Monday 22 February 2010

The NF is the Red Front

Guess what - the NF takeover by Tom Lindon and Eddie Morisson has just been proved to have been a searchlight takeover.

As the NF have just announced ;


So in other words the aim of the Searchlight sponsored joke that is now the NF under Lindeon / Morisson is to try and split the nationalist vote.

They wont of course, as the NF are now a pathetic joke run by a drunk and shifty fat bloke.

Searchlight will give them the money to stand and try and split the vote, but the public know the NF are now a joke.

Thanks though to Linden and Morisson for the proving the NF are a Searchlight front group.

I thought Chris Jackson and Mike Easter would work to ensure that the NF would not split the vote, but it appears that they are prepared to work with Morisson the drunk and Linden the lurker to undermine the BNP.

Now we all know.

The NF really are a Searchlight front group.

Those who work with Linden and Morisson, and who have abandoned the real party leader Tom Holmes, are working for Searchlight.

The real NF members who are still Nationalists, and that is the majority of the mebership, should be ashamed of the scum that run the party now.

Tom Holmes should be put back in charge and Linden and Morisson kicked out of the party.

What a pathetic joke the NF has come - posturing in Doc Martens as 'nationalists' yet working directly for Searchlight.

No doubt the keyboard warrior Nazis on stormfront will be delighted, seeing as most of them are reds pretending to be 'nationalists'.

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Anonymous said...

asian millionaire to fight the BNP from the inside??

What's he going to do? i can only guess that he'll eavesdrop on conversations, carry surveillance gear into bnp meetings, claim racism where no racism exists. i would treat this freak with kid gloves whenever he is around and make sure NO ONE speaks to him. it's not racist to send someone to Coventry. but i bet some idiot will screw this up and give this plonker ammo to go running back to the government run media.

but in reality, this is just a publicity stunt and will give the bnp more credibility, just ask of all members that you can use their images for publicity, have this plonkers face splashed on every billboard across the country and he will do you guys a favour.

another plonker who will help the bnp to power, like trevor philips. they are the bnp's best weapon. let him join.

Andraste said...

The NF has simply become the last bastion of bitter, deluded, Nick Griffin haters, and it seems they are more concerned with thwarting the success of the BNP than with actually advancing the nationalist cause.

The NF are the example of the backward mentality that existed in the nationalist community for many years, and held it back. Petty egos, who dream of becoming their own petty Fuhrer.

The NF are scum - traitorous scum.

Andraste said...

As regards that Asian guy who says he is going to join the BNP to fight us from the inside. Er, no. He isn't allowed membership - simple. Just like if any high profile person announced that they were going to join the Conservatives to sabotage them - do you really think the Tories would allow them to join.

This is nonsense. Just another anti-BNP story.

Defender of Liberty said...

Dont worry mate, its already dealt with


Andraste said...

I wasn't meaning to call the NF members scum, only the Linden / Morrison cabal. They are traitors. Gte rid of them and make the NF credible in it's own right instead of parasitically leeching off the BNP - or even worse serving the interests of Searchlight, etc.

Anonymous said...

The NF are just a searchlight front. What has the NF achieved in the last 20 years?? It is interesting that a pro BNP site like Greenarrow attracts a lot of comments like " we need direct action now not the ballot box". These are planted by Searchlight stooges to create dissent and division. Beware.

NF to sabotage the only nationalist hope said...

I have to agree, Stormfront has become a joke, transparently infiltrated by reds and bitter washed up losers.

The posts are nothing but constant BNP baiting.

I can understand principle differences but this constant attempted sabotage!

At least they have now exposed themselfs for all to see, no question - Job done.

anyone remaining with this bunch of losers will expose themselfs too.

time for the real patrots to turn their backs on these losers.

State op for all to see - no question.

this must be the states last ditch attempt - one last blowout before the game is up and the NF is spent, how many will remain knowing they are damaging the nationalist cause?

Lastly they over estimate their power, they will have little effect if any, no one even remembers the NF or know what they stand for these days, it is just the fact that so called nationalists will do this to other nationalists, time to abandon the NF state op guys, the game is up!

Anonymous said...

First there was a channel 4 doc with kearon the (actor) who said he wants to join the NF...Notice this came out 2 days before the EGM vote? LOL

As soon as the BNP vote YES to the change, the far left try to make the impression that the party is breaking up or losing members to "NF"

Then the BBC invite Tom linden on to hype up the NF.

Now NF are saying they want to stand against the BNP.

NF website and their stormfront cheerleaders are constantly smearing the BNP and Nick Griffin.

ALL a bit of a coincidence?


Anonymous said...

The NF/searchlight front are going nowere, they seem to think they have now become important.

They will get humiliated by the electorate.

Nice try though Gable. LMAOOO

Strider (deceased) said...

Strider (now deceased) is tempted to a re-birth as the time is coming for all true nationalists to awaken to Heimdall's clarion call and throw off the illusion that has been ego-nationalism forever.

Strider was sick long ago of people who talked the talk but didn't walk the walk.

Strider was sick long ago of nationalists who promised action but delivered failure.

Strider is ready to awaken.

Waes thu Hael!