Monday 22 February 2010

The Class Traitors of New Labour and Camerons Conservatives

In the article below I will explain the new Nationalist Class War that must begin and define the new Nationalist Class that must initiate and begin this Class War.

The Broken Britain we see today is a product of Both Tories and Labour and also the support of Liberals.

Both Labour and Tory governments conspired to bring in millions of immigrants into Britain and the Liberals supported them.

The Tories wanted cheap labour and the Labour Party wanted cheap votes.

Both supported the Multi-Cultural project.

Both have betrayed the British people.

The last thirty years of Multi-culturalism have seen the betrayal, abandonment and disenfranchisement of the White Working Class.

The millions of immigrants that came into the country have taken 70 % of all the new jobs in the country and thereby took those jobs from our people.

The immigrants have caused White working class children to fail in state schools where funds and resources have been spent on giving immigrant kids English lessons or raising the aspirations of non-indigenous ethnic and immigrant groups rather than assisting our children.

Collectively the entire process has caused the White working class to grow poorer as they have been denied the ability to gain a decent education, to get new jobs and get out of Welfarism.

Multi-culturalism has caused Welfarism in the White Working Class to become inter-generational because the jobs that the white working class once took, are now taken by immigrants or have been destroyed in the name of globalism.

In the past a white working class youth could start work in a factory and then learn skills that allowed them to escape the white working class. That is impossible now.

The factories have been closed down, jobs offshored, immigrants imported to take the few jobs created and political correctness imposed to ensure White British people of all classes are denied the right to compete fairly for jobs based on merit.

Therefore the white working class have been abandoned, but this betrayal of the White Working Class was just the start of a national betrayal of all classes.

Thatcher began this process of national betrayal when she closed down the Nationalised industries that once employed the white working class and offered them a way to learn the work ethic and begin the ascent out of the working class and into the middle class.

At the same time as she closed down the mines, steel companies, car plants and fishing fleets she took Britain into the global economy and took us deeper into Europe - which meant that the white working class were abandoned into poverty, unemployment and Welfarism was created as a result.

The only way to cure Welfarism is to give people jobs.

No jobs means Welfarism is the result.

Virtually all the new jobs have gone to immigrants under New Labour and middle class jobs have gone to either the middle class themselves or to ethnics and immigrants - therefore Welfarism has become inter-generational in the white working class.

At the same time as the white working class had their traditional industries destroyed by Thatcherism, New Labour then came along and imposed Multi-culturalism and political correctness.

The aim of New Labour Multi-culturalism was to create a new Ethnic Middle Class out of the immigrants.

Whilst the white working class were abandoned to Welfarism, the immigrants were recruited into the ranks of the White Liberal Middle Class.

The hatred that the White Liberal Middle Class has always had for their own people, the White Working Class, was openly displayed when the White Liberal Middle Class began to recruit the immigrants into their class whilst leaving the White Working Class in Welfarism and unemployment.

Rather than assimilating their own people into the Middle Class, the White Liberal Middle Class and Tory Middle Class assimilated ethnics and immigrants into their respective middle class groups.

This was the ultimate betrayal of our people.

Now the Tories are continuing the same process with their plans to use positive discrimination to recruit ethnics and immigrants into the Tory Party.

Note that Cameron doesnt want to see White Working Class people recruited into the Camerons Conservatives - oh no, he only wants wealthy immigrants and ethnics who are already members of the new ethnic middle class.

The tories supported Multi-culturalism as they knew that once these people were assisted by Labour into the middle class and gentrified then they would all become Tories - as they have done.

At the same time they still take care of their own people and ensure that when they have an opportunity to promote another ethnic or immigrant they do so - and leave the White Working class where they are.

All the new jobs and opportunities in the Middle Class now go to ethnics and immigrants.

The forthcoming Equality Bill makes this law - if you are a white middle class person going for a job with an ethnic or immigrant they get the job.

It legitimises racism against whites.

But the irony of this has escaped the White Liberal Middle Class idiots and the Tory Middle Class idiots totally.

Their children are now being discriminated against on the grounds of their race.

They leave university with thousands of pounds of debts and then go for a job, but they are then refused them in order that more ethnics and immigrants can join the middle class.

Therefore what happened to the white working class is now being imposed upon the White Liberal Middle Class itself and the White Tory Middle Class.

They have supported a system that first abandoned the white working class and that now abandons the children of the white middle class both Liberal and Tory.

Whilst the white working class stay in Welfarism, the children of the White Middle Class are being forced down into the ranks of the white working class and into Welfarism.

That is the inevitable result of their betrayal of their own people.

By betraying the white working class they have led to the betrayal of their own children.

The Tories are now actively embracing this betrayal of their own children - and they are too dumb to even see it.

By embracing political correctness, multi-culturalism and positive discrimination they are betraying their own class and children.

Its alright for Cameron and the super rich Tory Toffs as they will always remain rich and part of the aristocratic elite - but the members of the White Tory Middle Class that support Cameron and his plans for positive discrimination, they are merely cutting their own throats.

The fools in the White Liberal Middle Class and the White Tory Middle Class are the true enemies of the British people of all classes who are Nationalists and patriots.

They have destroyed our nation with their stupidity and class arrogance.

Only when they see everything taken from them and their children thrown back into the White Working Class will they learn.

The worst ones of all, the greatest betrayers, are those ex-working class people who supported Thatcher and Thatcherism and who now support New Labour or Camerons Tories.

These people took advantage of Thatcherism to claw their way out of the white working class and then collaborated with the multi-culturalists to abandon their own children.

They betrayed their own people and their own class.

Such Class Traitors are the true inner enemy of our people and nation.

They will see their own wealth taken from them and their children thrown back into the white working class within their own lifetimes.

That time is swiftly coming.

But there is hope for a new class is now forming, a class I define as the New Nationalist Class.

This is a class of people from all classes, white liberal middle class, white tory middle class and the white working class who have been betrayed because they are White.

We must organise these separate classes into one new class - the Nationalist Class.

Our aim must be to create this new class, inculcate it with a consciousness of itself, organise it and politicise it.

Then a new Nationalist Class War must begin.

The Nationalist Class must wage Nationalist Class War against the White Liberal Middle Class, the White Tory Middle Class and the Ethnic Middle Class.

The entire traitorous scum in the White Liberal Middle Class, the White Tory Middle Class and their Ethnic Middle Class fellow travelers who support and perpetuate the present system must be regarded as our Class Enemies.

Those who assist them and collaborate with them must be regarded as Class Traitors.

This new Nationalist Class must create and organise at every level of our society cohesive groups and organisations that resist the inner traitors of all classes.

This is the new creedo of a New Nationalism.



Strip middle-class students of subsidised tuition fee loans, demands Oxford University

By Jason Groves
Last updated at 9:32 AM on 22nd February 2010

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Middle-class students should be barred from taking out subsidised tuition fee loans so funding can be focused on the poor, Oxford University has said.

In a submission to the Government's review of higher education funding, the university says the current system is too generous to the middle classes.

Although it does not specify a wealth level at which state help should stop, some experts believe families with annual incomes of more than £25,000 would be hit.
Mortar board

Middle-class parents fear the cost of sending their children to university is about to soar

The call will alarm parents who already fear the review, led by former BP boss Lord Browne, will see tuition fees double to £7,000 a year.

In its submission to Lord Browne, Oxford University argues that the student support system is costing too much because it is open to all.

It states: ‘Costs to the Treasury have significantly increased due to a generous system of student support.

'The subsidy is expensive, while student support is not effectively targeted at those with the greatest financial need.’

Students starting university this year will all be entitled to a subsidised state loan for the £3,290 tuition fee.

They are also entitled to a maintenance loan to help pay for living costs. Those from families earning less than £50,000 also qualify for a maintenance grant, which is not repayable.

The total bill to the taxpayer is £2.7 billion a year.

Two other university vice-chancellors’ organisations have already criticised the current funding system for providing a ‘middle class subsidy’.

Wendy Piatt, director-general of the prestigious Russell Group of top universities, said 30 per cent of state support went to ‘better-off graduates’.

University leaders fear that the rising cost of student support will eat into their funding for teaching and research and make it harder to meet Government targets to attract more students from poor homes.

Oxford said its traditional method of teaching in small group tutorials was threatened by the funding squeeze. Each of its graduates costs £16,000 a year to teach, yet only half of this is met by fees and Government funding. It warned: ‘The costs of teaching are becoming unsustainable.’

The Government has already indicated that middle class students could face higher tuition fees to subsidise the poor as part of a drive to reverse the decline in social mobility under Labour.

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Tory drive to raise ethnic MP quota if Cameron wins election

By Nick Mcdermott and Gerri Peev
Last updated at 7:21 AM on 22nd February 2010

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David Cameron has vowed to boost the number of ethnic MPs if he wins the election

David Cameron has vowed to boost the number of ethnic MPs if he wins the election

David Cameron hopes to more than treble the number of female Tory MPs and boast up to 15 ethnic minority members if he wins the general election.

Inisiders say his candidate selection policy will have the 'Obama effect' and change the face of the white, male-dominated party.

Currently the Tories have 18 women and two ethnic minority MPs - Adam Afriyie, who represents Windsor, and shadow minister Shailesh Vara, MP for north-west Cambridgeshire.

But the number of black, Asian and other minorities could rise tenfold at the next election, as a direct result of Central Office's decision to impose a greater number of 'suitable' candidates on local associations.

Five sitting female MPs are stepping down but 33 female candidates have been selected in 117 target seats, along with six ethnic minority candidates.

So far 149 women have been selected to stand overall and the party hopes to see between ten to 15 minority MPs and 60 women after the election.

An Iraqi-born businessman who fled Saddam Hussain's regime has become the 44th ethnic minority candidate to be selected. YouGov co-founder Nadhim Zahawi was chosen to represent the safe seat of Stratford-upon-Avon following a five-hour meeting on Friday night.

The 42-year-old former councillor previously failed to be selected for Devizes in Wiltshire and Suffolk Coastal.

Last night party chairman Eric Pickles said: 'David Cameron made clear when he was running for the leadership that the

Conservative party would be more effective if we had more candidates who were women and from ethnic minorities.

'That's exactly what has happened. What's more, these people haven't just been appointed by CCHQ, they have been selected by local parties across the country and also through open primaries of local residents.

'This is a record to be proud of and shows how far we have come in creating a modern Conservative Party.'

But there is growing anger among some grassroots members at what is seen as an attempt to shoehorn hand-picked favourites into key seats at the expense of local candidates.

Under new emergency powers, Central Office can impose candidates from its socalled 'A-list' on any local association in a bid to boost women, ethnic and gay candidates.

For the party faithful in Stratford-upon-Avon, there was considerable discontent over the quality of the shortlist chosen by Tory Central Office.

But despite predictions of a protest vote, only 241 out of 900 members bothered to take part in the selection.

John Longbottom, 77, ex-chairman of the local association: 'We were very upset about people being imposed on us.

'There is a certain amount of disillusionment. Some felt they weren't being treated properly by the "modern Conservatives" so they just decided to stay away.'

Earlier this month Sajid Javid, tipped to be the first Muslim MP to sit in the Cabinet, was selected for the safe seat of Bromsgrove.

But this came amid protests that no local candidate was on the shortlist to replace current MP Julie Kirkbride, which included three women, a homosexual and a non-local party official.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well said indeed.

I am from a white working class family who for generations voted Labour. I have never voted Tory and haven't voted Labour for a number of decades (and certainly not for New Labour anyway)

I now see before me , after a liberal university education, a degraded and destroyed country and understand it in similar terms that you lay out above. I naturally have instinctuay , if you will, come to a similar conclusions to yourself .

I found this for the most part reflected in the British National Party so much so that for the first time in my life (I am now 48) I joined the BNP.

I have an instinctual dislike of injustice and desire for truth, excellence and beauty.

The proto-Marxists/Communists in power tory lib labour ukip e u party are doing what the likes of communists have ever done, reduced a people to poverty and the impoverishment of their culture and consequently their right to a greater future.

I know in every aspect of actions and thinking I am mobilised to rise to such a cause, locally in community, in my work and in my political, and creative activity.