Monday 8 February 2010

Christian Families Poorer Under Labour

Contrary to the perception that White Christian families are the ones with the most income in the UK, the statement below from Dominic Lawson reveals that Jews in the UK have the highest incomes, then Sikhs.

So why are Jews and Sikhs able to claim all the extra rights under the forthcoming Equality Act related to affirmative action based on their ethnicity when all this will do is further entrench the inferior economic status of White Christians in Britain who are actively penalised under the Equality Act ?

Now we see the intent of the Equality Act - which is to ensure we remain as Third Class citizens in our own country.

Besides, what makes the Government Equalities Office believe that this will be the effect of its legislation, however calculated? Last week the government’s own national equality panel (it exists) admitted that despite new Labour’s intense social engineering over the past 13 years, inequalities have increased. It also revealed some fascinating discrepancies in the average wealth of various religious/ ethnic groups. The average Sikh family is richer than the average Christian family (and the average Jewish family is richer than either). Is this the outcome of state support for the Sikh way of life? Is it because Jews have never faced discrimination? Or is because nothing can stop the rise of a social group or family if it has an appetite for hard work?

Not only will the equality act entrench white poverty, it will be paid for out of taxes ;

There is a still more bizarre document put out by the Government Equalities Office: this one is called “The Equality Bill: impact assessment (third version)”. I have in front of me all 233 pages. It tells us that the cost of implementing Harman’s measure, in its first year, will be “between £270.4m and £310.8m”. It admits that part of this vast cost of the Equality Bill might be “additional tribunal/court cases”. No, really?

The document concedes that up to £225m of those additional costs will be borne by “1,174,945 small and medium-sized enterprises”. That’s even before you begin to work out the cost to the taxpayer directly, as all the myriad public bodies created by new Labour get their teeth into the business of enforcing the “socio-economic duty”.

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