Wednesday 24 February 2010

Evan Davis = BBC Wanker

I am not going to respond to that BBC wanker Evan Davis show on TV tonight slagging off British workers for not agreeing to be slaves for the corporations, suffice to say that the BBC and the idiot Evans are once again trying to peddle their pro-immigration, pro-capitalist rubbish on the BBC (as usual).

The comments on the article below reveal everything that needs to be said.

But this one sentence says it all ;

" Take the Greenvale potato-packing plant near Wisbech, for example. Like many large employers these days, it substantially fills the shopfloor with non-Brits who do the back-breaking routine work. Twelve- hour shifts, with two fifteen-minute breaks and a half-hour lunch. "

What sort of system have we created where any workers, let alone BRITISH workers have to work in conditions like this.

Its a return to the conditions of the Industrial Revolution and the workhouses.

Coming from an over paid BBC ponce who is paid half a million a year to talk bollocks on the BBC this is cynical, sickening arrogant bollocks.

A good programme for the BBC to make would be to get overpaid BBC wankers like Evan Davis and get them to work in those factory conditions for a couple of months, instead of them being treated like a bunch of overpaid ponces with a load of BBC flunkies doing everything for them.

They would be dead in a month.

Evan Davis needs to be dragged into the real world.

The BBC needs to be dragged into the real world.

Evan Davis is a national disgrace.

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Anonymous said...

Evan Davis is well known at the BBC as a marxist wanker. He likes to dress when out and about in Camden as a teenager with baggy trousers showing off his underpants...he is late 40s for Gods sake! He is also known as "tinsel tits" at the BBC because of the number of nipple piercings he has.Decidely odd man.
On the subject of his programm he obviously believes people are mere chattel to be bought and sold on the international stock exchange and moved here and there by the highest bidder.

Jane said...

By getting rid of ethnonationalism all lands can be taken over by international corporatism and the people enslaved. Now that the CEHR has admitted the indigenous British exist we have to try to claim our indigenous rights under UN conventions and protect our peolple. The UN convention makes it illegal to alter a population or take its territory. This is where the BNPs main battle should focus.

Anonymous said...

Ethan Davis is a man of no substance, a New Labour sychophant... He is epitomizes all that has gone wrong with this country in 12 years... I hate what has happened to this country with people like him at the helm. I knew immediately what was coming with that NL peddled propoganda program about british workers... did they actually find out how many of the 3000 foriegn workers were illegal?? Of course not. Tewats...