Wednesday 17 February 2010

Bad Boy Gangsta Attacks 67 Year Old White Guy

This bad boy pensioner beater gets served by a 67 year old white guy.

Look and listen as how the black females with this thug laugh and encourage him to verbally abuse, harass and attack the old man.

Then note as the old man smacks the shit out of the thug, the whole bus are shocked.

The expected narrative changed.

Then note the reaction of the black girls on the bus and the idiotic white old man on the bus, the black girls scream as they are horrified their chum has just been bitch slapped and the old white guy tackles the old man who is defending himself.

I bet this old guy was either an ex-soldier, Biker or convict.

Good for him.

You can just imagine him afterwards ;

" Get the police on the phone man. It just aint right, I tell you. It just aint right. Brother got served by a white pensioner. It just aint right I tell ya, it just aint right. If I had my gun I would have used it, unlessing he took it off me first, shoved it up my ass and pulled the trigger until the clip ran out. "

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Anonymous said...

de brainwashed whitey on de side ove the de criminalz

we cant rely on being supported, and defended by our own kind

Andraste said...

This video is a metaphor. The black man who believes he is above the law and can attack a white man with impunity, because the establishment has educated him that this is in fact the case. The white man who is minding his own business then moves away to avoid confrontation, despite the humiliation of not being able to assert his rights equally for fear of being labeled a "racist"; his retreat is seen as a weakness which heightens the frenzy of the attackers. Then backed into a corner the white guy retaliates and his attack is measured but decisive. The attacker and his goons then revert to their only defence - that guy is a racist.

This is a metaphor: this is the future.

"Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak."
— Sun Tzu

LorMarie said...

That old white man beat and bloodied him. Even I didn't expect that. Oh well. No one should assume that others will be intimidated by us...whatever race. I was laughing at that white girl who "pretended" not to have a reaction.

Anonymous said...

what an odd exchange. first, what the hell was the video taking for? were they doing this to provoke a fight to gain some monetary reward from a racism law suit? were they provoking the white man to fight so they could press charges and get cmpensation? they had video evidence, it would be a slam dunk if they hadn't have stolen the white man's bag and stated on the record "beat his white ass".
did you see them change from group gang pack blood lust of the initial black mans assault to victim hood once the blackman got his ass punched into the plastic seat, his blood everywhere, they even filmed it but couldn't resist stealing the white mans bag and saying something like "lets go through it".

to me it looked like a premediteted assault, clockwork orange style, which went badly wrong.

i wonder if anyone was charged with this?

Anonymous said...

Typical black pack mentality. Whooping and hollering like a troop of chimps (meant generically and not racially). Picking on someone they reckon is an easy target who is not going to stand up to them. As Andastre said they got lustful for it when they saw the old white chap walk to the other end of the bus.

The buck aggressive male performing for his bitches. What a prat. Blacks often shout and make a scene so to itimidate whitey....the only reference to colour was made by the gang. They think it's all they have to do as they have learned it to be so, the old gentleman called their bluff in appropriate style.