Sunday, 28 March 2010

Hi to the Independent Reader

Note that I said 'reader' as opposed to 'readers.

As for this mysterious 'article' sent to activists - well if they mean 'an article written on my blog' then I suppose they are almost right.

And to be exact, which The Independent are not known for, the children of the politically correct Middle Class Liberal and Tories are suffering not just racial discrimination but also sex, sexuality and class discrimination.

Take a look at the new Camerons Crony's - a mixture of Middle Class Affirmative Action Ethnics, Middle Class Affirmative Action homosexuals and lesbians and Middle Class Affirmative Action women whose sole entitlement and 'merit' for their placements as MP's was simply their skin tone, the fact they prefer to sodomise men rather than women, they are women who prefer sex with women or they have a vagina.

Not one has been picked on merit - but simply because they ticked the right 'affirmative action' box.

From Aristocracy to Affirmative Action in one step and completely bypassing Meritocracy.

To hell with that - we demand a MERITOCRACY not a poisonous, politically correct racist state.

Affirmative Action is state sponsored racism - and it is the enemy of meritocracy itself.

In todays Britain you only get on if you are one of those 'groups' who can be promoted under the aegis of Affirmative Action or Positive Discrmination - but if you are white, male, heterosexual and predominantly working class then you are thrown on the scrapheap.

For both the middle class middle aged white liberals and the middle class middle aged white tories - the one group they despise above all others is the White Working Class.

Not one of Cameron's Crony's who is now a potential MP was from a working class background (unless they are an ethnic or one of the gays or lesbians of course then their ethnicity / sex/ sexuality trumps their class).

Yet the greatest irony is that the people who vote for this racist system of apartheid are the white middle class middle aged liberal and white Tory middle aged and middle class parents of a betrayed generation.

Whilst mummy and daddy want to display their oh so impeccable liberal credentials to their friends at dinner parties yah by saying how much they adore multi-culturalism and how many ethnic friends they have - they are in reality betraying their own children.

The parents of those who are under 45, the sixties simpering idiot generation, the most brainwashed, moronic generation in history, are the ones to blame for the crisis in our society.

With their degenerate liberalism, and their idiocy and selfishness they voted for New Labour and they will vote for the Tories - and each time they do the governments they elect pass ever more politically correct affirmative action laws, like the forthcoming Equality Act, that relegate their own children to the status of second class citizens in their own country.

Each year that passes more and more white children of all classes are suffering ever more forms of discrimination, and each new form of discrimination is mandated by the votes of their own parents.

Never before has a generation ever been so betrayed by their own parents.

BNP goes upmarket to target white middle class

Legal defeat prompts far-right party to 'refocus its propaganda on a new front'

By Jane Merrick, Political Editor

Sunday, 28 March 2010

The British National Party is attempting to cloak its image as a party of violent, racist thugs by appealing to middle-class voters at the general election.

Nick Griffin, the BNP's leader, has signalled a radical change in strategy for the forthcoming campaign after his widely derided performance last October on BBC1's Question Time, which draws a large middle-class audience. It will attempt to capitalise on disillusionment with both Labour and the Conservatives over the expenses and lobbying scandals.

The BNP's legal officer, Lee Barnes, in an article sent to activists, claims the BNP has "won over" the white working class and that it is now time to use "propaganda" to reach out to a wider circle of voters.

Yet the strategy remains targeted at white voters, with Mr Barnes telling activists they must appeal to the "white liberal middle class" and the "white Tory middle class".

The move is a sign that the court defeat inflicted by the Equality and Human Rights Commission over the BNP's ban on non-white members has forced the party to modify its election campaign strategy away from race to broader issues of class.

Yet critics described the plan as a cosmetic move to cover up its racist beliefs and showed that the BNP had gone as far as it could in picking up working-class votes.

Last week Robert Grierson, a barrister, was selected to stand as a candidate for the BNP in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, where the Conservatives have a majority of more than 12,000. After his selection Mr Grierson was forced to resign from St Philips Chambers in Birmingham where he has worked as a tax barrister for 10 years. "I felt I had to stand up and take the flak I will no doubt get. This shows that the BNP is not a party of skinheads and knuckle-draggers," he said.

But Sutton Coldfield's MP, the Tory frontbencher Andrew Mitchell, described his BNP opponent as "an extremist in a suit".

The BNP's top target seats remain the working-class constituencies of Stoke Central and Barking, and the strategy is unlikely to have a significant effect. Last year, however, a BNP candidate won a shock victory in a council seat in Sevenoaks, Kent, the heart of Middle England.

In his article, Mr Barnes dismissed the "smug, selfish, apathetic, politically correct parents" of middle-class voters, but said it was time to appeal to the next generation who are under 45. He claimed this group were suffering "racial discrimination" when applying for university places.

He wrote: "As a result of the Equality Commission case we must now refocus our propaganda on a new front – that of the Nationalist Classless Society and the creation of a meritocracy as opposed to the racist multi-cultural system. Even though we have failed to market ourselves properly to the White Working Class we have won them over.

"But we must now also reach out [to] the children of the White Liberal Middle Class and White Tory Middle Class and explain to them how mass immigration, New Labour and Cameron's Tories and multiculturalism have betrayed them."

The BNP is fielding 300 candidates at the general election, expected on 6 May, and more than 1,000 in the local elections on the same day.

A spokesman for Searchlight, the anti-fascist organisation, said: "This is an indication of Nick Griffin's desperation as he is unable to break through to the extent he had hoped following the European elections and he is casting around for a new strategy. This will inevitably increase divisions within the BNP which have already been created by his disastrous Question Time performance and his defeat at the hands of the Equality and Human Rights Commission."

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Anonymous said...

The Independent has just been sold for £ 1 to a Russian Billionaire. I expect it was paid to print that rubbish.

corporate fascism daily said...

Ah the independant!

if ever there was a more ironic name for the NWO propaganda rag called in true orwellian fashion the opposite of what it really is.

It should be renamed NWO daily, corporate fascism daily, police state news.

The paper is a joke and it is no wonder why no one reads it.

Hopefully the useful idiot treasonous bastards that print this propaganda rag of hate will soon go down with it when its sales no longer feature enough for the newsagents to stock it...

Not long now.

Then the corporate fascist mirror and the guardian police state news.

No doubt the fascist bastards will be screeming for the abolishment of the net as they cannot control the free exchange of news and ideas that it provides, they will scream for more anti free speech laws, as they see their totalitarian propaganda grip slip through their evil fingers.

Anonymous said...

hmmm, what about the "operation black vote" campaign? is that racist?

Adrian P said...

They can call me what they like, I'll still be voting BNP.
I don't care anymore, they are all treasonous, genocidal psychopaths or suicidal sycophants.

When minorities make up just 10 - 15 % of the population yet take up 80% of new jobs that's not an accident, tha's policy.

Anonymous said...

The violence, and the kiddie fiddling seems to be the province of the establishment.