Monday 22 February 2010

Why the Equality Commission came for the BNP

The future will reveal that the attack on the BNP by the Equality Commission was idiotic in the extreme.

In the article below I revealed that Thatcherism, Blairism and Multi-Culturalism have led to the abandonment of the White Working Class and the ongoing betrayal of the children of the White Liberal Middle Class and White Tory Middle Class.

The common factor in these betrayals is of course WHITE.

The dialectic we see in our society is towards greater radicalism based on race.

As more and more Whites are penalised, discriminated against and suffer job losses based on them being WHITE then society will become more radicalised around the issue of race.

So the Equality Commission came for the BNP in order to seek to undermine the party by banning us from being a party that represented whites.

By doing so they thought that they could stop us exploiting the dialectic in our society of radicalisation around race.

But they have in fact done us a great favour.

Virtually all manifestations of the political and social struggles around the issue of race are illegal.

You cannot talk about the issue of race, organise around the issue of race and campaign on the issue of race if you are white.

Not only because the whites in Britain have been so conditioned by the media around the issue of race / racism, that any attempts to organise around the issue of race are attacked, vilified and abused in the media as racist, but because the whole issue of race has been demonised to such an extent that people are terrified to even mention it.

Therefore a new form of organisation is required for us to organise around - that of Class.

It is entirely legal to campaign around the issue of class.

By forcing the BNP to drop the ability to organise around the issue of race, the Equality Commission in effect forced us to evolve.

For decades we have been attempting to organise a political and social movement around an issue that the public have been brainwashed to define as racist and that the law has sought to close down at every opportunity by passing new laws that restrict free speech on the issue of race.

The BNP have always been based on the creation of a classless nationalist society based on meritocracy, but this message of a Nationalist Classless Society has been lost amidst the propaganda we have put out about race, immigration and Islam.

As a result of the Equality Commission case we must now re-focus our propaganda on a new front - that of the Nationalist Classless Society and the creation of a meritocracy as opposed to the racist multi-cultural system.

Even though we have failed to market ourselves properly to the White Working Class we have won them over.

We should have defined in easy to understand language how the White Working Class have been betrayed by mass immigration, the Tories, Thatcherism, New Labour and Multi-culturalism.

We can do that now.

But we must now also reach out the children of the White Liberal Middle Class and White Tory Middle Class and explain to them how mass immigration, New Labour and Camerons Tories and multi-culturalism have betrayed them.

These scions of the White Liberal Middle Class and White Tory Middle Class are the demographic that our propaganda must now reach out too.

At every stage of their lives these children of the White Liberal Middle Class and White Tory Middle Class are being betrayed.

Whilst their smug, selfish, apathetic politically correct parents hide away in their white middle class areas, send their kids to white middle class schools and seek to perpetuate their white middle class lifestyles by white flight - their children are being betrayed as soon as they have to get out and try and live their own lives in our racist anti-white society.

We must reach out to the generation of people from the age of 45 downwards in the White Liberal Middle Class and the White Tory Middle Class, those who are suffering racial discrimination in the job market, when applying for jobs, when they go to university and when they leave education and when they try to compete for a place in the middle class with ethnics and immigrants who take advantage of political correctness, multi-culturalism and positive discrimination to get where they want to be.

This is why the Equality Commission has done us such a favour.

We have to now create a new message for our people to campaign on - and that issue is the creation of a classless Nationalist society based on a meritocracy.

In order to build this society we must undertake the Nationalist Class Struggle against the White Liberal Middle Class, the White Tory Middle Class and the Ethnic Middle Class.

This is not based on a Marxist dialectic of putting one class, the White Working Class as the leadership class, but to create a meritocracy in British society that puts the best people in charge regardless of their class.

In order to have a functional society we must have the best amongst us, from all classes, as our leaders.

Marxism seeks to fracture society into competing classes, whilst Nationalism seeks to create a meritocracy where the best of all classes are allowed to become our leadership class.

This is the vision we must now deliver to the masses in our propaganda.

The Nationalist Class War aims to smash multi-culturalism, to end all immigration, to remove political correctness from our society, destroy all anti-white racist laws that promote people based on their race and to create a true meritocracy that simply ensures the best and brightest of all classes are able to achieve their innate potential.

This is the aim of the Nationalist Class Struggle - to create a classless society based on meritocracy.

Thanks to the Equality Commission we have now been forced to drop the rhetoric of race and begin this struggle.

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The BNP need to shape up and fast, you have 5 years left. said...

Lee, Now that the BNP has had to change its constitution I think it is also now time to review its policies on some other matters.

We need to drop some of the more authoritarian policies to help us appeal to the masses, especially with the GE coming up.

Many people will now look a LOT more closely at the party now the media bogyman has lost its teeth.

However anything that even hints at Nazism with scare them away just as effectively.

The west is going into a NWO authoritarian change where we are losing our rights, the BNP need to be the party that says how we have lost these rights and how the BNP is the party to restore them, how the BNP is the party of freedom, not oppression, we are the antidote.

I often debate with people who claim to be libertarians (Old style Tories who are not party cheerleders) and they are alarmed at the authoritaian nature of politics including blue Labour -Dave.

They see their natural home at this time as UKIP, and while this is a folly, their are a couple of things which scare them to death about the BNP.

1. conscription, most of the country will not exept this, it is a major vote loser, it smells too much like Nazism and in a time when we are in `conflict` it scares them even more.

They see this as another step to further the imperialist nature of the current NWO stooges, while it is nothing of the kind that is how it is seen.

It is a BIG vote loser, the only people in general it appeal to are the over 60s!

Next thing that scares them to death and why they will NEVER vote for you with such policies is the gun thing. again same points as above, this one makes us look extreme compared to the other parties and puts us in a bad light. I can understand all the reasoning but that reasoning WILL NOT get through to the mainstreme voters until we gain some power on the back of a softer more mainstreme core. Then we can review the more radical policies.

Next up is workfare, again more goverment intervention that is feared through its potential for abuse, look at what thatcher did years ago with youth slavery scemes which decimated real apprenticeships , the goverment running peoples lifes, the party has to appear to embrace the free market and not dabble in too much social control. whiloe it may have some merit if used responsibly, it currently just turns people off as it smells like more Nazism big state, everything people are now trying to break free from.

GE broadcast, show the policies that set us appart from the others - we are NOT all the same! said...


The country is decending into a NWO corporate based totalitarian police state, ANYTHING which even hints at such a system will make the voters RUN A MILE, we tried that before and it failed, in fact it made many people actively dislike and distrust the BNP.

I will also urge you not to destroy the main golden goose the party has by making a PC GE broadcast, people dont want PC, if they want PC they can get that from the other parties, their main reason for voting BNP is because it is the anti dote to PC, dont give them another reason NOT to vote for you.

The other parties have their vote split 3-5 ways lets not try and compete in that market.

That would be the baby and the bathwater.

Get as many people to stand as is humainly possible, what are you waiting for, the country is on the brink of being lost forever, if you dont make a big push now, you never will, it is the BNPs too slow success that has given the powers a chance to chip away at the party, if the BNP rise had been fatser and greater they would not have been ready to neuter the party.

If we dont make some big breakthroughs, we may find ourselfs collapsing under the current neutering and may suffer even further neutering as we will niot have big enough teeth in the political world, we could see further vote rigging and the destruction of what remains of our democracy.

Lastly Nick really needs to get in shape, yes its a trivia matter on the face of it but a serious matter when it comes to the voting sheep.

Many people will vote for you just because you look and sound nice, it costs nothing to get fit and it gains us votes.

Push attractive ladies up the front of the BNP, on all the leaflets, lots of smiles, young people, glamour, make it look appealing and young.

What have we had so far on the image front? pizza style leaflets and a truck - thats it!

For god sake, sale yourselfs!

Come on Mark, get your finger out!

With these simple moves combined I think the party could triple its potential votes.

damn a slim nick griffin and a young attractive image could do that alone and would cost NOTHING!

Lastly, in the GE broadcast make sure you beat the mainstreme with the global warming scam - that should shake them up.

Highlight what makes us different and what makes them all the same, dont go for a one issue gimmick, like bring our boys home, while it is a solid cause it is not enough on its own to get people to vote for you.

Andraste said...

Great article. Have you thought about getting The Green Arrow website to also post your articles, you should get a wider audience.

Anyways. You are dead right that an important angle to focus on is that fundamental tenant of BNP belief in true meritocracy. The entire race-equality fascist industry is a way of circumventing equality, and is about the promotion of non-indigenous British people with unfair advantage. It's incredible that these bodies actually state they are endeavoring for equality, when in fact the opposite is true.

However, it is indeed a very powerful argument to use class discrimination as a means to attack multi-culturalism.

Anonymous said...

All of the above comment makes sense to me.

Sir Cecil said...

Views expressed in these columns carry more weight when words are spelt correctly. In these days of spell-checkers on every computer, even the uneducated can avoid elementary spelling mistakes.