Wednesday 10 February 2010

Who are the Fascists ?

What political party tortures people in foreign prisons ?

What political party started an illegal war for oil ?

What party is planning to bring in ID cards ?

What political party uses internment ?

What political party prosecutes the leader of an opposition political party that is its main opponent in elections ?

What political party stole millions from the tax payer by defrauding their expenses in Parliament and the House of Lords ?

What political party passed laws to allow local councils to spy on your internet, phone calls and put electronic bugs in your recycling bins ?

What political party ordered the Attorney General to stop a criminal case against BAE ?

What political party went to court to stop the indigenous people of Diego Garcia from returning to their island home after they were illegally ethnically cleansed ?

What political party is talking secretly to the Taliban terrorists and offering to give them millions in bribes ?

What political party uses private investigators to spy on you if you apply to the wrong school ?

what political party hid the truth about their immigration policy and allowed millions of immigrants to enter the country for cheap votes ?

what political party passed laws to criminalise criticism of religious groups ?

what political party is putting a law through Parliament that will make anti-white racism and discrimination against whites legal ?

what political party gave billions to the bankers but cut public services for the poor ?

what political party funds Islamist extremists and Islamist groups with public money ?

what political party politicised the police ?

what political party protected the most corrupt police officer in British history just because he was from an ethnic minority group ?

what political party is planning to go to war against Iran ?

what political party offered peerages for cash ?

what political party allowed in millions of immigrants into the UK ?

What political party spies on its political opponents ?

what political party bombed a christian nation to protect Islamist terrorists ?

what political party ordered the SAS to train KLA terrorists ?

What party has been involved in four wars since it took office ?

What political party created the Surveillance Society and put the largest number of CCTV cameras in the world on our streets ?


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1 comment:

Adrian Peirson said...

Labour have reduced the number of illegal passport holders down to about 150, be fair.

Am i reading this right.

No of False Passports