Friday, 12 March 2010

The 'BNP' Smokescreen Revealed

Hi Folks,

Do you want to know why the 'BNP teachers should be allowed to teach' non-story has been all over the media all day ?

Because its a smokescreen.

Do you remember on 911 when the Labour spin doctor Jo Moore did the following ;

At 2:55pm BST (9:55am EDT) on 11 September 2001, after both World Trade Center towers had been hit in the attacks, but before either tower had collapsed, Moore sent an email to the press office of her department which read:

It's now a very good day to get out anything we want to bury. Councillors' expenses?

Thats how sick and cynical the politicians and media are - they work together to usurp and destroy truth and democracy.

The BNP Non-Story went out today to cover this story ;

" Private schools lashed out today after Schools Secretary Ed Balls ordered a new inquiry into alleged racist teaching of their pupils.

Mr Balls commissioned the review amid fears that fee-paying schools lack the safeguards of the state sector and can more easily hire unqualified teachers.

It has been alleged that privately-run Islamic schools in London and Slough have been infiltrated by religious extremists Hizb-ut-Tahrir. Former chief inspector of schools Maurice Smith will conduct the inquiry and must complete his report by September."

This is the story that the BNP Non-Story sought to hide - the story about proscribed ISLAMIST TERRORIST groups linked with terrorism both here in the UK and around the world have built power bases in private fee paying schools in order to indoctrinate children.

Whilst the liberal wankers in the middle class media go into a swoon on the news, in their columns and on their radio shows about the BNP - the real story is hidden beneath the non-story.

Terrorists are teaching in private schools.

But the story is about the BNP.

They must think we are suckers.

And yet the lemmings in the public are still unable to see the reality of the system they live under.

They still believe in the media.

They still believe the media lies.

They no longer believe in god, in the devil or in scientific realities like pharamcogenomics and the fact of racial differences or in the fact that multi-culturalism is a failed ideology predicated on falsehoods as revealed by the new science of Cultural Neuro-science.

Yet they still believe the bullshit that the media peddle them.

Go figure.

I blame the education system.

One of the fundamental duties of the education system is to teach children how to critique and understand the media, so they can understand when propaganda is being used to manipulate them.

The international corporate media abuse their power to create a pernicious and false social consensus in Britain in order to get their pet whore political parties elected.

Therefore the media must be regulated by government to ensure that it serves democracy, rather than a pseudo-'democracy' being simply a product of the media.

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Adrian Peirson said...

Propaganda in 15 seconds, been playing with Blener again, I know most of you know this but for those who don't know how easily we are manipulated.

Rendering using a Cloud Texture to create water, please feel free to download and use in your own Vids, this was made using blender available from

I haven't included sound effects as different sound effects affect the mood of what we see and I though people could add in their own, for example I was going to add in Boos as the EU Sunk and cheers as the Lifebouy arrives, equally though I could have added Rule Brittania and it would have had a different effect on the viewers mood.
Note the switch from cold murky water to warm( ish ) blue water ( ok still looks a bit cool ish but I'm working on it.

that for most people will remind them of a warm sunny holiday somewhere, sending the not so subtle message EU Bad, BNP Good.

Now of course to some that is so obvious it is laughable but do this to 60 million people and you can sway millions of voters.

This is how we are manipulated everyday by politicians and the media.

And it works on many levels, this posting was aimed at educating, but it could be used as a weapon AGAINST the BNP, the media could pick up on this comment and do a huge spread on it.

How BNP tries to manipulate the British public.

A better educated public might possibly have prevented us from being in this mess, maybe the BNP should run articles on this sort of stuff, it's all around us.
Are there any Ex Psyops out there who might like to earn a £100 a month or something doing articles for BNP.
the Public must be told about this.
I never buy Newspapers, or hardly ever, but read the front pages to try to workl out what is really going on as you have done, their poison will cease to have an effect if the public can be educated on such matters.

BNP Lifebouy

Nietzsche Fan said...

Very good points Mr Barnes, only you did shock me saying:"They no longer believe in god, in the devil or in scientific realities". No longer believe in supernatural entities and scientific realities?! The two are completely mutually incompatible concepts.

Adrian Peirson said...

Another smokescren is the prosecution of four MP's for expenses fraud, they were literally told, these are your expense, fill your boots, someone signed off those expenses, they were encouraged to claim.
How many Proletarians would have said no its unethical, not many.
There is a video somewhere of documents showing that in the end the EU must be shown in a good light and Westminster undermined.

Meanwhile Gordon Brown has handed the International Zionist Bankers 1 Trillion pounds worth of public money backed by the future labour of the proletarians.

Not a word is said, the Left stirs up the workers saying look at these Parlimentarians, we need a revolution. not a word about the 1 Trillion handed on a plate to their backers by Gordon, not a word from Cameron.

Similarly with Fred Goodwin and his million pound payoff, so what, it's peanuts compared to the Bailout money.

Meanwhile the public are stirred up to hate Goodwin, it was Brown and Co which turned the city and the banks into Casinos, deliberately so the crash would occur.
Then they throw a few sarificial lambs to the baying mob and say we must ensure this never happens again, hey Presto, Global financial control.

It wasn't goodwin that turned the city into a casino.

If Goodwin had said no, i'm not doing it, someone would have taken his place and the same crash would have occured, it's been designed to.
These expenses scandals and Bonus scandals too are smokescreens.

Here's another case, you can now watch live cricket on Youtube.

Wow great say the Proletarians, a short time later, in comes licencing and Govt control.

The masses are being led towards internet licencing, which of course means control hence all the scare stories on pornography, facebook bullying, terrorism online etc.

why dont they track them down and cath them then, because thats not what they want, what they want is to control the Net.

A case for Treason

JPT said...

'I blame the education system.'
Controlled by the government obviously. Say no more.

Adrian Peirson said...

It's not just the education system though, the Pharmacutical industry is involved in the generalised dumbing down.

Chemical Dumbing down

More on Chemical Dumbing down

Mercury in Vaccines

Mass third world immigration
Secret Jobcentres opened up in Africa

Obviously its easier to rule over people who are poor and uneducated.

All the while they stop western europeans rising up ( so far ) using psychological repression EG the Brits are lazy so we need to import workers.

Not to mention the 7.2 million abortions carried out since 1970.

In my view, the above is happening, this is what they are doing, that being the case, at least as far as I'm concerned then it would be a fair bet then that White Europeans are being secretly sterilised.

There is evidence to support this.

Firstly they have openly stated they wish to sterilise our children.

Sterilise British Schoolchildren

Then when you look into Gardasil and other Vaccinations being forced on our girls, one of the chief complaints is cessation of periods.

There were reports that immunocontraceptives were in the swine flu vaccine.

Immunocontraception in Vaccines ?

They want Dumbed down slaves to rule over, they are setting up a Nofuedalistic New World Order hence the destruction of the middle class, the dumbing down going on in our schools.

H G Wells & Aldous Huxley predict the future