Sunday 16 December 2007

The Betrayal of us all revealed

Find below a small selection of e mails passed between sadie graham, steve blake and kenny smith that were stolen off of the BNP internal e mail server by Steve Blake and then passed to both Kenny and Sadie.

Full copies of the emails will be made available to the party after the investigation is finished and the disciplinary tribunal over with.

The edited section are noted and are in place to prevent confidential internal party information being put into the public domain.

1) Intercepted Internal E mail between Tony Brewer and Nick Griffin ( full copy in the hands of the investigating team ) - contents intercepted off of the BNP server, copied and then passed to Sadie Graham and Kenny Smith by Steve Blake ;

Dear both

A few months ago I would have had great moral difficulty doing this but I
think that this is now morally justified but I am for the chop if anything
gets out about this. I am only giving this to the two of you (kas and




I have just started catching up with my emails and note the below from

In view of the potentially serious nature of this alleged breach of
acceptable conduct,
I suggest that the CMT should commence a formal disciplinary investigation
as a matter
of urgency.


Tony Brewer

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2) Intercepted E mails between various party officers that were hacked and then passed to Sadie Graham and Kenny Smith - note Kennys little joke about the " I'll give thanks to the Gods tonight for sending us such a brother to watch over us - and their e-mails!"

That little joke was referring to Steve Blake hacking mine, yours and all our internal e mails and then passing them to Sadie and Kenny. And some idiots still think Sadie has done nothing and should be let off a disciplinary tribunal - GET REAL ! She was one of the main organisers and recipient of all these stolen e mails, and she up to her neck in. Spare me the crocodile tears.


What do you make of this? Looks as if Hannam has mislaid about ( EDIT LJB) worth of leaflet orders! (Hannam's attachment is not attached in my message here as I can only see messages coming in, not going out).
> Dear Frank,
I think i know why. I have just checked in quickbooks, the money central made off the regions by selling leaflets to the region has been entered as a regional expense, rather than a central sale income.
> Attached is the leaflet central office sales to the regions. You just
> need to total that leaflet column.
> I have not been issued any individual leaflet sales figures by John,
> (individual as opposite to group/branch) so i will ask him if he has
> indeed got any records of public leaflet sales.

Dear David,

In order for it to have been an expense in the region the transaction will
have been

Dr Leaflet Charge
Cr Party

This should have been mirrored in the Parties books, as

Dr Leaflet income
Cr Regions account

Now I think that in 2006 you had a big leaflet campaign, but I cann't be sure.

Any thoughts.
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----- Original Message -----
From: "UK Bill Saver"
To: "'Steve Blake'" ; "'Sadie Graham'"
Sent: Wednesday, December 05, 2007 8:55 AM
Subject: RE: You havent seen this

> What the fuck is Jackie doing answering the Chairman's e-mails?
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Steve Blake []
> Sent: 04 December 2007 21:29
> To:; 'Sadie Graham'
> Subject: Re: You havent seen this
> Michaela HAS communicated with TB this evening. Both have received
> fob-offs
> from Jackie claiming that Nick is away for the evening, which may or may
> not
> be true.
> MM is 100% concerned for the Party not specific individuals and I think
> TB
> is inclined that way as well.
> Griffin's feeling of insecurity may well lead to him ditching the CMT
> and
> keeping his boyband together. Quite what the consequences of that will
> be is
> anyone's guess!
> "Necessary evil" indeed, I concede that I wouldn't have done this a few
> months ago, I really did respect and admire NG and if I did betray any
> confidences of either of you it was because I still believed in Nick as
> being totally honourable and capable of rational discussion.
> I think my tipping point was seeing Ian treated so badly in November.
> Ian
> is, unlike Griffo, a thoroughly decent and honourable person, one of the
> best of our race and to see him treated as a low life/trouble-maker
> while
> Griffin continues to correspond with the likes of Lecomber and gives
> weight
> to the word of the WT/Hannam duo was just sickening to witness.
> best wishes
> S.
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> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "UK Bill Saver"
> To: "'Steve Blake'" ; "'Sadie Graham'"
> Sent: Tuesday, December 04, 2007 8:14 PM
> Subject: RE: You havent seen this
>>I have re-read this - it was chaos earlier with Nicholla on one phone,
>>Davie Orr from Livingston BNP printing and Steve on the phone in the 
>>other ear - and it is dynamite.
>> She's appealing to Nick for them to be expelled or she'll quit the
>> CMT. I doubt Nick will do it but where there's light there's hope as
>> they say. If the Brewer snippet is an indication that he has also just
>> learned about the final warning it would appear that the worm camp and
>> our camp have done a good job of covering up for these bastards over
>> the year. Maybe we should have been a bit more open about things
>> earlier. Hopefully Brewer, Michaela and Mark C are communicating and
>> we get a real stand off from somebody else but us. If he forces the
>> CMT out then he's in real bother with no gaffer. If in desperation he
>> turns to AK we might have scored again. If AK has been honest then
>> Hannam will be gone and so will Collett. Walker may get a reprieve but
>> I doubt it. Either way things look a little better tonight though we
>> are not supposed to know lol!
>> It will be very interesting to see how this pans out. If Griffo shafts
>> the CMT over this it will be another piece of circumstantial evidence
>> pointing to the fact that he will defend these three at any cost and
>> fuck loyal nationalists and the party instead. If we didn't have so
>> much evidence of it we probably wouldn't believe it. No wonder so many
>> party members still think the sun shines out his arse.
>> Steve, don't feel bad about what you are doing. When the history of
>> our people is retold they may recount how the BNP was saved by you
>> doing this necessary evil. I'll give thanks to the Gods tonight for
>> sending us such a brother to watch over us - and their e-mails!
>> Regards
>> Kenny
>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: Steve Blake []
>> Sent: 04 December 2007 14:01
>> To: Sadie Graham;
>> Subject: You havent seen this
>> It should be obvious who wrote this and you don't know anything about
>> it of course.
>> Morning Nick,
>> We have a problem. When we last spoke on this matter you advised me
>> that the warning letters to Mark & David had not been issued after the
>> disciplinary
>> meeting held on 8th December 2006. I thought it best under these
>> circumstances to begin afresh with a verbal warning and you agreed,
>> confirming this by text message.
>> However, copies of the written warning dated 9th December 2006, have
>> now
>> been forwarded to me by members of the disciplinary panel which
>> included
>> Steve Blake, Nick Cass, Kenny Smith and Scott McLean. Scott informs me
>> that the letters were definitely sent out and other members confirm
>> having received their copies. We have to ask ourselves how likely it
>> is that neither David nor Mark received these letters when everyone
>> else involved
>> did.
>> Nick, I can understand your reluctance to alienate people you hold to
>> be
>> indispensable to the Party but it leaves us with the unsustainable
>> position of "one rule for them and another for everyone else".
>> You must know that the CMT cannot operate with any measure of
>> credibility or with the confidence of the membership in general if we
>> are seen to be bending the rules to suit. The fact remains that a
>> disciplinary hearing took
>> place, Mark, David (and John Walker) were charged with a breach of the
>> Party's Constitution Annexe 1: Code of Conduct Section 4 which states
>> "All
>> Party members are expected at all times to conduct themselves in a
>> manner
>> that will bring credit upon the Party and to refrain from any acts,
>> whether
>> from a party political or private motive, and whether political or
>> private
>> in nature, which are likely to bring the Party into disrepute". The
>> offence
>> was discussed and all three pleaded guilty.
>> The warning, which was described as a final warning, took effect from
>> that date and remains in place until December 2008. All were warned
>> that any further breaches of the Party's consitution would result in
>> their dismissal.
>> Under these circumstances both David and Mark now qualify for
>> expulsionfrom
>> the Party.
>> I know that you suspect other factions within the Party of having
>> ulterior motives and that the "vendetta" against John, David and Mark
>> continues. We
>> are engaged in a war of attrition here and frankly there is no
> prospect
>> of a
>> cessation of hostilities without blood being spilled. I think we all
>> have to
>> admit that we are past the point of being able to patch up the
> injuries
>> with
>> plasters that won't stick.
>> We have a problem. It won't go away. It won't be ignored. It has to
>> befaced and a firm decision has to be taken. Wouldn't it be better to
>> endure a short
>> term pain for a long term gain?
>> From a purely professional perspective, if there is to be blood
>> letting, why not do it now while it's electorally quiet, mop it up,
>> clean away the traces
>> and begin the New Year with the ability to contest the next Euro and
>> General
>> elections on a clean slate with all departments of the Party fighting
> in
>> the
>> same army?
>> Nick, I want to assure you that I take no sides here and am not
>> influenced by any of the combatants. I'm giving what I believe to be
>> impartial advice
>> from my long experience in man management. If it's contrary to what
> you
>> really want then I'm sorry, but I can't operate as a rubber stamp.
>> There's
>> too much at stake.
>> ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
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3) E mails intercepted between Treasury and the OUTSIDE auditor of the party and then passed to Sadie Graham and Kenny smith where Blake brags about his ability to steal e mails from the BNP server due to his running the BNP e mail server and note also the comments from Sadie Graham where she LAUGHS about the theft of the internal e mails between officers of the party and the auditors.

And just to let people know - we have also recovered evidence on the BNP server that was not deleted properly of wrongdoing that suggests this was just the tip of the iceberg - this information and the hundreds of pages we have gathered so far and will gather in the next few weeks will be released to the public, whilst the most incriminating evience will be kept until the disciplinary tribunals - thats if they have the front to attend them, as their hands are filthy with duplicity and illegality.

Shame on you all - you betrayed the party, those that stood by you and all those that trusted you ;

One interesting thing on this "fantastic position".......... either WT never uses his publicity account or he is drawing down messages every minute or so as I have seen NOTHING at all in his inbox on the server.
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----- Original Message -----
From: Sadie Graham
To: Steve Blake ;
Sent: Tuesday, December 04, 2007 5:39 PM
Subject: Re: two gems

This is awesome steve, you are in such a fantastic position. I think we can all see that vanguard is certainly a dark horse and something fishy is going on there.
Interesting about the cars too. Why is mark having anything done to his car when he doesnt travel, his work is home based. My job involves driving all over the country and I pay my own tax, services, insurance everything! What a joke. This is priceless.
The best email was that one from Michaela. What a cracker! I knew that the CMT were on our side, I have talked to Michaela long and hard about WT many times before she joined the CMT. She has written a smartly worded email but of course Nick wont take any notice.

----- Original Message -----
From: Steve Blake
To: ; Sadie Graham
Sent: Tuesday, December 04, 2007 5:29 PM
Subject: two gems

Two gems for you................remember you HAVEN'T seen these, so don't use this information yet!
Does the party pay for repairs to WT's cars if they get attacked?
The auditor asks of the Gimp............
Within the Accounts I have Vehicle purchases of (EDIT LJB)
This is made up of:
1. 13 June - Mark Collett - ( EDIT LJB )
2. 24 Oct - Vanguard Promtions - ( EDIT LJB)
3. 30 Nov - Chris Vann - (EDIT LJB )
What do these relate to?
The answers to 1 and 2 are likely to be car repairs (I suggest) and 3. a possible valid purchase of a vehicle for the catering operation?
The next one is a real ready for this?......................
In 2004 you had ( LJB - EDITED ) from leaflet sales and in 2005 you had sales of (LJB - EDITED )I have no income from the sale of leaflets in 2006. Is there any reason for this
Wasn't WT bragging about ******** ( MY EDIT TO ENSURE INTERNAL PARTY INFORMATION IS NOT RELEASED - LJB ) leaflets having been sold up to the RWB (August) no idea how much was sold in 2006 but ( MY EDIT TO ENSURE INTERNAL PARTY INFORMATION IS NOT RELEASED - LJB) - yet nothing sold in 2006! Very odd.
Power charge your finances - mortgages, remortgages and equity release


Anonymous said...

The swine! How dare they whine about being bugged, when THEY were reading everyone's emails! Hypocrtical bastards must be put against the wall and shot. The BNP is better off without treasonous dogs like this.

Anonymous said...

I understand your strength of feelig there anon. but maybe just expelled is better?
Well Ms Graham and St Kenny of Scotland have cooked their geese a little. While playing the martyr and whining about being bugged it would appear they had indulged in a bit of jiggery pokery themselves?
Its often the way with attacks from within, those committing the attacks always cite a noble cause etc.
Much nicer than I'm a devious little bastard worth the watching.
Well done Lee, thanks for clearing things up a bit.

Anonymous said...

Remember: this is not something for your amusement; this is a lesson.

All Nick and company ask for is a bit of loyalty - next time a rumour monger starts whispering in your ear, ensure you have none of it.

If the lesson here is learned, we shall achieve all we set out to do. If not, best order a copy of the Communist Manifesto and the Koran, for you're in for one or the other if the BNP under it's current leadership do not put Britain back on track.

If you act isn't straight, then straighten it or leave.