Tuesday 2 February 2010

Frank The Plank

Spot the mistake.

Yep, this is UKIP's candidate who cannot even spell the name of the country he lives in.


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Andraste said...

Apparently it was a deliberate mistake intended to garner publicity - yeah right pull the other one phoney Maloney. I don't honestly think the Barking electorate are going to be taking in by this clown, already on blogs people are mocking him for his boxing challenge to Nick. This guy belongs in a circus, oh hold on he is... it's called UKIP.

Anonymous said...

What a cunt.

Dr Shipman voted Tory. said...

There used to be a top member of the Nat Front in the East End called Maloney.
Can't remember his first name off the top of my head, maybe Martin or Val.
What a speaker he was. Remember him speaking at East Ham Town Hall in the late 70's maybe early eigthies.
I wonder if this idiot is related to him.

Davey said...

Lets be honest,it's not actually that idiots fault, UKIP designed and printed the poster...

Says a lot about them doesn't it?

LorMarie said...

I hope this is the handy work of Photoshop. To incorrectly spell the name of your country is a disgrace. Has this picture made rounds in the press over there? Has he said anything about this gaffe?