Sunday 21 February 2010

Janet Daley Misses Elephant In The Room

Here are my comments on the Janet Daley article above ;

Janet Daley and virtually every commentator on this Telegraph site have become both blind and stupid.

The only way to improve public services is not to undertake facile social experiments with charities - note that there is ONE charity in the whole country for the White English people, whilst there are tens of thousands for every other ethnic group. Camerons plans will mean that White taxpayers will be paying money into charities that racially discriminate against them. The white working class will be abandoned whilst all the extra funds to charities goes on improving the lives of ethnics and not the indigenous British people. If you vote for that you are more than a mug, you are a traitor.

Talk of efficiency savings etc etc is more nonsense. This will have a minimal effect.

There is only way to improve public services without spending any more money - and that is to deport the millions of illegal immigrants in the country who are able to access benefits, the NHS, schooling etc etc and then impose a law that says the only people allowed to claim welfare, access the NHS and get schooling are those with an entitlement card who are legitimate British citizens.

In one sweep we can improve waiting times in the NHS, drugs costs, treatment costs and other costs associated with treating illegal immigrants.

We will save tens of billions of pounds a year - but the Tories want the illegals here as cheap labour and Labour want them for their social engineering projects.

Until we remove all the illegals from this country, and create a NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE instead of an International Health Service, nothing will improve in the NHS even if you spend billions more on it - as the illegals will still drain it and the new illegals entering the country will drain away the new money in it.

Schools will not improve until we remove the illegals and economic migrants from the country and force legitimate migrants already here to pay for their childrens education - why the hell should they be entitled to put their kids in state schools, access the NHS and get benefits when they havent paid a single penny into the system !

Not a single immigrant should be entitled to claim benefits, access the NHS, get a council house or put their kids in state schools - if they want to use those services they pay into a scheme that allows them to do, they should not be entitled to just come into the country and claim those things.

All immigrants should be barred from all state services unless they pay a hefty yearly fee for them - and if they dont pay that fee they dont access them and they get deported.

We are not here to serve them.

You dont get out unless you pay in.

But hey, whilst Janet Daley ignores the obvious and the telegraph commentators talk about taking kids off of poor white families and putting them in orphanages why should we expect common sense from a cabal of reactionary idiots.

Some good points here on the article ;

It's not rocket science .....some ideas for cuts which could make huge savings without cutting essential services like police, NHS and education:

1. Make it impossible for non-residents and freeloaders to use the NHS without payment. I don't think the taxpayers have any idea how many people come into this country for expensive medical procedures for which we pick up the bills. This is well known within the NHS but not by the general public. Medical cards with the owner's fingerprints would be the only way to stop this abuse. One hears stories of NHS cards being passed around families and there is enormous abuse of the system.

2. Make child benefit recipients prove, regularly, that every child for whom payment is collected is actually resident in the UK. This may sound strange but apparently there are a lot of families, particularly on the Asian sub-continent who are collecting benefits after registering a child in the UK and then moving back to their country of origin. Years of income are assured by this system of cheating. Just one of many scams in operation - I believe this is done by using a credit card linked to a UK bank account into which the benefits are paid.

4. Remove benefits from EU citizens who are working in the UK. If they choose to come here they shouldn't expect to share our taxes. Make it impossible for them to leave the country and still draw these benefits (see 3).

5. Reduce/stop aid to Russia, India,Pakistan etc etc. Why, in difficult times, should UK taxpayers play Father Christmas to these countries who pour money into defence spending but aren't prepared to spend on their own citizens. The government needs to tell us in detail how much of our money is being given away in aid every year. The same goes for aid given too freely to Africa which simply ends up in private bank accounts.

5. Cut the number of MPs, business consultants in the NHS, TFL, H & S Executive etc, Quangos etc etc. The majority of these are unnecessary and are paid enormous sums. That should save plenty.

6. Abolish all but essential translation/interpreter services. If people want to live in this country they should learn English.

7. No cash benefits, houses, lump sum payments to incomers/asylum seekers/economic migrants etc for 2 years as in Australia. Only food coupons, donated clothing and hostel accomodation of the most basic type. The truly desperate and deserving would be grateful for this help and, just maybe, the freeloaders would be discouraged. Identitiy cards compulsory for anyone claiming benefits of any type - with fingerprints/iris scan/DNA etc. The taxpayers have a right to know who is living off the fruit of their labours.

7. No long term legal aid or compensation for illegals in the UK, no matter what the reason. It is costing the taxpayer hundreds of millions every year in legal costs as these cases are strung out- hopefully for the 14 years it takes to become a UK citizen. A country has the right to choose who is allowed to live here and not have to foot the bill for both sides of the legal argument. No compensation should be paid to these people - these practices have encouraged a growth industry where the lawyers and illegals are laughing all the way to the bank. Can we have an analysis of the annual cost to the UK taxpayers please?

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