Thursday 11 February 2010

Stand Up !

The reason why these schemes below are allowed is because White Indigenous people are unorganised and apathetic as regards their rights.

Why dont the follwing groups demand their rights in the police and in the workplace ;

1) Odinists
3) Pagans
4) Druids
5) Anglo-Saxons
6) Identity Christians
7) Indigenous Celts

If they did they would be able to ;

force their employers to classify the existence of those groups in the workplace

force their employers to put them on positive action schemes in the workplace unde s.35.37.38 of the RRA 1976.

But they dont - so they get screwed over.

Stand up for yourselves - or get walked over.

Jewish police officers and staff to have their own Positive Action Leadership Programme
David Woods, 09 February 2010

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The National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA) is running the first ever Positive Action Leadership Programme specifically for Jewish police officers and staff this week.

Fifteen Jewish officers and staff from the Metropolitan Police, Greater Manchester Police, West Yorkshire Police and NPIA - representing around 5% of all Jewish police staff - will attend the course this week.

The four-day programme is made up of eight modules looking at delegates' values, beliefs and self-limiting assumptions as well as conflict resolution, decision-making and mentoring.

The sessions will be a mixture of facilitated discussion, group work and individual exercises.

The programme is part of the NPIA's commitment to developing a wide cross-section of talent and creating a police service that properly reflects the community it serves. It is designed to encourage the retention and progression of members of under-represented groups in the police service.

More than 3000 police officers and staff from a range of under-represented groups have completed a course since it began in 2006. These include Muslim, Christian and Hindu police officers and staff as well as those who are black, gay, women or disabled.

The courses are delivered at NPIA sites or within individual forces for either a specific under-represented group or a mixed group.

NPIA chief people officer, Angela O'Connor, said: "This is a great way to retain Jewish staff and officers and to encourage them to progress to potentially become the next generation of leaders in the police.

"It is also an excellent development opportunity for police staff and officers from an under-represented group who are ambitious to develop their career.

"It is essential that forces keep and develop the talents of staff from all backgrounds so they reflect the communities they serve."

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Ade said...

It's divide and conqEUr.

Video on Totalitarianism

Ade said...

Taleban regiments in the British Army next.

And how about BNP Councillors allowed to sit in on Govt Cabinet meetings.

Anonymous said...

Lee, could you publish some sort of a procedure/letter templates as to how each employee who wants to begin this process in their respective workplaces go about it with their own employee?

ulsterpatriot said...

It is a fact that the majority of those in the groups you have listed, have in some way been infected with the political correctness virus that stops them from making too much noise about the accepted norm. Sad but true IMHO..