Monday 8 February 2010

The Afghanistan War, Nothing British About the BNP and the Murdoch Media

I am getting sick and tired of the scumbags in Nothing British About the BNP, James Bethel and Tim Montgomery, the idiots that run Harrys Place and the Murdoch media empire exploiting the families of dead British soldiers.

They accuse the BNP of exploiting dead British soldiers when we use their images in our videos and leaflets, but it is not we who can be accused of exploiting the dead, it is them.

The only real exploitation going on here is Nothing British About the BNP, a tory front group, using the families of dead British soldiers to attack the BNP and Harrys Place doing the same.

Both the Tories and Harrys Place supported the illegal war in Iraq that killed our troops.

The BNP would never have sent British troops to die in the illegal war in Iraq and in Afghanistan.

Nor would the BNP have cut the defence budget to send them under equipped to fight in those wars which has led to many of their deaths.

Nothing British, by getting a load of Tory supporting generals to attack the BNP, have disgraced the army and politicised the army.

The BNP have never pulled a load of retired generals chasing seats in the House of Lords to peddle Tory nonsense via the tory yellow press. These same generals were complicit in the illegal war.

They are also war criminals as much as the politicians that started the war.

Nothing British, run by Bethel and Montgomery and funded by the Conservative Friends of Israel supporters, have NEVER served in the British army.

Who the hell do these chinless tory toffs think they are using the British army to support their insane Zionist agenda.

As for the image used in the BNP video.

That image was an image used widely in the media and taken at a public event.

The murdoch papers used that image in their papers to sell their papers and profit from the paper sales, and they did not donate any money to any of the families of dead British soldiers when using those images.

Nor have they ever given any money to any charities for British soldiers even though they have printed thousands upon thousands of similar images in their papers.

The newspapers have exploited the dead by directly profiting from the images they print in their papers and at the same time print propaganda to continue the wars.

That is both immoral and disgusting.

The Murdoch Papers are also directly complicit in the illegal wars as they peddled the bogus WMD propaganda that led to the war.

Murdoch is a war criminal, the sun the Das Sturmer of today.

To be frank, the image of Liam Elms is not owned by the family and therefore they cannot say how it may be used, both in fact and law.

The BNP used the image in order to ensure this idiotic war for pipelines ends and no more British troops die.

The BNP want this war to end so no more British soldiers die.

Nothing British About the BNP and Harrys Place on the other hand want the war to continue and more British troops to die.

The fact is that what happened to Liam Elms was a tragedy, but what matters most of all is that no more British troops die.

Anyone can understand the parents and family of dead British troops trying to find some meaning to their sacrifice, but the fact is that what truly matters is that no more soldiers die.

What matters ONLY to the BNP is that no more British soldiers die and that must always take precedence over the natural desire of a grieving family to seek some meaning to the death of their loved ones by continuing the war they fought in.

At some point all wars end - and this war must end right now.

The moral politician and the moral politics would be to end the war now, not to perpetuate it because the blood of British soldiers has been shed already.

That is merely to perpetuate the crime of the politicians, perpetuate the deaths of British soldiers, perpetuate the suffering of families and perpetuate the war.

The only moral meaning in their deaths must be that the war must end, as there is no morality in using their deaths to perpetuate suffering, war and death.

It is natural for grieving families to seek a meaning to the sacrifice of their loved ones, but for those who understand the true nature of the conflict and the lies which have been used by corrupt politicians to start the war and continue the war, what is more important is that no more soldiers die in their illegal wars.

In order to fight this ongoing insane war then the public have to be reminded of the fact that British soldiers are dying and being maimed in it.

That means those who want to hide the fact that our troops are dying and being maimed by hiding the images of the dead and wounded in order to allow this war to continue are complicit in the deaths of our troops, and by attacking the BNP who want the war to stop, are acting as war propagandists and peddling pro-war propaganda.

Note that the Tory Party policy to continue the Afghanistan War is the same position as Nothing British About the BNP and Harrys Place and the Murdoch Media that support the Tories - and who also support a war on Iran.

Nothing British About the BNP, Harrys Place and the Murdoch Media Empire all support the continuation of the Afghanistan War, the ongoing death of British troops in that war and also a war on Iran.


You should be ashamed of yourselves.

The BNP policy is the only moral policy - as under the BNP no more illegal wars will be fought, no more British troops will die, no more Murdoch Press papers like The Sun will be allowed to peddle their propaganda and no more grieving families will have to cling to the hope that their family members have not died in vain.

That makes the BNP the ONLY moral politivcal party in the UK.

Nothing British About the BNP are vile, evil, cynical little toerags using the families of dead British soldiers to continue their illegal wars and to support the Tories.

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NoisySiamese said...

Hi Lee,

Were you aware that Prince Alwaleed of Saudi Arabia is now the SECOND LARGEST shareholder in NewsCorp (Sky/Fox/New York Post/The Sun etc)?

"You know, we are the second biggest shareholder after the Murdoch family in News Corp, and we have smaller stakes in Disney and Time Warner and we are partners with Disney and Euro Disney in Paris. And yes, we do have a big media company in the Arab world that covers all the main region, the Middle East, North Africa region. "

Here is that recent interview in which this is discussed.

Andraste said...

These scum are desperate for their new war with Iran - they are frothing at the mouth about it, drooling like dogs at the thought of exploiting more of our soldiers and using them in their game of death.

Lions led by donkeys. Scum like Bethell and Cousins have always hidden themselves away, whilst committing others to danger - and lining their pockets in the process. They are degenerate filth, no different from the other filth of history.

Ade said...

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