shorting UK banks.

Barclays is reeling from speculation it will have to be nationalised or seek alternative state support. The shares collapsed for a seventh consecutive day yesterday, falling 9pc to 66.1p, despite small recoveries at Royal Bank of Scotland and Lloyds Banking Group. Barclays has now lost nearly two thirds of its value in little over a week, its four largest investors have lost a combined £8.5bn.

One banking expert said: "Barclays has spent the past few days insisting it has enough capital. That would be fine in normal circumstances, but these are not. The Government has made it completely clear that it will not allow the banks to fail and everyone knows that nationalisation is very much on the table."

Government insiders were said to be incredulous that the clause could restrict their options for a rescue. Speculation has mounted that banks might pay for the planned "toxic debt" insurance scheme by issuing new shares, but the Barclays clause would prohibit this. It now seems banks will buy the insurance with preference shares or cash.

Barclays pointed out that the clause expires on June 30, after which it will be able to issue shares with no strings attached. A spokesman dismissed any concerns, arguing it would not need to raise capital under the FSA's revised rules unless it suffers £20bn of losses in the next six months. He said: "The statement on Friday demonstrates the strength of the group's capital position."

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Anonymous said...

With the upcoming collapse, what did you do lee to protect yourself and friends/family?
This information would be very valuble to me as it has me worried.

Defender of Liberty said...

Hi sharpy ,

1) Have a plan in the event of civil chaos eg somewhere to go out of the city, shelter, food and water.

2) Be prepared to work as an extended unit with family and friends. Individualism must be replaced by community.

3) Be able to defend yourself.

What country are you in will depend how much of the above you are able to do.

I would suggest that if you are an American then join a survivalist group, get a gun license and get a lot of guns, a lot of bullets, long lasting foods, antibiotics and try and get out of the city asap.

Teach your kids martial arts, how to live in the wild and how to take care of themselves.

Most important of all be prepared for the psychological shock of the coming colapse.

The majority will be unable to cope once the lights go out and the TV stops.

Those who are used to the cold, having no money and taking care of themselves will have the advantage over those who are dependent upon the luxuries of the modern world and who have become weak, decadent and disconnected from nature.

alanorei said...

"And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine" Revelation 6:6.

1) Have a plan in the event of civil chaos eg somewhere to go out of the city, shelter, food and water.

Right on, Lee. The NT predicts worldwide famine and obsession with oil and wine i.e. national leaders will not be bothered with food supplies to their populations. The significance of wine is perhaps that it induces a stupor that makes men easier to control. Thus we have extended drinking hours, so that populations can dulled 24/7.

Anonymous said...

Im from the UK and a BNP member, I live in Nottingham but moved to Aberystwyth in Wales for Uni while i study Interpol + economics because that city is a hellhole.
Unfortunatley all my family are in Nottingham and dont take me seriously when I mention the coming collapse, investment in anykind of renewable energy or self sufficiency in food/water.
I know its coming and reading this article from you has hit it home even more.
I've stocked up on cheap supermarket deals on tinned food and got myself a few survivor guides (Helps that I used to be army too!, left before I was deployed (am 25 yrs old)) but yes I see theres more that could be done.

Any specific foods + sellers you reccommend?
Would something like this be a good investment?