Saturday 27 February 2010

Zionists Versus Dhimmi's

The prosecution of Gert Wilders reveals the inner struggle in the power structures of societies in Europe.

We see a war between the Zionist camp versus the Dhimmi camp - Gert Wilders is one of the most feted pro-Zionist politicians in Europe.

He visits Israel often and is regarded as a strong supporter of Israel.

Yet he is being prosecuted by the White Liberal Dhimmi's of the Politically Correct Liberal Fascist State, for speech crimes.

Whilst the Zionists dominate the media, the White Liberal Dhimmi's dominate academia, public institutions and instutions like the BBC.

Neither one of these two factions serves THE BRITISH NATION OR THE BRITISH PEOPLE.

Zionism serves the interests of Israel, White Dhimmi Liberals serve the interests of Islamism.

Both of them are treasonous.

The Dutch government falls
Wild things
The far right promises to do disturbingly well on June 9th

Feb 25th 2010 | THE HAGUE | From The Economist print edition

GOVERNMENT crises in the Netherlands tend to be played out with little international publicity. But when the Dutch coalition cabinet fell on February 20th it was done messily and in public—and the ripples were felt as far away as Afghanistan, drawing the world’s attention.

The Labour Party quit the government because it could not agree with the Christian Democrats to extend the service of 2,000 Dutch troops in Afghanistan’s Uruzgan province (see article). In its early days in 2007 the cabinet agreed to a withdrawal in 2010. Labour insisted on sticking to this despite a written request from NATO for an extension under a changed mandate. Parliamentary debate turned rancorous, with accusations of bad faith hurled around on live television. There was more than a hint of personal irritation between Wouter Bos, the Labour leader, and Jan Peter Balkenende, the Christian Democratic prime minister.

Labour’s decision was guided in part by political calculations. With its popularity plummeting, the party may have hoped that blowing up a government over the unpopular Afghan commitment would play well with voters. Its ratings duly rose this week. But polls suggest that, after a new election on June 9th, Labour may be only the fifth-biggest party in a parliament dominated by the right and the liberals.

In truth, the established parties have been struggling ever since the late Pim Fortuyn exploded on to the scene in 2002. Support for the biggest far-right party today, Geert Wilders’s Freedom Party, has shot up in recent months. According to polls, if the election were held now, it would be the second-largest party, just two seats short of the Christian Democrats.

Mr Wilders is best known for his virulent anti-Islamic rhetoric. But his party has been broadening its policies. Mr Wilders not only champions limits on immigration, especially from Muslim countries, but also promises to cut red tape for small businesses, reduce taxes and improve care for the elderly. He wants a halt to European Union enlargement, including a flat no to Turkish entry. He is also opposed to the Dutch deployment in Uruzgan.

Mr Wilders casts a long shadow over Dutch politics. The other parties detest him personally, but have been courting his voters. Several prominent Labour politicians have issued a call to all parties not to allow Mr Wilders to influence the next government. But this could backfire. Labour’s own immigration policy is moving towards that of Mr Wilders. Calls for a cordon sanitaire may not go down well with the 10% of voters who are foreign-born.

The polls suggest that post-election coalition-building will be tricky. At present they indicate that no three parties will be able to command a majority. This points either to a large, fractious coalition or to a minority government. Neither promises stability. Many believe that Mr Wilders will call the shots even if his party is excluded from the cabinet.

The local elections on March 3rd will give a first hint of the parties’ strengths. Mr Wilders’s party is running only in two municipalities, partly because of a lack of experienced candidates. But that may not stop it doing well in June.

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Anonymous said...

Geert Wilders is Europe's best hope. If he can do it there, his example will inspire others. If he can deal with the Muslims there, all the other people in Europe will want their Muslims dealt with in the same way.

It's funny when you think that it was largely the Jews who fostered the whole emotional infrastructure of political correctness in order to protect themselves. Instead, it ended up protecting the Muslims, who are now the biggest threat to Europe's Jews since the Nazis.

Editor said...

I agree with the comment about the irony, but keep in mind it was mostly "jinos" (jews in name only) who preferred (and still do) marx to God and who thought being "tolerant" would help them blend into local society.

I do have to disagree with one part the article:

"Whilst the Zionists dominate the media,"

What media is that outside of Israel?

Even the MSM inside Israel is moderate-to-hard left and cries for the poor so-called "palistinians".

Certainly not in the U.S. where all of the MSM is against Israel, and if the British Press supports Israel (a) I would be surprised to hear of it and (b) they can't be very influential, as it seems so many of Brits on both sides are simply terrified of those horrible JOOS!

Get with the program. It's not about blood, its about the Judeo-Christian West (which includes the right wing in Israel) against islam and the Left.

Stop being crybabies about JOO BOOGEYMEN or we will never win this thing.

v said...

So-called "palistinians"? (sic) That land was called Palestine for the last several centuries, the people who lived there until the start of 20th century were not the ones that kicked out Jews, it was the Europeans who hated and committed atrocities against them, not Palestinians. Today it is the so-called sons of "Holocaust survivors" who are committing ethnic-cleansing and war crimes against indigenous people of the colonized land. The ethnic-cleansing continues, foreign Jews from Europe, Australia etc are being imported into occupied land while the natives are being kicked out from the homes where they have been living for generations. Some refugees are being kicked out of the refugee homes that were built for them after they were kicked out in 1948.

Israel killed 1400+ people last year in its assault on Gaza, 700+ of them women and children, hundreds others ordinary civilians and civil servants. The respected South African Judge Goldstone, a Jew, a Zionist, who has investigated war crimes in Yugoslavia and Africa, he says that Israel committed war crimes in Gaza last year. He says that there was no evidence of militants using those mosques, hospitals, food depots, schools that were deliberately targeted. Shame on you and other accomplices who keep silent at war crimes and incite hatred against the victims. Ever read Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein, Naomi Klein, Howard Zinn, Anna Baltzer? I doubt it. Hint; they are all Jews and they are humanists, pro-justice. Finkelstein is a son of Holocaust survivors, his parents were both in Nazi camps, his extended family was completely exterminated.