Friday 12 February 2010

Young, White and Angry

In the 1960's and 1970's the youth of the day challenged authority by rebelling under the Red Flag, today white youth rebel under the Union Jack.

I find it ironic that the liberal society cannot see that the only really form of rebellion left for teenagers is White Nationalism.

The white liberal middle class Establishment and its ethnic liberal middle class fellow travellers are the sybarites of a sick society.

With their fetish for the strange, the alien, the sick and the perverse and with their innate contempt for the natural, beautiful and the inspirational, they drive youth into a radical reaction.

They are decadent and degenerate, selfish and insane.

The tragedy of youth is that it see's within itself, only itself.

For youth is unable to recognise the difference between knowledge and wisdom, and rejects reasoned progress for passionate renewal.

Therefore the energies of youth are dissipated into dark channels of drugs, drink, crime, sex, violence, and radicalism.

They are swept away by the welling wave.

To see youth becoming aware of the world around them, as opposed to them existing in the bubble of the media is an alarming thing for the old, the criminal, the corrupt and the apathetic to behold.

They tremble at its snarl and fear its contempt.

All youth is radical, for it is the arrogance and impatience of youth to reach for everything at once.

Youth must listen to wisdom and pledge obedience its counsel if its energies are not to be wasted and dissipated.

Today the betrayed ranks of the white working white class are a seething radicalised mass, ready sooner or later to spontaneously, organically and naturally rise up en masse.

It will be as natural as a new moon or the motion of the oceans.

It will be not be because of Nationalism that Nationalism will arrive.

It will be because of Liberalism as it brings down its iron fist upon our liberty itself.

Liberalism has become Liberal Fascism.

In the name of Multi-culturalism it has abandoned the White Working Class.

It has constructed a society where the creation of an ethnic liberal middle from the millions of ’cheap votes and cheap labour’ immigrants and colonists in our country is the foremost priority of government, state and private enterprise instead of the social integration of the white indigenous working class.

The white working class are kept down in poverty and social alienation by positive action schemes, the race relations industry and the innate snobbery of the white middle class, those who George Orwell wrote about and despised, those sneering liberals.

It has created a Surveillance Society that monitors our private phone calls and e-mails whilst starting illegal wars for oil and a dysfunctional economic model that forces our children to fund with billions of pounds the banks and bankers.

If youth isn’t angry, it should be.

This is why the law seeks to silence them, to shut them in a boxes of prisons and Mcjobs and forget about them.

But Albion is awakening, the White Dragon is rising and the English are marching.

The times ahead are dark and uncertain, for the Wolf Age is here.

For as Rome once fell, so will we.

Peak Oil looms close, economic collapse begins, oil wars drag on, the global environment sickens, resource wars proliferate, human over population rises, new diseases arise and Islamist extremism spreads.

All great events cast a shadow before them.

The system is about to collapse.

The only question is ’What comes next’ ?

Nationalism provides the answer to that question.

The Liberals, Leftists, Globalists and Corporate Media all seek to keep control of this dysfunctional system as it inexorably approaches the edge of the cliff.

The closer to the edge of the cliff we come, the more they seek to attack those of us who are trying to reveal to the world what is happening.

As Nationalists we are the primary enemies of the Globalists, the Islamists, the Communists, the ‘One World Liberals‘ and the Capitalists.

Therefore the Corporate Media that are controlled by the Global Corporations have to attack us, just as they all have to do.

If we are not being aattacked then we are doing something wrong.

All we need to do at this juncture of history is to Recruit, Organise and Resist.

We do not have to push as the whole house of cards is collapsing in upon itself anyway.

We must build a network of Nationalist Communities across the country out of the atomised and disunited White indigenous working class and also seek to form a new national unity movement with those middle class nationalists who have also been abandoned by society in favour of the ethnic liberal middle class.

Just as the white working class have been kept down by the white liberal middle class and their ethnic fellow travellers, the white nationalist middle class are now being forced down into the white working class. University places are denied to you if you are white and went to a public school, if you are white and male you can be denied the right to apply to be a policeman or a fireman, positive action schemes reward promotions on the basis of ethnicity not merit and jobs denied white middle class graduates on the grounds they are white.

Sooner or later even the white middle class will wake up and realise that multi-culturalism equates to the impoverishment of their own children.

At that moment Nationalism becomes a truly classless movement and Albion awakens.

Therefore the aim of all Nationalists is to simply wait and power will come to us eventually, as naturally as spring follows winter and dawn follows night.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there Lee, I was wondering if I could contact you over advice on a legal issue to do with the BNP's presence on a gaming community.

Do you have a contact address? Thank you.


Ade said...

Digital Bill goves Govt ability to silently shit down Bloggers.


Ade said...

There are no indigenous peoples in the UK according to the Govt.

Ade said...

Cameron provoking civil war in Norther Ireland.

Cameron threatening peace deal

Anonymous said...

Chinese youth do not rebel against anything, they just study and work hard.
This article should refer to British youth and leave Chinese youth out of it.

Anonymous said...

Great Article

On approaching a house today leafleting in the North West of England, three youths about 16 to 17 came out of a house and one walked towards me serious intent and said , I would like one of those for my house..