Wednesday 7 January 2009

British Jews - between a rock and hard place

The British Jewish community is divided into two main camps, these being ;

1) The Zionist Network which is comprised of Searchlight, CST, Lancaster Unity, Melanie Phillips, Tory Friends of Israel, Labour Friends of Israel, Board of British Deputies of Jews and the rest of the Pro-Israel brigade.

2) The Liberal Left Jewish network which is comprised of people like Alexi Sayle, Independent Jewish voices, Eric Hobsbawm, Stephen Fry, Jacqueline Rose and others in the UK who are anti-israel but also Communists, Liberals and Marxists.

Therefore British Jews have the choice of joining either an anti-British and Pro-Israel group of reactionaries or an anti-British and anti-Israel Communist group.

At their core the both groups agree on the following ;

mass immigration


political correctness

anti-British Nationalism

Therefore Jews in Britain are faced with the choice of joining an organisation under the control of israel or a group dedicated to Communism and anti-Israel.

This is why British Jews need to start a new organisation that is ;

Anti-mass immigration

anti-political correctness




Both the Zionist and Leftist camps have an interest in following policies that are pernicious to the interests of the British Jewish community.

Whilst one group puts the interests of Israel before British jews and therefore supports mass immigration and political correctness in order to 'dilute' British Nationalism as a political force in the country - the other group also promotes policies that are leading to the dilution of British values and nationalism.

It is time that British Jews reclaimed their name and community from the Zionist fanatics and the Liberal Left fanatics - as both groups have caused vast amounts of damage not just to Britain but also the interests of British Jews.

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Anonymous said...

Possibly a lot of it could have been avoided if the Western media had given a more fair report, instead of being anti Israel.

Hamas was directing its weapons and energies against its own people instead of fighting against Israel.

Hamas stealing aid supplies to sell to residents.,2506,L-3651783,00.html

Gaza headmaster was Islamic Jihad "rocket-maker"

May God exterminate Hamas!" screamed the woman in crystal-clear understanding that the terrorist band's reckless, inhuman actions had brought death to her child.

Anonymous said...

I fully agree Lee, if there's one thing these jewicidal idiots need to wake up to it is what you describe.

I stand firmly with Israel but against these Zionists in our land who are doing more to damage our and their communities than good.

If they cannot see how much their enemies - commies,lefties,liberals as well as Muslims - despise Jews after recent events they are terminally dumb.