Sunday 4 January 2009

The Real Situation In Gaza and Israel

The reason for the Israeli incursion into Gaza has nothing to do with the bombardment of cheap and nasty rockets fired by Hamas terrorists into Israel. The rockets are being fired by Hamas solely for symbolic and propaganda reasons so as to show the Palestinian people of Gaza that they are 'resisting the Israelis' thereby allowing them to pretend that they are involved in a proper 'palestinian nationalist struggle' as opposed to their real Islamist struggle, and Israel are using the 'threat' of the rockets solely for propaganda reasons to cover their real motive for war. There has been one Israeli killed by the Hamas rockets in the last year. Their presence is not a 'threat' though it does means some Israeli people in towns where the rockets reach have to spend a lot of time indoors - but then again so do old white people in 'enriched' parts of London.

This incursion is not about Hamas's rubbish rockets, it is about Iran.

Hamas has to be smashed in Gaza before Iran can build its nukes and this changes the regional balance of power forever. Once Iran has the bomb then Arab demographics and Assymetric Warfare will destroy Israel - unless Israel can destroy Iranian influence on its borders and in the region whilst it still has the military advantage on the ground.

This sort of 'disinfecting' process whereby Israel is required to sterilise areas of radical Islamist support, such as what Lebanon did last year with the attacks on radical Islamists in its Palestinian refugee camps, is what all nations have to do in order to eradicate Islamist cells who have managed to take over territory either within or on the edges of their borders.

What we saw in the Lebanon with the Lebanese government sending in its troops to eradicate Islamists from their territory, and what Israel is doing now in Gaza, is the same military process that every single nation on earth has to take in order to reclaim its territory back from Islamist insurgents or radical terrorist movements and militias.

It is the war of the future. Get used to the casualties - for without them any nation so infected with Islamism will surrender, rot away into liberal apathy and then dies as it is taken over.

The US has refused to allow Israel to go and attack Iran with military force.

Therefore if Israel cannot contain Iranian military influence in the region by smashing its nuclear weapons programme then it will extirpate its terrorist proxy armies on its borders - therefore it has to smash Hamas in Gaza and Hizbollah In Lebanon.

For those that think what Israel is doing is excessive - that is ridiculous in relation to what Israel militarily can do. Excessive would be the eradication of Gaza with a nuclear weapon. What Israel is doing is what nations do when they secure their national security.

Nationalists must fight for the survival of their nations.

Hamas have probably killed as many of their own Palestinian people as Israel have.

Since they launched their coup against the PLO and the government of the Palestinian Authority hundreds of Palestinians opposed to Hamas have been executed by Hamas since they took power - including Palestinian Nationalists, democracts, libertarians and socialists. Hamas is a totalitarian organisation that is the process of Islamising the Palestinian people and nation - they are a terrorist militia dedicated to the global Jihad funded and controlled by Iran.

As a nationalist I can only support the PLO as the only legitimate government of the Palestinian people. Hamas are an Islamist movement opposed to Nationalism as an ideology and who support a pan-nationalist, pan-racial Islamist movement that is dedicated to the Global Jihad and the eradication of all nation states.

Those Nationalists that see Hamas as a the potential allies of British Nationalism simply because Hamas is an enemy of Israel are idiots. Hamas is ANTI-NATIONALIST and therefore a threat to all nations and nationalists - just as Communism was a threat to all nations eg The Soviet Union, global capitalism is a threat to nations and national economies and the European Union is a threat to nationalism due to its plans for integration of European nations.

As a nationalist I cannot support Anti-Nationalist forces.

A British Nationalist position is against Islamism, domination of our nation by Zionist interests and dependence on Saudi Oil Money. Those that are unable to differentiate between those Zionists in the UK and the nation of Israel are missing the point.

The issue for British Nationalists as regards Israel is irrelevant. Any so called 'British Nationalist' that directly or indirectly promotes the interests of Islamism in its Global Jihad by advocating supporting Hamas, just because Hamas is anti-Israel, is a traitor to the principle of Nationalism itself.

What Israel does - and what Hamas does - is nothing to do with us.

As NATIONALISTS we say that what any nation does, either Palestinian or Israeli, to secure its national security is down to them. That is the primary principle of nationalism itself.

The issue for the United Kingdom is simply the control and domination of our national economic, media and cultural systems by forces influenced or controlled by the Zionist network in the UK and the indigenous Liberal Elite. The Zionist network represent the interests solely of Israel, they do not represent the interests of the Jewish community in Britain. In fact the Zionist network - represented by groups such as the CST, Searchlight, the Labour Friends of Israel, Tory Friends of Israel etc etc have for decades held ideological positions positively detrimental to the British Jewish community eg on mass immigration, multi-culturalism, the appeasement of Islamism etc etc

There are no mutual interests between British Nationalism and Islamism. Israel is an issue for the Arabs, not the British people.

There are though mutual interests between the British Jewish community and British Nationalism - in that both British Jews and British Nationalists recognise the appalling danger that successive Labour and Tory governments have placed Britain in by allowing millions of Islamic immigrants into the UK, by allowing Sharia Law to be introduced into our legal system, by allowing areas of our nation to become Islamic Colonies where separate development under the guise of Multi-Culturalism has created bases for Islamist thought and radicalisation of the growing Muslim demographic.

Both British Nationalists and British Jews have an interest in overthrowing both the Zionist Network, the UK version of AIPAC and its many links, as well the indigenous British idiots of both the Left and Right, the Liberal Elite, who are shackled to both the Liberal Consensus and Political Correctness - which are the two ideological absurdities that are the basis of the stagnation, apathy, passivity and stupidity of the mainstream parties.

It is the agents of the Zionist network, the proxy organisations of the Israeli state that operate in the UK, and the agents of the Liberal Elite, the inner enemies of the indigenous British people who work in political parties both left and right and who control politics, education, the media and culture via their wealth and influence, for the benefit of the Liberal Conensus - that are our mutual enemies.

It is these two social forces - the Zionist Network and the Liberal Elite that are the enemies of British Nationalism.

Israel is an irrelevance to nationalists. The US has exerted tremendous influence on the UK since World War 2, the EU has excercised enormous power in the UK and so have the UN and the WTO - there are many areas of our national life that demand the removal of influence deriving from external supra-national governmental and corporate forces - that does not mean we must treat them all as enemies once we are in power.

Once in power our focus must be solely on enacting internal regime change and consolidating our nationalist revolution, not posturing like a paper tiger and snarling at a hundred foreign enemies because we as a nation and a people were once weak and stupid enough to allow ourselves to be conquered from within.

The enemy has never been anyone other than ourselves, for it is our own people who enslaved us and sold us out.

It was our own people who bent their knee for foreigners gold, who opened the gates of our nation to the foreign hordes, who passed laws allowing the colonisation of our nation, who passed laws that imposed positive discrimination and affirmative action, who passed the vote to send our troops to Iraq and Afghanistan, who signed the contracts that sold our national industries to Middle East Oil, who gave out land to the US to build their air bases on, who obeyed the commands of the Zionists in Israel and who voted yes for the EU.

It was our own idiotic people who are primarily to blame for our plight - not the phantom of Israel that has been raised to a mythical behemoth in the minds of the deranged psychotics that haunt the more disturbed areas of the internet.

The role of Nationalist politics is simply to remove all those agents and forces in our society under the control of external and internal forces who have the power to control and influence the political, economic, cultural and media systems that control our nation and who have done so in such a way that the interests of the British nation and people were damaged in the past - once we have done that, and dealt with those who were responsible for such treasonous activities, then our job is done. Our aim is to restore power to the British people - not to interfere in the internal affairs of other nations simply because at some point traitors in our nation allowed themselves to be corrupted by those that ran those nations at that point in time.

Once we regain control of our nation, then we enact the national revolution that ensures we as a nation are never again enslaved to the interests of other nations nor betrayed by those that were meant to serve the nation and the people but instead served wealth and power.

The mainstream parties cannot abandon their support for the lies and absurdities that form the foundations of the Liberal Consensus and Political Correctness as to do so means they will be accused of being 'racists' by the Liberal and Zionist Elite that control the present political and media systems.

Therefore the only way the British people and the British Jewish community can survive the imminent collapse of the Multi-cultural society is by abandoning both the indigenous Liberal Elite and the Zionist Network at the same time.

Those that say we should support Hamas are not nationalists.

Those that say we should support Israel are also not nationalists.

Our role as Nationalists is to ensure we do not get entangled in their wars.

We must though support the fundamental right of ALL nations to deal with their internal and external national security as they see fit - those moron nationalists that are screaming for the Israelis to be ordered by the UN, the US or the EU to stop the incursion into Gaza are in fact arguing for the anti-nationalist forces of the planet to have the power to interfere in the internal affairs of a sovereign nation state - and even to act to stop the actions of that sovereign state when it securing its own national security interests.


What Israel does today, is what many nations will need to do in the future when faced with the same situation - such as Russia in Chechnya and Serbia with the KLA have understood.




The only Occupied Territories that should concern us as British Nationalists are the ones in the UK, the towns and cities that have become colonies for mass immigration and centres of Islamist radicalisation.

The Front Line of the Global Jihad is not in Israel - the front line for the UK is at Dover not in Gaza.

Our role is to ensure British troops are returned so that they can be used to fight the War On Terrorists in Britain, and at the same time secure our borders and to assist the police with the removal of millions of illegal immigrants, criminals and Islamist and Zionist extremists from the UK.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting Lee , but the question remains whether Israel is truly a nation state like others. Those who opposed its creation in the 30s including Germany saw it as too small to contain all the Jewish population and therefore impractical. Up until 1943 the Germans were still working on the Madagascar solution, an island with the area of France which had a very small native population at that time. The pressures of war postponed further discussion in Berlin and the Jews were concentrated in the east whether they were put to death in cyanide gas chambers or just concentrated in camps is open to question (although not in most of Europe where it is a crimminal offence).
Thus we have a small but very powerful state in Palestine supported and subsidised with Billions of dollars by the jews of the US where more live in New York than all of Israel.It is a state which doesnt extradite Jews even though convicted of major fraud.Perhaps as Hitler said it would be the HQ of a global mafia not a normal state is true.

Defender of Liberty said...

The issue of Israels status as a nation is as irrelevant as the legitimacy of the status of the US as an independent state or whether it should be still part of Britain and its founding fathers be regarded as terrorists.

Israel IS a nation.

The issue for the Palestinians is simply this - do they want an independent nation state of Palestine or do they want to be part of the global jihad and global Islamist movement. If it is the former then they be best supporting the PLO, as Hamas is NOT a NATIONALIST movement - it is an Islamist movement.

Hamas uses the language of an independent palestine NOT BECAUSE IT WANTS A PALESTINIAN NATION, but simply because they can use the issue of palestinian nationalism to garner support.

Hamas are an anti-Nationalist, global caliphate, Islamist movement not a nationalist movement.

Therefore the people who voted for Hamas did not vote for a palestinian nation - they in fact voted for an Islamist uprising. That is what Hamas are and this is what the 'resistance and Hamas intefada ' is about - ISLAMISM NOT NATIONALISM.

Hamas are controlled by IRAN, not PALESTINIANS.

Therefore the palestinians are now fighting for an Islamist struggle, not a nationalist struggle - and the Islamists are the enemy of every nationalist on the planet.

Britain must become as much a fortress for the defence of the British people as Israel is a fortress for the defence of the Jewish people.

Our grandfathers fought a struggle against fascism, our fathers fought a struggle against Communism, we fight a struggle against Liberalism and Global Capitalism - our children will be fighting against Islamism.

What you see in Israel is the destiny of all nations afflicted with the Islamist virus, either that or extinction and Dhimittude.

Save your tears for our people, stop crying over strangers and prepare yourselves for the wars of the future.

alanorei said...

Lee, I think you are right to focus on the Islamicist-jihadist perspective.

Basically, Islam aims at the genocide of Israel, just as Islam aims at the genocide of Britain as a nation, leaving in both nations (and all other Dar-al-Harb, House of War nations) only those who will pay the dhimmi tax.

This is not to deny that Islam itself is global battering ram for another and more sinister higher power. It is but that is a separate subject.

An insightful analysis of the Arab (Muslim) - Israeli conflict is Middle East Diary, 1917-1956 by the late Colonel Richard Meinertzhagen (neither German nor Jewish, English of Danish parentage). Colonel MH was a British Army officer who served in France in WW1 with the Royal Fusiliers. He was later on General Allenby's staff and spent several years in what was then Palestine after WW1. He was also personally acquainted with all the movers and shakers of the time, including King George V and Winston Churchill.

His book puts the present-day mess in perspective. Colonel MH predicted what is happening now decades in advance.

The UN really needs him now. Regrettably they can't have him (ignoring him while he was alive) and they won't listen to the BNP.

One more strike and they're 'out.' The Mid East stands to go pear-shaped like it never has up to this point in history.

Anonymous said...

My suggestion for help is to send swiming belts, as this is the only solution for the people of Gaza, get into the water and swim direction WEST...........

Anonymous said...

I agree. Iran is the real driving factor behind Israel's actions. It was well known that prior to Obama officially taking office that Israel wanted to attack Iran with US support to destory it's nuclear facilities (although all military analysis said that such an attck would at best only set back Iran's nuclear ambitions by 5 to 10 years, and that the only way to prevent a "nuclear Iran" is a full scale invasion and occupation). Obviously, such conquests being utterly ridiculous, not only for the logistical complexities but the geopolitical consequences easily being of global scope.

So, obviously, the outgoing Bush administration decided not to back such moves.

Anyways, Israel will not defeat Hamas, because the problem is not Hamas per se, it is global Islamist movement. Israel, in their conflict with Hamas, are merely dealing with the consequences of a process which they (by their Zionist influences) have created throughout the world.

Israel and all Zionist's must decide whether they want to be wiped from existence within 50 years, or do they want to live... If they want to live then the only true option for their survival is, not with petty skirmishes with Hamas, but they need to use their Zionist network and influence to stop multi-culturalism spreading like a plague throughout the world... as the only cause multi-culturalism is advancing is that of global Jihad and global Islam.

Whether or not the Zionist's can make such a dramatic change in their behaviour will ultimately determine their fate...

Anonymous said...

Andastre, you reep what you soe, as the multicultural world so promoted by Marcuse et al comes back to bite the zionists

Anonymous said...

What?! No comment by the ever opinionated LorMarie?! There's a surprise... Not... I know why, she is caught between a rock and a hard place - like all lunatic lefties with regards Israel's current brutal bombardment of the Gaza Strip. Speak up girl, do show some guts!