Sunday 7 February 2010

The Weeping Killers

It looks like weeping on TV is the latest New Labour election gimmick ;

Campbell weeps for the guilt he feels for the lies he told to start an illegal war and the blood on his hands of the British soldiers that have died and the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis.

Brown weeps for his own children, but not the sons and daughters he sent to war in Iraq and Afghanistan and the troops killed because of the budget cuts he made that meant they went to war without being properly equipped ;

It looks like crocodile tears are in vogue at the moment.


Andraste said...

Campbell is a sociopath, like Blair. He is utterly ruthless and completely without empathy. His reaction is fake, sociopaths fake emotions for their advantage.

Profile of the Sociopath

Campbell is known to have suffered from mental illnesses, and he even got the law changed to allow MPs to keep their seats if they are mentally ill. Coincidence? I think not.

The Speaker’s Conference on Parliamentary Representation has today (Monday 11th January) recommended the repeal of legislation that strips MPs of their seats if they receive long-term treatment under the Mental Health Act, regardless of voters' wishes. The committee, which included former Home Secretary David Blunkett, made their recommendation after hearing evidence from mental health charity Rethink and former No 10 Communications Director Alastair Campbell.

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Anonymous said...

Campbell suffers from mental illness and he has been psychotically depressed in the past. I agree he lacks empathy and is a nasty bully though generates some loyalty akin to the Stockholm syndrome. He is bright but not an intellectual. Some people compare him to Goebbels which is harsh on the good doctor he is more like Bormann.

Anonymous said...

emotional black mail goes along with the various modes of psychological coercion and manipulation labour have wrought upon us through the state controlled media

Ade said...

I agree, emotional blackmail, sadly though, on TV, this will net them a couple of million wavering votes.

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