Wednesday 3 February 2010


Hush now child, don’t you weep,
Lest you wake them from their sleep,
The silent masses in their millions,
Who refuse to hear you screaming.

Traitors now seek to crush every truth,
Beneath their liberal fascist jackboots,
For liberty is bound with briars,
As illegal wars are begun by liars.

For as British troops are bled abroad,
None dare rise to raise their swords,
As treason claims its tarnished crown,
War wears its bloody wedding gown.

Weeping wives wear widows weeds,
As horror sows its deadly seeds,
Our heroes tread a baleful path,
Amidst deserts of fear and wrath.

Under tyranny only wolves are free,
And freemen must bend their knee,
Whilst in the city the dark is rising,
As hungry packs begin their hunting.

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