Saturday 6 February 2010

The Times Attacks The Tea Party Movement

Note the politically correct language in the report below used by the corporate media to attack the Tea Party Movement.

This is yet another example of the corporate media terrified of a grass roots Peoples Rebellion over the corporate owned political whores who are pushed to the fore by the media in elections.

Bush was a puppet of the corporations.

Obama is a puppet of the corporations.

Regardless of who gets voted into power the corporations remain in control of the system via the media.

The fact that the US liberal media hate Sarah Palin is a welcome sign that she may not be as much of a liberal media puppet as Obama.

What America needs is a President who is not owned by the corporations, hated by the media and who stands apart from the Republicans and the Democrats.

The problem is - how the hell does such a person get elected, seeing as the ONLY way you can get elected in our pseudo-democracies is to have the media pimping you out to the masses ?

They will proudly boast of how they have galvanised ordinary Americans against runaway government spending, but a dark underbelly of xenophobia has been exposed at the first national gathering of the Tea Party movement.

Here in the vast Gaylord resort in Nashville, where 600 members of the conservative grassroots phenomenon that exploded in revolt against President Obama’s economic policies have gathered, it would be advisable not to wear a T-shirt declaring “I am an illegal immigrant”.

The anti-Government, anti-Establishment movement, which has splintered in the past week with many boycotting this gathering, has billed itself as a revolution born of the widespread disgust at Washington and the way that the nation’s politicians are bankrupting America’s future.

With its raucous protests it has undeniably become a political force that threatens to hand Democrats a disastrous midterm election night in November. Voter anger against spending and debt, of which the Tea Partiers are in the vanguard, played a significant role in the recent loss of the late Edward Kennedy’s Senate seat and could conceivably lead to Democrats losing the House and Senate.

Yet the speech that opened the Nashville event yesterday, an address greeted with whoops and cheers from the mainly white audience, reflects a movement that also appears to have a less attractive side to it.

Tom Tancredo, a former Republican congressman who ran for president in 2008 on an anti-illegal immigration platform, said of the voters who elected Mr Obama: “They could not even spell the word ‘vote’ or say it in English and they put a committed socialist ideologue in the White House — Barack Hussein Obama!”

Decrying America’s multiculturalism, Mr Tancredo said that Republicans and Democrats had voted for a black man because they felt they had to. To a standing ovation, he shouted: “We really do have a culture to pass on to our children: it’s based on Judaeo-Christian values.”

“This is our country,” he declared. “Let’s take it back!” He added, to applause: “Cultures are not the same. Some are better. Ours is best!” The crowd, some wearing recently purchased T-shirts saying “Keep the change — I’ll keep my FREEDOM my GUNS and my MONEY”, loved it.

Mr Tancredo’s speech was followed by music from Lisa Mei Norton, who sang among other songs one entitled Where Were You Born?, a reference to the right-wing “birther” movement which believes that Mr Obama is not a natural-born US citizen.

One featured speaker, a “Patriot Pastor” named Rick Scarborough, told The Times that he was not against legal immigrants “but God has ordained that you are not a nation if you don’t have borders”. Standing next to a pile of books entitled Liberalism Kills Kids, he added: “If this country becomes 30 per cent Hispanic we will no longer be America. We don’t want to become like the UK where in places you have Sharia.

“English is our language. We are Americans. We’re not Hispanic-Americans, or African-Americans — we are Americans.”

He then invoked Winston Churchill when he referred to the inauguration of Mr Obama. “A year ago we thought we had lost the war. A year later they are reeling. I believe God has once again given America an opportunity for a new beginning. Even in the darkest days of the blitzkrieg, Churchill said ‘no surrender’.”

Sarah Palin, the Republican’s 2008 vice-presidential nominee and former Alaskan Governor, is due to speak tonight. She is attending in part because it enhances her anti-Washington, outsider image — and because these are the type of people who will do anything for her.

Thomas Chanteloupe, a 45-year-old wearing a Sarah Palin badge, said without prompting: “I’m the same age as Sarah Palin, we left high school at the same time, we’re both big Reagan fans, we both have three children, we’re both the middle children, and both our fathers were high-school teachers and sports coaches.”

That’s Palin fever for you.

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Andraste said...

You are right Lee, the media hate Sarah Palin because she is definitely not a corporate slave. And also what person would be more loathed by the Marxist media scum than a spirited, extremely attractive white woman who goes hunting and loves Alaska?

' would be advisable not to wear a T-shirt declaring “I am an illegal immigrant”.'

Of course it's not a good idea, why would someone want to advertise they are a criminal on a T-shirt? But these scum journalists don't really see illegal immigration as a crime do they?

This laughable article is nothing more than the rantings of a typical self-loathing, bitter Marxist degenerate. The Times are getting worse by the day. This article is pure junk.

But what is interesting is these sort of a extremely biased and loaded articles seem to becoming more and more regular. This says to me that the mask of journalistic impartiality is slipping as the media are becoming increasing pressured as the people are waking up to the whole corporate-political-media fraud, and they can't help but rant their barely contained rage against those who challenge their sick fantasies.

Ade said...

It would actually be great if we all lived in peace, if me and my children could visit any country on earth and feel safe and welcome.
If President Obama were more like President Morgan Freeman.

Sadly, none of the above is the way it works, there are very few places on earth where a Western European White person is actually safe and increasingly, this is true of our own homeland.

Since first getting involved in research in these matters I deliberately avoided looking at race issues, concentrating solely on what the hell our deranged politicians were upto, I'd worked out long ago they were deranged but circumstances conspired to demand that I try to 'fathom the mind of god' see if I could work out their agenda.

However as you accumulate more and more pieces of the Jigsaw, it is impossible not to come to the conclusion that the so called 'right wing extremists' are correct.

These bastards are actually trying to wipe us out.

Ade said...

As Indigenous Europeans awaken to what is being done to them, the race card will be played more and more, hopefully making it more and more obvious what is being done.

The race card is designed to stop High IQ Indigenous Europeans from rising up and slaughtering the Psychopathic racist Control Freaks who are trying to exterminate us so that they may end up ruling over What remains of humanity, a dumbed down slave race.
They will try to engineer a race war using migrants and those useful idiot Leftists who the Rothschilds have convinced that Socialism /Communism is about
fairness, redistribution, peace and love.
EDL comes to mind.

They have control of the Mass media but not the Internet ( Yet )

The board is set, the pieces are moving.

Media Manipulation in elections

How come So called Communists never suggest that their real puppetmasters, the Rothschild Family should engage in a little redistribution.

The Rothschilds

The best thing people can do is not to protest or engage in violence but to wake others up, put their ticks in the right box and maybe this can be defused peacefully and orderly.

Anonymous said...

Wonder how much the Telegraph is paid by the ADL. Its main headline today is urging Iranians to take on the government. It has an article by Daniel Hamman the old slapper about rising " anti semitic" attacks and also had an article about such attacks two days ago.
" propaganda sheet anyone"

Andraste said...

It is a shame that the Tea Party Movement has been hijacked by Republicans, including Sarah Palin who is being touted as their possible leader. Glenn Beck, that arch-false patriot, was quick to ally himself with the Tea Party Movement very early on.

Initially the Tea Party Movement was more of a Libertarian movement, that had much in common with people like Ron Paul, but then Glenn Beck and others started infiltrating it.

Alex Jones calls Glenn Beck a Slimeball Traitor

It is a contradiction that the Tea Party Movement would now have Sarah Palin as a leading figure because she has stated many times her choice of policy would be that which is anti-constitutional, and the whole reason the Tea Party emerged in the first place was because as a direct result of what many see as the un-constitution polocies of the neo-cons and now by the Marxist-corporate Obama Christ.

This being said, I do like Sarah Palin - but this may be purely because she is a damn fine MILF.

Ade said...

Here's another antiwhite attack,

Experts agree crime is on the increase but it's alcohol related.

All part of the anti white pub and alcohol agenda ready for Muslim domination.

Rising Crime is alcohol related

No mention of this

See how subtle they are, unless you know what is going on, the assumption will be it is whites and alcohol.

Ade said...

British Troops may patrol UK Streets

It's for our own good of course.

Infowars Radio