Monday 22 February 2010

The Red Pill

" Most countries only admit their crimes against the indigenous population long after it has any political repercussions "

Norman Finkelstein.

The crimes against the indigenous British people committed by the politicians of today will not be admitted until long after we are made a powerless and despised minority in our own country.




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Anonymous said...

Lee, could it be time for an Alex Jones style broadcast like fall of the republic condensed, where the people finally get to hear what the media hide from them?

I have seen some hard hitting videos on youtube attacking the mainstreme and NWO based on facts along with hard hitting images.

Their is so much hypocracy within the mainstreme yet it never gets exposed in a hard hitting manner on national TV.

Get them on the wars, the militariary industrial complex, the complicit media, the global warming hoax, the banking robbery, the people who enslaved the third world now enslaving us, the bilderberg group the two party lie and who the key players are and their connections.

what are you waiting for? they are going to give you the chance to expose the big lie and you want to throw it away on - safe and dull!

rather than hard hitting, popular, factual, dramatic and revealing.

Though i doubt the BNP will have the balls for this approach going for safe and dull - NO votes other than those already in the bag.

also a possible new slogan -

Dont be a sheep, vote BNP.

Defender of Liberty said...

You are right mate 100 %

I will be doing some internet web broadcasts soon for youtube, as soon as I work out how to do it.

I like the slogan as well.