Sunday 7 February 2010

Zionist Tories to Attack iran

As I stated months ago the reason why the Murdoch media empire was now supporting the Tories is because they know that the Tories are controlled by the Conservative Friends of Israel and dependent upon Zionist political donations.

Therefore the Tories are bought and paid for.

The price Cameron and his Zionist scum have promised to pay for being elected into power is to support a war with Iran.

British troops will die so that Israel can be the one fascist state in the Middle East and Cameron start his illegal war.

A Conservative government would support military action against Iran if the rogue state developed nuclear weapons, the shadow defence secretary has revealed.

Liam Fox described the threat posed by Iran as the "single most important issue facing the West" and added that 2010 was the year in which the Islamic state had to be confronted.

He said that under Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's regime, the "export of terrorism and instability" was part of the country's foreign policy and warned "the era of nuclear terrorism has arrived".

Defence sources said an attack on Iran would be likely to consist of a missile attack rather than an Iraq-style invasion, with nuclear and uranium enrichment sites being targeted by cruise missiles launched from submarines and aeroplanes.

Iran has always maintained that its nuclear enrichment programme is purely peaceful and for non-military purposes.

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Ade said...

As far as I'm concerned, Iran is a Sovereign state, she can build rockets and Nuclear weapons if she wishes.
The way to deal with Iran is by having a Strong military our selves and through opening peacefull dialogue, trade, joint industrial ventures, and promoting tourism between our different cultures.

Ditto many other aledgedly 'evil' states out there.

Campaign for Liberty

I'm sure a public policy statement like that would go down much better with the British public than Let's Nuke em.

Christmas Greetings from Iran

Ade said...

It's a trick,

we always use it

Anonymous said...

Nothing will wake people up to the one party state and the corrupt media like an attack on Iran.

Watch Daves popularity plumit as fast as Obaaaamas!

Even the sheep can only take so much.

This is why the BNP have to hit home hard now on the NWO, the puppet nmasters, otherwise the sheep just swing left to right perpetually.

We would be the only party telling the truth and the people will be seeking the truth from the BNP as their is no other source for it.

On top of this it makes a great alternative to race based politics and explains the ethnocide of the British people and reveals who the real Nazis are.