Wednesday 24 February 2010

BNP Nationalists Support British Bikers

Image - We need Brotherhood between British Bikers. White Unity. No more Brother Wars.

IMAGE - Easy Rider - living the dream. You wont be able to live like this under Islamist domination nor under the domination of liberal Dhimmi's.

Many Nationalists like myself inside the BNP support British Bikers and Bikers clubs.

We see the bikers as the one of the last of the free patriots in the UK who live an outlaw lifestyle outside the corrupt system.

This video shows how many BNP members support Bikers.

I live in a village which has one of the largest Biker clubs in the country.

The Bikers in my village have never caused us any problems, and in fact have helped turn some wayward youngsters into disciplined young men.

I support the British Bikers.

The day White British bikers stop fighting each other and instead fight the common enemy is the day the bikers become a real force in British society.

Watch the video and see why British Bikers should support the BNP.

Read the Jackal Manifesto for bikers here ;

n the past I’ve been criticized for posting translated articles about the Danish chapter of Hells Angels. My reports of what’s happening in Denmark have been construed as support for Hells Angels — especially my assertion that the motorcycle gang is doing what virtually no other organized group in Denmark is willing to do, namely stand up vigorously against the systematic violence of immigrant gangs against ethnic Danish people.

As I have said before, these accounts are descriptive, and not normative. Regardless of whom I support or what I think should be done, this is what is actually happening. The government, the police, and the security services have failed the Danish people, but nature abhors a vacuum, and motorcycle outlaws are riding in to fill the gap.

Two years ago El Inglés wrote a piece of speculative fiction about the Danish Civil War, in which he predicted the emergence of a militia recruited from ordinary Danes to resist the increasing violence of immigrants in Danish society. With the reality unfolding before us now, it appears that the focus of resistance is in fact going to start with groups like Hells Angels, who are willing to meet violence with violence.

It’s unfortunate that things have come to this pass: the civil authorities are unable to assure ordinary citizens of their safety, so alternative means of doing the same job are being devised.

Earlier today I posted TB’s translation of an article about the “Jackal Manifesto” by the Hells Angels. Henrik Ræder Clausen has kindly translated the entire document from the HA website. As Henrik noted, it’s a much more honest and lucid account of the current situation in Denmark than can be found in any of the mainstream media.


76 Bandidos bikers in Berlin are said to be joining the Hells Angels, Danish bikers have done the same.
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Berlin’s infamous Bandidos bikers have left their international organisation and are now seeking membership of their rival Hells Angels, according to the Danish National Investigation Centre (NEC) that has received information from its German counterparts.

According to the report on P1, it is the second time in recent months that the European Bandidos President Jim Tinndahn of Denmark has had to see members move to the Hells Angels.

Several weeks ago, six senior Bandidos members in Aalborg chose to switch and throw off their sombreros to don angels’ wings.

The German authorities say that the 76 Bandidos defectors have already been seen in public in Hells Angels attire with the local Hells Angels president and that although their membership has not yet been confirmed, the former Bandidos bikers have already removed all of the group’s symbols from their clubhouse in northern Berlin.

“I cannot definitively say how many bikers have left the Bandidos, but we are aware of the situation and following it closely both in Aalborg and Berlin,” says NEC chief Deputy Chief Superintendant Kim Kliver who declined to answer whether there was a connection between the cases in Aalborg and Berlin.

There have been internal conflicts between Bandidos factions in Northern Jutland for some time and although the precise reason for disagreements between the Bandidos factions remains unclear, there are suggestions that there have been major differences on the issue of cooperation with immigrant gangs.

“Our picture is that the young local Bandidos members would like to cooperate with immigrant gangs, while the older members reject the idea. The older members were voted down and that was probably the final straw in the decision to leave,” says Karsten Kristensen of the Aalborg Police, who leads a special biker monitoring group.

HA Luxembourg
In Denmark, the Hells Angels cannot immediately take in Bandidos members as a result of a 1997 no poaching rule under a peace pact that followed a biker war.

But according to DR Nyheder’s information, the Hells Angels is attempting to bypass the no poaching rule by enlisting former Bandidos members in Hells Angels Luxembourg, as the pact only refers to the Nordic region.

“Yes we have run into the same information that the six have been enrolled in Hells Angels Luxembourg in order to maintain the old peace pact,” says Kristensen.

Edited by Julian Isherwood

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Steven Yea ( ) said...

You have overstepped the mark posting shit about us !
You will now suffer an Horrific death so say goodbye to your buddies limey bastard.

Defender of Liberty said...

Ha ha ha ha - a 'limey' eh.

The only time you will ever meet a real Hells Angel is when one makes you their bitch you mug or runs over you.

I respect the Hells Angels and all British Bikers of all biker clubs who stand up for their brothers and for White Unity.

You aint fit to lick their boots you punk.


a way to stuff up the states new percecution said...

Lee the fascist state trying to now define our very policies is an outrage, not happy just to define political associaion, off course we could always change those policies as people KNOW where we stand, yet this is political descrimination.

Just as mass immigration and cultural murder was a policy of the NWO, why do the BNP have no right to reverse such policies.

This is a pure cut and dried case of case of political oppression.

Can we not use existing laws to shut down this persecution, before the party is finished?

Seeing as it also affects Nicks constituents who want to be in the police or prison guards, could Nick not apply for legal precedings on the grounds of political oppression reprecenting either himself or a member?

Could he not get the EU to foot the bill for the legal costs as MEPs expenses used to reprecent his constituants?

THere has to be several laws being broken that would tie up the bastards that are trying to close us down and several could also get massive media attention.

I also feel the goverment would lose the case trying to define our policies, we simply get ethnics to testify that this is the reason why they want to join, that the policy is a positive for ethnics fully integrated and that the erosion of the countries identy is not what they want, if they never liked the countries etnic identity and culture stemming from it then they would not have come.

These ethnics could claim that the state is persecuting them buy NOT allowing them to join a party that pledges to keep the identity they so admire!

That should stuff up the Nazis in power.

The fact that some do not is a personal political matter for them, as illustraited above.

Anonymous said...

Steven Yea ( ) said...
You have overstepped the mark posting shit about us !
You will now suffer an Horrific death so say goodbye to your buddies limey bastard.

24 February 2010 12:28

Interesting! a direct threat.

Time to call the police, on this loser, did you log the IP Lee?

Death threats can result in bird, I hope this wannabe doesn't drop his soap while the ethnics make him their bitch.

lormarie said...

Here in the states we have a documentary program called "Gangland." They profiled biker gangs and they appear to be just as brutal as street gangs.

Defender of Liberty said...

Hi Lormarie,

I hope you are well.

Compared to the 30,000 deaths in the Bloods V Crips Black on Black genocide in L.A, the bikers battles with the Islamist immigrant scum in Holland is nothing.

Biker gangs are heroes in Europe, not villains.



LorMarie said...

Compared to the 30,000 deaths in the Bloods V Crips Black on Black genocide in L.A, the bikers battles with the Islamist immigrant scum in Holland is nothing.--DOL

Not at all surprised by those numbers re: the bloods and crips. I am surprised that bikers are viewed as heroes in Europe (or anywhere really).

Anonymous said...

Mullah Omar has a motorbike!

Anonymous said...

Steven spells his name Yee, not Yea, you hoaxer!


Anonymous said...

Link to an interesting article:,1518,599507,00.html


Anonymous said...

Following the BNP website debacle we are having to rebuild the British National Bikers group, which can now be found here:

Wessex BNB