Tuesday 23 February 2010

Fuck the NF - UPDATE

Image - Eddy Morrisson - NF drunk.

The decision of Searchlight to stand in the Barking and Stoke on Trent elections via their agents in the NF is no surprise.

Since the Chairman of the NF, Tom Holmes, was unlawfully removed from his position by Eddy Morrison and Tom Linden, the Dumb and Dumber of 'Searchlight Nationalism', the NF has spent more time attacking the BNP than campaigning for the NF.

We all knew that the Linden and Morrisson takeover was designed to allow the NF to act in order to split the Nationalist vote in those areas where the BNP stood a good chance of winning seats, but the fact that Dumb and Dumber have actually stated in their press release that the areas where the BNP are expected to do well are the exact same areas they are specifically targeting tell us all we need to know.

The fact that the NF under Dumb and Dumber also offered to fund Alby Walkers campaign in Stoke on Trent also shows us that NF has access to funds specifically to undermine the BNP.

We all know where those funds came from - straight out of the pocket of Searchlight.

Most of the time the NF doesnt even have the money to pay for its own candidates in elections, yet all of a sudden money is appearing to fund multiple candidates and even independent candidates like Alby Walker.

Old Gerry Gable must be very busy writing the cheques out as I type.

The fact that Linden is a rat is proved by his comments here when he tried to split the BNP by supporting the Shady Graham Gang in their pathetic attempted coup.

Read Lindens own words here ;


" My family fought against the Nazis! How dare you call me that! We do not loathe Voice of Freedom, we have been 'selling' it up and down the country for years both door-to-door and on the streets of Britain; not the actions of people who loathe it, is it? In fact it is solely because of our efforts that VoF sales have never been so good.

Who say's that 'we' hate Jews? We have not said this, it is another smear! "

So at that stage of Lindens plan he posed as a moderate 'anti-Nazi' slagging off the 'nazis'.

But what does Linden do today ?

Here below is one of his latest idiotic postings on Stormfront, a site heavily infiltrated with Hollywood Nazis, the JDL, UAF etc who posture as Nazis in order to attack Nationalists and Nationalist parties.

Linden posts on the site as 'Candiate' (sic)

Contrast Tom's anti-Nazi sentiments above with his statement on Stormfront that he now supports Blood and Honour and will speak at the Kriss Donald Memorial organised by the Neo-Nazi Blood and Honour group ;


" B&H are racial comrades, they are committed to our cause and they wear the same uniform as you and that uniform in your White Skin.

I will be attending the Memorial, in fact I have been given the honour of being one of the speakers and I will be proud to stand beside B&H members.

We all have a part to play in securing our future and as the event is non political then White Racial Nationalists will be able to mix in remembrance of a fallen comrade and stand shoulder to shoulder. "

Note the language of 'racial comrades' etc - yet just a few months ago the fat maggot was posturing as a 'moderate' attacking 'nazis' and was supposedly working to 'modernise' the BNP whilst he worked with the rat Matt Single, Sadie Graham and others who were duped into being part of the conspiracy, or who were stupid enough to go along with it in the first place.

The damage caused to British nationalism by the leak of the membership list by Linden, Single and Graham was the most damaging in British nationalist history, an act of unparalleled treachery - and should have ensured the maggot Linden would never have been trusted in any section of British nationalist politics ever again.

But now Linden appears again, this time waving the swastika and using the language of National Socialism in order to dupe the real NF members who have seen their party taken over by Searchlight.

For Linden, who allegedly is part Jewish himself, to posture first as pro-Jewish in order to try and split the BNP by calling the BNP 'too nazi' and then suddenly to become an admirer of Blood and Honour, the premier anti-semitic Nazi organisation in the UK, is proof that Linden has no political principles - he merely joins the parties his Searchlight handlers tell him too.

Linden is a rat.

If B&H think they can trust Linden, then they are much a bunch of mugs as the idiots who stayed in the NF when Tom Holmes was stabbed in the back by Linden and Morrisson.

It is no coincidence that the News of the World attacked Blood and Honour at the weekend and demanded the organisation be banned after a report from Edmund Standing - the fact that the NF through Linden are now directly linking themselves to B&H means that both the NF and B&H face being banned if such a ban is imposed.

In effect Linden linking the NF with the B&H means the NF has become linked with a 'terrorist group' and the NF has now become the NF / Sinn Fein to the B&H / IRA.

One ban shuts down both groups.

This means when they ban B&H they can also ban the NF.



The linking of the two means the B&H group are now regarded as both a political threat and a 'terrorist threat' and the NF regarded as potentially creating a para-military militia alongside its political operations thereby ensuring both the NF and B&H are prioritised as a threat to the state.

The fact that the police have been saying for at least a year that the Fra Right are a terrorist threat shows us how much the state has targeted the Far Right.

The raids on the EDL at the weekend also show us that the state is taking these threats on actively.

Therefore to link the two groups is a direct provocation of the state.

The only people who benefits from such a linkage is the state.

Therefore anyone who suggests the linking of the NF and B&H obviously is working for the state.


The fact the mugs in the NF havent even worked this out yet, tells all we need to know about the intelligence of the people running the NF now.

The fact that members of the NF are dumb enough to believe anything that Dumb and Dumber tells us all we need to know about the calibre of people in the NF.

The fact that NF members have proven themselves to be treacherous, back stabbing gutless dogs who have betrayed the one man in the NF whose reputation as a Nationalist was unimpeachable, Tom Holmes, shows us all that the NF aint worth a squirt of dogs piss.

Any NF members who are willing to work with Linden and Morrisson and betray Tom Holmes are scum.

I may have disagreed with the NF on their policies, but I would never have attacked Tom Holmes - as he is a true nationalist.

He was the NF.

Those dogs that stabbed him in the back and the pigs that follow them are scum of the highest order.

If the NF cannot even be loyal to a man who led them for over a quarter of century, then the NF aint worth shit.

Linden the rat talks about 'racial comrades' yet he held the dagger that was plunged into Tom Holmes back.

Morrisson and Linden are pure poison.

Their decision to stand against the BNP tells us all we need to know about who they really work for.

Fuck the NF.

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2resist said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

More subversion. So more attempts to take away votes from the BNP the only party that will make a real difference to this country and its people

Its sad that people may be taken in by these searchlie commies posing as people who work for the good of the British people

Anonymous said...

the nf is standing coz of the filth we get on vnn, end of.

Anonymous said...

why does Griffin allow covert team in BNP? Why did they threaten an 84 year old woman? Think your getting away with this? BTW There WILL be a booklet of their filthy posts and threats and it wWILL be delivered to stoke and barking. Money? Well my mate works in a print shop and he will do 1,000 (10 page booklet) for £40 on the fly lol I will pay for 10,000 copies myself lol

bet you dont publish this lol

Defender of Liberty said...


The BNP do not run VNN.

The BNP have nothing to do with VNN, so therefore the decision to stand in those areas and damage the BNP vote is down simply to NF scumbags Linden and Morrisson.

Dont blame VNN Forum for your own stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Bev the VNN mod is neo nazi who did security at RWB. I know full well Griffin has his attack dogs over at covert and vnn. You have no idea the expose that WILL be done on them scum.

Explain then barnes, why are filth like covert allowed in BNP?

Defender of Liberty said...

What the covert people post THEIR blog is their business, just as what you morons with NF avatars post on stormfront idolising Hitler and the Nazi is nothing to do with Tom Holmes or the real NF.

Spare me your bollocks.

The NF is run reds.

The NF is now a front group for Searchlight run by traitorous scum who stabbed the most honourable man in the NF, Tom Holmes in the back.

As for your 'mate' would that be the same printer that prints Searchlight ?

We know what the NF are now - a pack of backstabbing, reds working to the searchlight agenda.

Only when Tom Holmes returns as leader can we be assured that Gerry Gable isnt leading the NF under Linden and Morrisson - the red and the drunk.

NF under Linden and Morrisson = red scum.

Defender of Liberty said...

What Bev says is her business.

Just as what the idiots like White Lad 88 and Ravenser on stormfront say is there business.

Its called free speech dickhead - ever heard of it ?

The issue is simply that ;

1) You are scum for betraying Tom Holmes

2) Tom Linden is searchlight rat

3) Morrison is a drunk red

4) The NF are going to deliberately undermine the BNP vote - which is what the searchlight agents that run the NF want.

You are a pack of traitorous dogs for betraying the one honoruable man in the NF, Tom Holmes.

Fuck the Red NF.

The NF is filled with the worst sort of filth at the moment - the kind of filth that will betray a man like Tom Holmes who has given 25 years to the NF and British Nationalism.

You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for some of the "genuine" members in the NF. They have been betrayed and infiltrated by searchlight lunatics.

Stormfront is also heavily infiltrated with UAF/searchlight plants who try to coat themselves in nationalism. The funny thing is they are not even good at their job, They expose themselves everytime they open their trap heheheh.

Anonymous said...

How do you think Griffin took over BNP? He stabbed JT in the back! With an illegal election campaign-you would not know about that would you lee? You joined as soon as we started winning in 2002.

BTW I was there in burnley helping the BNP win their first seats, where were you exactly?

Eddy and Tom were not involved in the removal of tom holmes, this has been going on for years before them two even joined NF.

Stop trying touse Tom Holmes as a martyr, you know ZERO about the man.

NF want to destroy our childrens future said...

I think the NF must be living in another universe.

They use the fact that the BNP had to change its constitution as a draw to its party.

how can anyone be so stupid?

If the NF was the BNP and the BNP the NF then the sitiuation wouuld be the same.

The goverment would have closed you down!

It is only the fact that the NF is no bigger than a spec in politics that they have not YET been shut down.

They are crowing about their purist staus which is only maintained due to the fact that they have have no success, that their party is a busted flush.

I am all for TRUE alternative nationalist parties as it helps keep the other on track to some degree, but to face off against each other in this time is insane.

I notice that much of the argument from the NF for standing in the two seats is all personal issues and NOTHING to do with the nationalist cause.

If that is not pathetic then I dont know what is.

Take your squabbles to the message boards, don't bring down the only hope we have for spitefull reasons.

Never before have we had a chance of winning an MP seat and getting the nationalist snowball started that would benefit both groups in the long run, but no some people think personal spats are far more important than the state of the country and our childrens future!

Andraste said...

Comments by NF supporters demonstrate they are singularly motivated to attack the BNP and specifically Nick Griffin. They are not nationalists.

Defender of Liberty said...


Linden and Morrisson never stood for election against Tom Holmes, they just stabbed him in the back and then took over the NF unlawfully. Did Linden and Morrison win an leadership election ? No, they didnt.

2) I joined the BNP in 2000

3) I dont live in Burnley idiot, I live in Kent. Its for locals to campaign in local campaigns.

4) Dont lie about Tom Holmes, he was stabbed in the back by a pack of rats.

5)I know Tom Holmes is a nationalist - I also know Linden is a searchlight rat and morrison a drunk.

The NF is a joke - splitting the nationalist vote and putting Linden, the anti-Nazi Nazi, in charge of it.

You deserve all you get.

At least people could trust Tom Holmes.

Anonymous said...


Can you explain why covert worked for channel 4? And you call LInden searchlight lol Covert are making the BNP look foolish, and they do this on purpose!

Fair enough for joining in 2000.

Anonymous said...

Griffin stood an illegal campaign!

He sent out tapes to every member a day before ballot papers were sent out, you are only suppose to have 1 A4 sheet of paper per candidate!

Griffin has now PURGED all but one (darby) of them people who for him elected, nice loyality eh?

Anonymous said...

Linden and Morrison are NOT in charge of the NF, end of.

Defender of Liberty said...

1) Tyndall owned and ran and printed Spearhead as his own cheerleader, so what if Griffin sent out a single letter.

2) Covert worked for channel 4 - evidence please.

3) Griffin has never purged anyone, those who have left or were kicked out did so because of their own choices.

4) Linden and Morrison dont run the NF , yeah right. Walsh may be leader but he relies on Dumb and Dumber as his deputies doesnt he. 'Candiate' is the one posting all the press releases on stormfront saying the NF are going to stand in Barking and Stoke.

Get Walsh to issue a statement saying the NF will not stand in Barking and Stoke and I will believe that Walsh is the leader, as opposed to him doing as linden and morrison want - which is to split the nationalist vote.

Go on then - get a statement from Walsh put up on stormfront saying the NF wont stand in Stoke and Barking and I will remove this article from my blog.

Come on then - lets see it happen.

Anonymous said...


2) Covert worked for channel 4 - evidence please.

They admit it in blog above. C4 know who they are, so why pay them to go to USA? He admits it.

Defender of Liberty said...

And ?

Three years ago he was commissioned by c4 to make a film.

Good for him.

Last week Tom Linden was on the BBC attacking the BNP and bigging up the NF and a Young NF member Kieran was on a C4 documentary bigging up the NF.

If anything the NF has been the biggest recipient of C4 and BBC pro-NF propaganda than the BNP over recent months .

Does that make Keiran and Linden suss as well ?

Defender of Liberty said...

And ?

Three years ago he was commissioned by c4 to make a film.

Good for him.

Last week Tom Linden was on the BBC attacking the BNP and bigging up the NF and a Young NF member Kieran was on a C4 documentary bigging up the NF.

If anything the NF has been the biggest recipient of C4 and BBC pro-NF propaganda than the BNP over recent months .

Does that make Keiran and Linden suss as well ?

Anonymous said...

And ?

Three years ago he was commissioned by c4 to make a film.

Good for him.


Come on now mate, he was not doing a C4 doc on nationalism, why would they employ a neo nazi to do a film on rock?

He played at rock against racism gig at sheffield uni in 1989, while claiming to be NF member.

Fact-channel 4 will NEVER employ a neo nazi to make a film unless unless he is working undercover...

Its bloody obvious lol

Defender of Liberty said...

I have never met any of the covert team.

I have met Linden and Morrison.

The issue is not the covert team is it - they are about as relevant to the issue as the NF supporters on stormfront.

The issue is the NF standing in Barking and Stoke - so are they gonna stand people in those wards or not ?

If they are then they are reds as they are doing the reds work for them.

If they dont then I will take the article down - over to you.

Anonymous said...

I think what this demonstrates is that the NF has now become a Searchlight front organisation which is determined to fight the BNP and no one else. It also is interesting that the NF posters have a shockingly low level of literacy which they should be ashamed of.

joefrombradford said...

As an ex-NF official who left the party because of Tom Linden, Eddy Morrison, Ian Christie and their other Searchlight acquiantances i think you need to get a few of your facts right, cos you made yourself look quiete stupid.

1) Nick Walsh was never the chairman of the National Front, nor did he ever claim to be. His job at the time this article was written was simply to run the Hull Branch, receive telephone enquiries from people who where interested in learning more about NF membership, answer any questions they may have and send out information packs to those interested in joining.

2) The NF never intended to stand candidates against the BNP, this was just Lindenstein abusing his position as Press Officer. For this he should have been relieved of all positions of authority and suspended pending a disciplinary hearing. Though it never happened.

3)According to the NF constitution at the time these two men where appointed, a member needed to have served an unbroken 2 year probationary period of membership before they where eligible to take positions of responsibility within the organisation.

At the time that Linden and Morrison sneaked in, about 12 people attended the AGM and nobody else in attendance except Morrison wanted to run the website, which was in an appaling state after it had been run by an American Mormon who didn't have a clue about Nationalism in the UK or how to design a website that would appeal to the public. Also, nobody wanted to deal with the press and Yorkshire didn't have an organiser, but Lindenstein was volunteering.

So therefore these two men who had come to us with reputations and backgrounds in nationalism that could only be described as horrendous had been exempted from this constitutional rule just because the NF had a poor turnout at that AGM.

I wasnt at that AGM, neither was anyone from Swindon where i was based at the time because the guy who was supposed to give us a lift let us down at the last minute. Other big branches such as the North East and Birmingham couldnt attend because instead of having it somewhere easy for everyone to attend by means of public transport, Bernard Franklin (who wasnt enjoying the best of Mental Health at the time) decided he was going to hold it in Hemel Hempstead just so it would be easy for him to get to.

joefrombradford said...

My response part II)

4) The following year Tom Holmes was never "Gotten rid of". He left of his own accord.

Bernard Franklin and his friend Derek Godfrey on the other hand - WHERE gotten rid of, and rightly so in Bernards case. His mental health problems where doing serious damage to the NF and he got 9 members attacked in Luton by a group calling themselves "The United People Of Luton" (Now the EDL), in a day that became dubbed "The Luton Disaster" by all those who where in attendance.

It was due to his friend Bernard Franklin being "Gotten Rid Of" by the party executive that made Tom Holmes decide he wanted to boycott the Remembrance Day march through London and the AGM (where he was overwhelmingly voted in to continue as party chairman. He refused this position thus he was not gotten rid of.) and he also decided not renew his membership for the following year.

His technophobia, coupled with Bernard Franklin's deteriorating mental health was halting progress. The NF needed change at the top or it wouldnt have survived another six months if they had allowed Bernard Franklin to carry on making his ruin. To thank Tom Holmes for his long and service to the National Front and still keep him on the directorate and Executive, he was offered the position of Life President, a position he also refused and an offer i believe is still on the table for him should he wish to take it.

I have noticed that of the Tom Holmes fanclub that formed after he left the party such as Bev Kerry, Tommy Williams of Covert notoriety, The owner of this blog and several others on VNN and Stormfront, NOT ONE OF THEM where members of the National Front under his leadership.

I do wish the author of this article had bothered to gather all the facts on what happened surrounding the NF leadership before shouting his mouth off about it on the internet.