Sunday 11 January 2009

Prince Harry and Cameron The Weasel

What sort of sad little country is it when Prince Harry has a joke with his mates about the people he works with and the entire media scream 'WWWWAAAAACCCCCIIIIISSSSTTTTT' at him until they go blue in the face.


Then up pops Cameron The Weasel with his usual poncy little snide attack and saying what Harry said was 'wacist, evil, will bring about the apocalypse etc etc'

If you want proof that Cameron has NOTHING to do with the real world, and is just another middle class ponce in a suit then his condemnation of Harry reveals it all.

Cameron has never been in a working mans pub in his life. He may have sipped a few white wine spritzers in a poncey wine bar with his poncey middle class mates in Harrow and Notting Hill, but he has never stood in a real working mans pub and listened to a real conversation. If had have done he would have known that using the word 'paki' is merely a word used by most people in most pubs across the country.

Nor have the saddo journalists that are trying to big this up. They live in an artificial NUJ bubble of political correctness as much as Cameron.

The Far Left, the liberals and the reactionary ponces like Cameron all infest the same artificial world.

All of them are middle class ponces who know nothing about the real world.

Harry though works with working class blokes.

He shares foxholes with them, gets shot at with them, takes a shit in front of them, has showers with them, drinks with them, fights alongside them and takes the piss out of each other with them.

He knows how real blokes talk as he knocks about with real blokes, unlike Cameron and his cabal of fops, ponces and insipid, politically correct, shirt lifters that he surrounds himself with.

The moment that we have a British army as much in the grip of political correctness as British society is the day we might as well use the White Flag as our national flag instead of the Union Jack.

The ponces in uniform 'officers' that have been recruited to the senior ranks of the army under New Labour are a disgrace. At the same time as they are willing to bomb any nation they are ordered too by the government, even if its is illegal, they are also imposing political correctness on the army.

It appears that illegal wars are acceptable but that taking soldiers taking the piss out of each other is a crime.

Cameron the Weasel though is worst of all.

For about five years I have been e mailing the police, CPS, Ministry of Justice etc etc to try and get a logical response as to why the words ;

1) Kaffir

2) Golla ( white bastard )

3) Infidel

4) Goyim

and other ethnic racist terms are not deemed as racist when applied against Whites and those of religions not of the ethnic groups of those that use those terms.


Not a word.

Cameron also has never said a word and demanded that the police start to regard those words that are racist against whites and regarded as racist words in court cases.

But he wont will he. Thats because he is a gutless middle class ponce.

It appears that when a member of the majority ethnic group use a word that a member of a minority group says is 'racist' then that is a crime, but when a member of an ethnic minority group uses a racist word to denigrate, abuse and villify members of the ethnic majority then thats fine.

Cameron has never demanded that ethnics do not use racist words against whites, and nor will he.

This is because in the multi-cultural system the rights of minorities are more important than the rights of the majority.

We of the majority are just supposed to put our heads down and put up with it when we are abused with racist language - this is why the prisons are full of so called white racists but very few ethnic racists.

This week a Pakistani scum bag punched a young white woman in the face when she had her baby with her and used racist terms at the same time - the idiot scumbag Judge didnt even bang the bastard up ;

A whole new class of our society have been created who are above the law, from gypsys who are now beyond criticism ;

To racist black women who shout racist abuse at white police and get away with it ;

It is the dumb white idiot middle class scumbag judges that are the problem - any ethnic that can play the ' get out of jail free race card ' will be met with a middle class, white idiot judge that is so scared of being called 'wacist' that they will let a vile racist black person or asian get away with it.

One law for the immigrants - one law for the rest of us.

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Anonymous said...

The media are the villains in this case because they thrive on creating controversy. Ironically in Australia the word Paki is not abusive and cricket commentators talk about the Paki team!
Please dont encourage them by buying their rags, you can get everything on line these days and it better for the environment.

Anonymous said...

I watched the news channels last night as the story "broke"... I would say everyone invited to make a comment said it was being blown out of proportion by the media. But you just have to watch how the journalists keep peddling the story, because their ultimate agena is to cause a veritable shit storm about a few words, which they hope with have a lasting subliminal effect on the wider population... i.e. they are effectively trying to engineer the feeling that if even Prince Harry can't have a joke with his makes using these words then it must be really wrong, therefore we must never use said words.

Only problem is the media are overpalying their hand with this story, and it backfires, because people just think what is all the fuss about... and see it as another example of political correctness gone mad... and they will come away thinking, see even Prince Harry uses these words therefore it is ok for us to.

The media are becoming desperate, and in their desperation are throwing anything they can find into the fire, to try and keep their multi-cultural bon-fire burning... but their light is dying, and they know it...

alanorei said...

No-one of the current crop of protesters condemned the Pakistani Muslim gang who murdered Chris Yates and declared "That'll teach the white man to mess with Paki business!" or words to that effect. The word "Paki" was definitely used.

Even though Harry is a public figure, the murder of Chris Yates, since it was murder (and racist at that although the judge didn't think so), should have drawn forth the same or greater condemnation, if we're all 'equal.'

But it didn't.

Cameron and co. are hypocrites - and I hope they monitor your blog, Lee.

I really can't see why 'Paki' is any different from 'Aussie,' 'Kiwi,' 'Brit,' 'Yank,' 'Kraut,' 'Jock,' 'Mick,' 'Taffy,' 'Limey' etc.

I don't suppose the Police etc. could come up with a coherent response about those terms either.

Though I guess ordinary whites are by and large mature enough to take all this in their stride.

But has the individual in Harry's platoon complained at all? What terms of endearment has he got for his white Brit platoon mates? Has anybody asked? Or don't this individual's views count in the present (white) witch hunt?

Anonymous said...

What sort of sad little country is it when Prince Harry has a joke with his mates about the people he works with and the entire media scream 'WWWWAAAAACCCCCIIIIISSSSTTTTT' at him until they go blue in the face.

It's a catch-22. I have nonblack friends and coworkers who make playful race related comments here and there. We all know each other and realize it's only teasing. The relationship between the nonwhite and white person is key in determining what is all involved. It also depends on the joke. I'm assuming that "paki" is considered very offensive in the UK. That must be the reason why people are offended by the comments he made.

Re: The article about the Muslim who puched the white mother. Here's a comment:

He said that she had shouting abuse at him and that was why he attacked her.”

People "shout abuse" all the time. This is especially true while driving. If he could not control himself under those circumstances, then he obviously lacks self-control period.

To racist black women who shout racist abuse at white police and get away with it ;--DOL

I don't believe she got away with this simply because she's black. She was obviously drunk or mentally ill (perhaps both). The whole situation was probably too comical for the police to take it seriously. (Personally, I'm embarrassed by this for obvious reasons.)

On the other hand, it could be because she's a woman. It appears that women are more likely to get slaps on the wrist for things like this...regardless of race.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile today in the real world the Zionists continue killing woman and children in Gaza and another British soldier dies in Afghanistan. Words like media distraction or smokescreen spring to mind, and they say the press isnt controlled by a small minority.