Thursday 11 February 2010

Rajinder Singh and the BNP

Image - Rajinder Singh. A true fighter and role model.

Rajinder Singh is a great bloke.

He has campaigned tirelessly for the BNP for years, and his loyalty to the party is second to none.

He puts to shame many of the so called 'nationalists' that spend their time peddling lies on the internet about real nationalists, who set up blogs filled with lies to attack real nationalists, who run internet forums attacking real nationalists and who act solely as keyboard warriors who do bugger all in the real world but who constantly talk shite on the internet.

If we had a lot more Rajinder Singhs and a lot less scumbags like Sean Hadley, Sadie Graham, Matt Single and Sharon Ebanks in British Nationalism then the movement would be far, far close to power than we are now.

The old saying is true 'Just because your white, it doesn't mean you are alright'.

Just because scumbags like the above idiots are white (or part white) doesnt make them trustworthy, loyal to nationalism or an asset to the nationalist movement.

Its because of scumbags like the idiots above who are white (or part white) that the movement is divided, undermined from within and at constant war within itself.

The toe clippings of Rajinder Singh are worth more to British Nationalism than the stinking excrement of people like Hadley, Ebanks, Smith and Single.

'Every Hindu and Sikh should be praising the BNP'

This weekend the British National Party will vote on letting non-Caucasians join. If the rules do change, Rajinder Singh, a Sikh, can't wait to become a member

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o The Guardian, Thursday 11 February 2010
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Rajinder Singh.

Rajinder Singh. Photograph: Graham Turner

Rajinder Singh is flicking through the Pakistani channels on his Sky box from his sofa in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. Dressed in a crimson turban, he sits a metre from the ­enormous screen, translating the odd phrase for my benefit. He's trying to show me why he's determined to join the British National Party – the only party he considers "brave" enough to "break out of the burkha called ­political correctness".

Last year, the Equality and ­Human Rights Commission forced the BNP to change its constitution on the grounds that restricting membership to ­"indigenous Caucasians" broke the Race Relations Act. A new constitution is expected to be agreed at a party meeting this Sunday, and if it's amended both Singh and the BNP think he would be ideal as the party's first non-white ­recruit. Communications and campaigns ­officer Martin Wingfield has personally endorsed him on his blog, calling for the party to "adapt and survive and give the brave and loyal Rajinder Singh the honour of becoming the first ethnic minority member".

Singh is a 78-year-old Sikh, a retired primary school teacher and a father of two, who left India for the UK in 1967. He says he's been loyal to the BNP since he first heard BNP leader Nick Griffin on television in late 2001. "He used the word 'Islam'. And I thought, 'He's brave, he has conviction,'" Singh says. "I thought, 'It's amazing what you've said: I've always been thinking that, since my childhood.'" He wrote Griffin letters of support and eventually provided him with a character reference at his 2005 trial for inciting racial hatred. Singh has voted for the BNP in every local and general election since discovering them. "I couldn't keep away."

It feels strange to hear these words from a man in a turban, but Singh ­admits he's only wearing it for my ­benefit. He's not a religious man and is clean shaven, but he wore a turban the first time he ever had "media exposure" – on BNPTV, the party's online ­channel – and has decided to do so whenever speaking to the media because "the message carries more weight" coming from a turban-wearing Sikh.

His "message" is simple and ­depressingly familiar: he fears that Britain is becoming an Islamic republic, and Islam is dangerous. "Most of them behave very nicely, but suddenly when they get together in the mosque and ­listen to the preaching, they acquire a collective identity that is formidable. It's the collective being that frightens me."

Islamophobia is not uncommon among Hindu and Sikh immigrants, but Singh's personal history makes his all the more acute. Born in West Punjab in 1931, he witnessed the violence of Indian partition firsthand. Millions of Sikhs, Hindus and Muslims were killed during partition, his father among them, murdered when Singh was only 15. He lays the blame squarely with Muslims. Why doesn't he blame the British, the architects of partition? ­"Britain had a role to play," he concedes, "but the violence sprang from the Koran. The Muslim answer to reasoned argument is knife, dagger and bomb."

This thinking gives Singh an affinity with even the most diehard BNP ­members. He's been to several party meetings and says he never feels awkward in their company. "They treat me normally," he insists. "I feel at home." I ask if he thinks many BNP members can tell the difference between Sikhs, Hindus and Muslims. "They might think of me as a Paki," he replies. "I've had people shout 'Paki Go Home!' when I walk down the street. But that speaks much about the 'Paki' reputation – it's a negative reaction to Pakistan."

When it comes to BNP policy, Singh knows what he'll be endorsing with his membership. He thinks voluntary ­repatriation in exchange for cash would be "something excellent, something supreme" because only those who are truly loyal to the UK would choose to stay here rather than take the money. When I ask about BNP plans to give "native Britons" preference in the job market, he says this has always been unofficially the case, and spelling it out in law won't make any real difference to the lives of people such as him.

Aren't the BNP racist, I ask? "Pre-amendment, yes," he replies. "They are trying to soften up. Shouldn't the nation welcome that? It's a positive move if they get people like me, and if I'm sitting in a BNP meeting they won't say 'Throw all of them out' because they'll realise one of 'them' is among 'us'." But the BNP were forced to extend their membership beyond "indigenous Caucasians", they didn't choose to. Surely they still feel the same about non-whites? "Initially the child is forced to go to school, then it becomes his habit, and then he voluntarily goes when he sees the point of it," says Singh.

Fellow Sikhs have shunned him, but Singh thinks they are misguided. "Every Hindu and Sikh comes from a country that was a victim of Islamic aggression," he says. "Every Hindu and Sikh should be praising the BNP and thanking God that something has appeared that may guarantee that this country is not overwhelmed."

The BNP are hungry for a more ­acceptable face, and they recognise Singh may be the perfect person to provide it: he's an articulate man with a readily exploitable, deep-seated bitterness. It's clear to me that they've used him whenever they've needed to appear legitimate – at Griffin's trial, and now that they face legal action if they fail to change their constitution. "I may be being exploited," Singh says, "but there's a good underlying cause. They will be diluted." Then he smiles. "All parties use people. If they don't, they will fail."

Will the BNP let non-whites join?
If it helps them exploit hatred, yes
So this is where it gets interesting. Will Rajinder Singh, with his strategically worn turban and his visceral hatred of Muslims, become the all-new face of the BNP? The Sikh has been used for PR purposes, but will the core membership welcome him? He is change, but is he the change they want?

We'll know a bit more on Sunday when the BNP membership votes on whether it will acquiesce to the demands of the Equality Commission and accept applications from those of all races and ethnic backgrounds. Logic says they will. But when was the far right and its ragbag ever logical?

If it all goes well for Singh, he won't be the first oddball to sit uneasily within the ranks of Nick Griffin's followers. Pat Richardson, a senior BNP councillor in Epping, Essex, is Jewish and it doesn't bother her that co-adherents do a nice line in anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial. "I distinguish between my Jewishness, which is a religion, and my support for the BNP, which is purely political," she has explained. In Barking, we see Laurence Rustem, who is half Turkish. He's OK, because in the words of one of the party's former election candidates, he is only "half a wog". And it's the half that isn't that counts.

The weekend vote could change much for Singh, but it will also be crucial for Griffin, who sees genuine opportunity if he can only persuade the members to re-brand their party, however superficially, as rightwing but not obviously racist. It's the old dilemma; ideological purity v electability.

It is his hunch that there are enough people disgruntled with other groups of people to make a recast BNP quite popular, and there might be something in that. Go on to the streets and listen to the white English complaining about the Poles, the Poles being rude about the Russians, black Britons carping about Asians, Hindus being disrespectful of Bangladeshis, Singh and his ilk getting stuck into the Muslims. We live on the thin line between love and hate and given the chance, Griffin – still the extremist but ever the pragmatist – would site his party there and exploit those differences rather than defy the law and face oblivion. But that wasn't what much of the membership signed up to. Tricky.

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fellist said...

He's a Sikh nationalist, not a British ethnonationalist. Is it time to change the party's name to the British anti-Islam party? Such a thing is perfectly legitimate, but it shouldn't be confused with nationalism.

Anonymous said...

I read till the word "metre" was used (we, the people of Britain use a foot, a few feet or a yard) - then I thought - who the fu*k would write this? Ah, a journalist from the Guardian; hence why bother reading further...

Defender of Liberty said...

Ethno-Nationalism is the desire for the creation of an organic community based on ethnicity.

At the moment under the present all such expression of indigenous ethno-solidarity are banned.

One of the aims of the BNP is to allow indigenous British whites the rights and powers to establish and run their own ethno-specific organisations, groups and communities.

British Sikhs will also be allowed to form their own Ethno-specific organisations to develop a form British Sikhism that is loyal to Britain, respects the rights of the majority of the indigenous British people to protect and preserve their own culture and that educates Sikhs to their real history and relationship with Islam, as opposed to the mythical PC version.

If we are to win the war, we need allies.

What better allies to fight alongside than Sikhs, loyal asimilated British Jews, loyal Black Christians from the British Commonwealth and Hindus and Gurkhas ?

We all share the same enemies which are the Islamists, Globalists, Liberals, Zionists, Communists and International Capitalists.

Nationalism should not be confused with race.

Each Nation is comprised of many different ethnic components and cultural components eg the Irish, Welsh, Scots, Anglo-Irish and English.

Each are an ethnicity and a culture.

British Nationalism balances ethnicity and culture via demanding assimilation into a British Nationalist version of British Citizenship that protects the indigenous culture, indigenous ethnicities and that allows other ethnic and religions groups to organise to represent their community and religious interests as long as they respect the rights of the indigenous majority and are loyal to the British nation, as opposed to multi-culturalism which is merely colonisation and ethno-cultural suicide and integrationism which is miscegination leading to ethno-suicide and cultural suicide via the formation of a consumerist mono-culturalism.

Ade said...

He sounds more patriotic than me, glad to have him on our side, I think most Brits have no problem with a small number of minorities living here, especially if they were more like Singh.
It's the troublesome element of Islam and the criminal elements being let in or let out ( of prison )
This is all deliberate, Jack Straw has I just think let out 47,000 crims on early release.
An article a few day said 18 released offenders over a period of time had gone on to kill again.
This is deliberate sabotage.

The vast majority of Brits have no problem with small numbers of patriotic minorities, but there are limits as shown by the comments on Lord Tebbits blog.
The Marxists want civil unrest.

Tebbit get's it at last

Tebbit's Telegraph Blog

Jane said...

"Ethno-Nationalism is the desire for the creation of an organic community based on ethnicity.

At the moment under the present all such expression of indigenous ethno-solidarity are banned."

Well Nick only a couple of weeks ago stated in an email sent to all members, where he answered "Frequently asked questions" that the BNP remains an ethno-nationalist party and will never be a "multiracialist" party.

In simply stating this fact, Nick is NOT breaking any laws. Nick makes the point so that we realise that although we are forced to obey the LETTER of the law, we do not have to embrace the SPIRIT of the law.

So, while we can't state anything in categorical legal writing (such as in our Constitution) defining the true ethno-loyal spirit in which the BNP functions, we must still maintain this spirit and not behave as if we approve of the changes that Trevor Phillips and co have imposed on us.

We are not going to start feeling as if Phillips had our best interests at heart, like a child who at first resists going to school and later sees it as a good thing.

NoDoze said...

The Islamists must be correctly defined as unwitting 'ZioPets'...Their presence in the UK is a direct function of Zionist immigration advocacy (BnaiBrith etc) in the UK so as the teach the the Brits who the "enemy" is.... Greater Israel demands the removal of millions of Muslim Arabs and others so to make manifest the "prophecy".....The AngloSaxon and Celtic PitBulls, as dupes, will do the wetwork in the Middle East while they are coincidental multiculturally euthanised in their homelands as part of the same program....

Time to wake up Fellas, or you'll go the way of the Germanic tribes.