Saturday 20 February 2010

Why the Tories LOVE Islam

In the course of gathering information for an article in today’s Telegraph about the growth of a parallel Islamic state in Britain, I interviewed Douglas Murray, the brilliant young director of the Centre for Social Cohesion. He told me something really interesting – and creepy – about his encounters with Conservative frontbenchers.

On three separate occasions, Murray has found himself on a panel with Tory spokesmen. And, each time, the Tory has told him off for using the phrase “Islamist terrorism”. The approved word is “criminality”. As Murray told me: ”It’s as if they can’t see the difference between stealing a handbag and setting off a car bomb outside a nightclub.”

To be fair, the shadow home secretary, Dominic Grieve, is worried by the growth of Muslim Arbitration Tribunals (MATs) that use a loophole in the law to dish out Sharia justice with the consent of the government. But he’s not worried enough to make the almighty fuss that this scandal merits. Paul Goodman has spoken powerfully on this subject, but his denunciation of “soft Sharia” was conspicuously not echoed by his colleagues.

If you regard the spread of Islamic ghettos as one of the greatest social threats facing modern Britain (and modern Muslims), then there’s so little to choose between the two main parties that I can’t see a case for voting Tory. Conservative political correctness is normally more funny than alarming, especially when practised by deeply snobbish Old Etonians. But when it extends to taking advice from Muslim radicals about the correct posture to take towards the “religion of peace”, then it is positively dangerous.

Leading Tories think that they can demonstrate their intolerance of Islamic extremism by fulminating against one or two loopy Jihadist pressure groups. It’s as if Margaret Thatcher, confronted by the threat of socialism in 1979, had simply called for the banning of the Workers’ Revolutionary Party. Expel Vanessa Redgrave from the country and the unions will come to their senses.

I wonder if, deep down, the Tory inner circle doesn’t rather approve of aspects of Islam, a religion which preaches radical equality while, for the most part, keeping the lower orders in their place; whose rulers disown the hereditary principle while surreptitiously benefiting from it.

Victorian Conservatives would wave benignly at “honest working men” in their slums; their successors pat “community leaders” on the head when they visit Muslim ghettos. Like their ancestors, they have no idea what lies just around the corner.

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trencherbone said...

'Community Cohesion' - LibLabCon doublespeak for Muslims behaving badly.