Sunday 2 December 2007

Pickled Politics and the Mafia of the Mediocre

A few days ago I had the pleasure of being banned from the Pickled Politics site by the mafia of the mediocre, the moderators, that run the site.

This was after the site put up an article about Nick Griffin speaking at the Oxford Union, where they stated that though Nick and the BNP had a right to free speech that the BNP were a nasty, despicable organisation with nothing to say and that its ideas and views could be combated and torn apart as easily as a wet kleenex in the hands of a sobbing liberal.

The site says it stands for free speech and that the 'intellectuals' were ready to 'demolish' the arguments the BNP put forward.


I trotted along their and began posting a few comments in response to the vapid and asinine comments being posted on the site by the regulars who post on the site. No problem for a while.

The arguments put forward by the people that post on the site were so pathetic that I wasnt sure at first if they were taking the piss.

They werent.

They really are that dumb.

For example one person called Morgoth wrote the following

" Therefore my question: do we possess the right to pursue conditions conducive to our survival?

Survival? Kelly Holmes (to take one example) is 100, no, a million times the Briton than Nick Griffen could ever hope to be. And the future of this country is assured with shining eggs like her about.

Lets have, as Rumbold (I think) said upthread, lots more inter-”racial” marriages - the sooner a shitty little inconsequntial accident of nature (skin colour) is made irrelevant beyond the point of total irrelevance the better."

I replied " Oh yes, just what we need as a society and a nation to ensure our future survival in a world where Peak Oil is about to hit and Eco-Conflicts begin is to allow people to enter and live in our country simply on the basis that they can run really, really fast. That the British people and British nation and British culture that has created such brilliant minds as Darwin, Newton, Stephenson, Charles Merz, Brunel, Dickens, Shakespeare, Roger Bacon, William Blake, Robert Grosseteste, Alexander Fleming, Charles Babbage, Tim Berners-Lee, Milton , Hobbes, Thomas Paine etc etc etc needs now to be surrendered so as to allow immigrants into our country and then justify their presence by saying they can run fast.


That we should surrender our culture, ancestral rights and liberties and free speech just so that these immigrants who can run fast do not have to hear us complaining about the betrayal of all the wars and sacrifices our ancestors fought to keep our nation free.

As for the 'inconsequential' nature of our race, ask anyone from an ethnic minority if they feel their race is inconsequential. It is only white, self hating liberals who despise their own race as they have adopted the conditioned reflexive self hating guilt that Orwell wrote about. No other race but the whites want to destroy themselves or spend so much time on their knees pleading for forgiveness for the colour of their skin.

The comments that I had then managed to post a few times, then suddenly stopped.

A strange message then began to appear on the screen saying the site was now 'stopping spam' and that the moderators would vet the posts before putting them up.

Guess what - not one of the comments I put on the site were then allowed to go onto the site.

The mafia of the mediocre had decided to censor me and stop my free speech.

Pickled Politics had become proffesional hypocrites.

This is not unusual. I have done radio interviews before where the presenter has begun the interview before going live by saying that that he would allow me to stay on the show and debate with me.

Then when I have torn him and his arguments to pieces from the start, by the first break in the show I am usually removed.

What happens is that the media believe their own propaganda about us.

They say 'these people are thick, we can tear their arguments to pieces and they have no ideas we cannot destroy with our mighty brains' but then once they have to debate us, they realise that we are in fact intellectually and politically far superior to them.

All that the policy of No Platform has done is ensure that the journalists have gotten used to debating with the idiots of the mainstream parties.

Journalists are no longer capable of debating with us, as the quality of journalists is no longer such that they can debate with us.

For decades they have gotten used to debating with the idiots, middle ranking minds and muppets.

This is why they no longer debate with us, as they are now so dumbed down that they cannot win the debate.

Its like watching pygmies in a boxing ring boxing each other, whilst the real heavweight fighters have been forced to stand outside the ring in silence and watch as the pygmies are crowned the heavy weight champs of the world.

No Platform is another example, like way exams are made easier in schools, of our society dumbing down.

To ensure that the stupidscan feel good, the intelligent are either forced to become as stupid as the stupids or else are censored and ignored.

This is why we now live in an Idiocracy, where the idiot is the ideal.

This is also why programmes like Question Time and other political 'current affairs' shows are now so bloody boring.

Year after year, series after series, the same old boring politicians are hauled on to tell the same old boring bullshit to the British public.

Its like watching the political version of Jurassic Park, where only political dinosaurs are allowed to bellow and blow live on air.

Poor old Dimbelby must be bored rigid, it must be like Groundhog Day in the Question Time offices.

Things have to be bad if they invite Nigel Farrage on Question Time. To have the Kermit the Frog lookalike who runs a party filled with prostitute banging, corrupt, EU cash trough gorging, reactionary old farts on Question Time is a classic sign of morbidity.

That parrot is now deceased.

Those that say the Internet is the last bastion of free speech are deluding themselves.

Free speech is not free debate.

The Internet does not allow free debate, as the mafia of the mediocre that are the moderators on sites such as Pickled Politics, censor anyone they cannot intellectually contain and nullify.

Its like saying ' Here we have free speech ' and then denying anyone they cannot win a debate with access to the debating chamber.

It is nothing more than pure hypocrisy.

Here is my challenge - to anyone who thinks they can defeat me in a free and fair public debate on any political issues then get in touch.

Let me know where and when and we will have the debate. But I wont hold my breath.

Pickled Politics can kiss my proud, hairy, White, Anglo-Saxon arse.

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