Thursday 25 February 2010

Kaletsky and the Global Corporate Fascist State

The same cabal of economic halfwits that caused the financial crisis now demand an end to democracy.

The same politicians that passed idiot laws to appease and gain the support of the economist halfwits are the enemies of the people and democracy.

They run democracy for their benefit and the benefit of their masters in the media and money markets.

Read Kaltskys comments here about how the wishes of the people must be subservient to the interests and demands of the idiot economists and the idiot politicians - the same muppets that dragged us into the crisis.

The statement from Kaltesky below is the basis of the global corporate fascist state system where national governments serve the interests of the international corporations and not their own people.


The politicians must serve the people, not the interests of the global corporations.

We must wage Nationalist Class War against the international bankers, international corporate media, the supra-national institutions that serve the global corporate fascist system and the lackeys of the internal elite within our nation, and Re-Nationalise our nations, politics, media and economic system.


We demand a democracy where the people have the power, not a parliament that serves the EU, US or the international corporations

Oh the arrogance of these fools ;

To make matters much worse, both sides claim to be acting out of profound democratic convictions, because their positions are supported by opinion polls. A clear majority of US voters oppose significant tax increases that affect middle-income households, and these are the only ones that could significantly improve the budgetary outlook. An equally clear majority rejects any reduction in government spending on health and pension “entitlements”, which are the only cuts that could conceivably save enough to prevent government insolvency if big tax increases are permanently ruled out. And just to confirm the Alice in Wonderland character of US politics at present, another clear majority believes that the budget deficit is the gravest problem facing America and must be eliminated at once.

This contradictory polling brings us to the most alarming feature of all in politics today, not only in America but in most democratic countries: the way that cheap, ubiquitous and statistically accurate opinion polling has begun to subvert representative democracies and turn them into direct democracies, in which the views of “the voters” are considered more politically legitimate than those of the representatives they elect.

In Britain and Europe, this shift has been clearest in military issues. Media commentators regularly assert, for example, that government decisions to send extra troops to Afghanistan are illegitimate because opinion polls show that a majority of voters oppose this war.

The dangers of direct democracy have been obvious to political thinkers since Plato and Aristotle. Most obvious is the absence of any mechanism to ensure consistency between majority decisions. Opinion polls will always show big majorities for lower taxes, higher public spending and balanced budgets. But polls will never say how these demands can be reconciled.

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