Saturday 13 February 2010


They always come at night, these creatures,
Upon silver wings amidst moon split dark,
Fat Dogs that hunt the high clouds above,
With a snarl of distant deadly engines,
Sirens start to sing, for now they are here,
Flak gunners fire, seeking their mark,
Pocking the sky with the pop of their shells,
And father takes my hand in his and we run,
Along streets ablaze, past people burning,
Where fate is at work selecting victims,
Casting them one by one into the inferno,
And I watched as God gazed down and wept,
Hiding his eyes from the heat of the fires.

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Anonymous said...

The BBC websites report on Dresden makes its sympathies quite clear from the start where it says the station was used to transport Jews to Auschwitz! Well thats a new justification for the senseless mass murder. It also quotes the "official figure" of 25,000 dead although the city was jammed with a million refugees and there is a reported figure of 100,000 names of missing by the police chief of Dresden. It came at a time of mass terror and panic as 20 million people tried to run from the red army...our Soviet friends. Just 12 days before 10,000 mostly women and children had gone down with the WillhelmGustloff, this was the biggest loss of life in any maritime disaster...ever heard of it? Sunk by a soviet torpedo just off Danzig crammed with refugees.Thousands died on this great trek to the west, left by the road side. You only hear of the hardships of the Jews going west the rest dont count you see.

Anonymous said...

Have a look how beautiful Dresden was before the war, from 1939 on this you tube

Ade said...

If I remember correctly it was we the British which began bombing civilian targets, IE Cities.
Interesting programme on Ch 4 last night, 10 days that made the Queen.

When Nasser took over Suez it caused a storm over here, Invasion was talked about, then it was agreed that Israel would attack first allowing Britain to come in as Peacemaker and then recapture Suez.

After our invasion, the US then pipes up, with the UN and sues for peace and for us to get out with our tail between our legs.

The effect being that Suez humiliated Britain.

We were duped into invading by the Plan that Isreal would attack, then we go in as peacemakers.

Not knowing of course that the Israeli's then planned to urge the US NOT to back us once we were in and committed.

The trouble is Britain was playing 2 moves deep, the Israelis, as always playing 3 or four levels deep.

And we Know Damn well that Israel rules the US.

Give me control of a Nations money supply and I care not who makes her laws.

the US, Owned since 1913

Aaron Russo

Reflections and Warnings

Anonymous said...

The Jews told the Allies where to bomb ? Are you serious ? If the Jews had so much power there would not have been a fuckin holocaust.
A billion Christians run Christiandom and Jews are thankful for a few jobs. You make Christians sound like a bunch of idiots. Go back to school and become something of yourself.

Anonymous said...

and we don't have a world or a Dresden Day


a Katyne Day where the Soviets murdered thousands of Polish Civilians

but endless Sky TV Documentaries on Hitlers Germany

Anti-Globalist said...

A recent sinister development, as part of the attempt to make being White illegal: all the attendees of the Dresden march are being visited and/or arrested.
"The German cops are going house to house to arrest people involved with the Dresden march."