Sunday 25 January 2009

The BBC, Gaza and Overpopulation

A few weeks ago I posted the article below about how the UN and EU are subsidising a population explosion in Gaza.

80 % of Gaza's population depend on foreign aid to eat and breed.

On the Channel 4 news tonight it featured some old Palestinian guy sitting in the ruins of his house that had been bombed by the IDF.

The Channel 4 journalist stated that he had THIRTEEN CHILDREN and dozens of grandchildren.

What sort of idiot in a place where 80 % of the people depend on foreign aid has 13 bloody kids !

Imagine if he was white and working class with 13 kids and living in Leeds or Bradford, you can just imagine the sneers from the White liberal elite scum who sooooo sympathise with the plight of the poor Palestinian people. They would call him a scrounger, a fool etc etc.

One rule for whites - another one for everyone else of course.

In effect the world is subsidising the global Jihad and Hamas.

Gaza is so over populated because the Palestinians do not need to work. They just have as many kids as they can and know the West will subside and feed them.

They must be laughing their bollocks off at the liberal idiots that fund the Global Jihad - on one hand we get Dhimmitude in the UK and we also sponsor the demographic conquest of Islam in the Middle East.

Whilst the US is condemned for subsidising Israel, the world is silent about the UN and EU subsidising Gaza over population.

If the people of Gaza had to live within their means, then the poverty of the place would be minimal.

It is this idiotic subsidising of global over population by demented leftists, who are usually enviromentalists as well, that is destroying the planet.

You cannot be an environmentalist and remain silent about global over population.

You cannot subsidise feckless idiots that refuse to stop having children and save the planet.

As for the BBC - the bbc are about as imprtial as Pravda during the Soviet Union.

They are not doing the appeal for the country to give money to allow the feckless in Gaza to keep spitting out kids as they know that the Zionists in the BBC will spit their dummies out at the anti-Israel Jewxs in the BBC.

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Anonymous said...

You are exactly right about the irresponsible breeding habits of people living in Gaza, and as it happens, the rest of the 'developing' world.

They sure can 'develop' enough off spring. By giving aid we are encouraging even more 'third worlders' to breed.

Gaza is a disaster area, like everywhere a backward, medievel regime operates.

We should leave the 'third worlder' to their own devices and concentrate of our own problems.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand. Israel bombs Gaza to hell, then we the British who had nothing to do with this holocaust have to pay to rebuild the place.

Are we expected to pay to tidy up their destruction everytime they feel the whim to waste a few Arab settlements?