Sunday 21 February 2010

EXCLUSIVE - Photo of NUJ anti-BNP meeting revealed

The exclusive image above has been sent us from inside the National Union of Journalists anti-BNP conference.

The image shows NUJ union members of the NUJ ' Anti-BNP Psychic Warfare Unit ' practicing their telekinetic powers on an asylum seeking goat from Afghanistan fleeing an arranged marriage to one of the Taliban.

The goat, whose real name is Osama, was called by the NUJ Anti-BNP Psychic Warfare Unit 'BNP Bastard'.

After hours of mental effort on behalf of the NUJ team, the goat was able to hypnotise the entire NUJ Psychic Warfare Unit and then escape the building.

The NUJ Anti-BNP Psychic Warfare team were last seen grazing in a field near Loughton in Essex having been hypnotised by the goat into thinking that they were in fact goats and the goat was a human being.

The goat has now been appointed the chief officer of the NUJ union and will shortly be writing a book on his experiences at the hands of the now defunct NUJ Anti-BNP Psychic Warfare Team and revealing the years of sexual abuse and torture he suffered at their hands.

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Ade said...

And on a Similar note, MOD Top Brass dare to Question Security in Brown's Fortress Britain, what is the world coming to.

Army Top Brass Question Mosque overlooking Sandhurst

It's your own fault Generals, you should have kicked the door in years ago.

Any time you're ready I reckon you could count on 1 Million able bodied at least.

Andraste said...

Have you seen this Lee?

Post Fight Interview With Old Vietnam Vet After Racist Attack By Black Thug

Defender of Liberty said...

Thanks mate,


Lisa Brooksbank said...

This is quite interesting, they really have there knickers in a twist !

Anonymous said...

Adrian, I would rather not have a military dictatorship. Which model do your prefer Pinochet or maybe the Greek colonels? Our present military leadership are mostly public school educated Colonel Blimps. They also are keen to engage with the Tories and toe a very politically anti BNP line.

Anonymous said...

LOL. About right.