Sunday 7 February 2010

The Mutterings of a Maggot

Now there is a certain little retarded maggot known to nationalists as a grass, a fantasist, a liar and who is related to a child molesting nonce.

He runs a tatty little blog which I will not link too.

Now it may come as a shock to the maggot but the BNP engages the services of real solicitors and barristers as opposed to simply enjoying my free advice.

These real solicitors who run real businesses have to be paid by the party.

I am not a solicitor.

I have never done the LPC course which teaches you the practical procedural ins and outs of taking a case through the courts.

To be frank I would be bored rigid filing cases and running the paper trails that follow.

Therefore the party engages real and proper solicitors to do that.

I have an honours degree in law brought from an online university in Pakistan (it was heads to buy a medical degree or tails a law degree) which along with my engaging personality are all the qualifications I need.

Now normally I would not comment on anything the retarded maggot says, but seeing as he has decided to peddle a load of lies on his blog about me getting paid ten grand (IF ONLY !) then for the sake of probity and appearances I will confirm that I do not get paid a single penny by the party.

Not one penny.

As for the maggot he needs to understand this.

Little boys with big mouthes should be careful what lies they tell.

Some people should understand that some lines should not be crossed.

This isnt political, this is now personal.

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Andraste said...

These maggots really are obsessed with you and your degree aren't they Lee? Oh and also they are fastidious regards your spelling. How pathetic.

Defender of Liberty said...

Your right mate,

I really do think that they fancy me.

Freaks the lot of them.