Sunday 7 February 2010

The Serpents War

I designed this poem to be a series of Haiku's within a structural form of 5 verses, 7 verses and 5 verses to reflect the nature of a Haiku itself.

Part 1 represents the lead up to war.
Part 2 represents the war itself.
part 3 represents the result of the war.

I like this form of poetry I have designed as it is precise and clean and reflects within itself the verse structure.

The poem is also written so as to have a beginning, a middle and end all linked together therefore reflecting a total reality within itself.

Part 1.

It begins with a lie,
Unwinding as a serpent,
Sinister secrets.

The ugly rumours are spread,
Consolidating their strength,
With lies upon lies.

Generals gather,
Seeking more shiny new medals,
Vultures on the dead.

The media machines,
Print new lies for their masters,
War is more profit.

Their lies are now truth,
Parliament votes for war,
Soldiers must die for oil.

Part 2.

The shock and awe of war,
The night is set afire with bombs,
Iraq screams with fear.

Missiles fall from the sky,
The red horse of war runs free in the streets,
Frightened children cry.

Seeds of terror sown,
Blood runs in glutted gutters,
Babylon is burning.

Tanks hunt desert towns,
Seeking fresh kills for their thrills,
All men are mere meat.

Day is night, night day,
Smoke and fire run from oil wells,
As blood from a vein.

A statue is toppled,
Victory declared on the news,
Serpents celebrate.

Chaos comes to gloat,
Now darkness triumphs over light,
Old hatreds reborn.

Part 3.

Black roses now bloom,
With shrapnel and screams in the streets,
Pilgrims torn to shreds.

Street by street death comes,
A knock on the door at midnight,
Sectarian slaughter.

Limbless boys in the dust,
Call for wives and mothers,
Their glory a coffin.

Tell me why we were sent here sir,
Says the dying soldier with a sigh,
For oil comes the mocking reply.

The guilty will always go free,
Grown rich on stolen black gold,
Their treason feted.

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