Sunday 2 December 2007

Rodney King and the Liberal Idiots

Who remembers the case of Rodney King, the PCP snorting, drink driving, arrest resisting thug who get a great ass whopping off of the LA cops.

Seeing that beating on the BBC was one of the few times it was worth paying for the TV license fee.

At the time we all were subjected to the bullshit it was police brutality and racism.

It seems that even today many mugs like Catherine Ellsworth of The Telegraph still appear to believe it ;

The idea Rondkey King could EVER have been an 'icon of tolerance' makes us much sense as using Satan as an icon of Christianity.

The first time I saw the news and film of Rodney King getting a major ass kicking I winced as the usual cacophany of cries from the usual suspects of 'police brutality, racism blah, blah, blah ' went up from the media.

After I was told by a poster on an alternative news site that King had been drunk and on PCP when he was arrested and had also assaulted the officers BEFORE the segment of the film that was shown on the news, then as I watched the video of his ass whopping with a new perspective.

I was cheering the cops on to ever more heights of brutality.

" Taser the fucker " I screamed with atavistic glee at the TV screen " Beat that bastards ass , get out the pepper spray , kick him more, smash him with the truncheon ".

Oh he glee of it , finally watching a PCP crazed drunk driver who resisted arrest get what they so richly deserved.

The law no longer punishes the criminals, especially if they are black in America, as the white liberal lawyers always play the race card to get them off ( O.J. Simpson, Michael Jackson etc etc ) so this was true restorative justice.

I have lost friends to drunk drivers, seen the carnage of it and the fallout of such an event.

I wanted that prick mashed into a pulp to ensure he NEVER drunk drove again.

Instead the media created the riots by saying it was racist and brutality, weakened the authority of the police and ensured that King had a perpetual ' YOU ARE BLACK SO GET OUT OF JAIL FREE ' card that he could play whenever he was arrested in the future.

The cops sure dont want another LA race riot, so King is now an untouchable.

This is Rodney Kings rap sheet since his ass whooping as listed in the LA times ;

* In May 1991, he was arrested on suspicion of trying to run over a vice officer who allegedly found him with a transvestite prostitute in Hollywood, but no charges were filed.

* In 1993, King entered an alcohol rehabilitation program and was placed on probation after crashing his vehicle into a block wall in downtown Los Angeles with a blood-alcohol level twice the legal limit.

* In July 1995, he was arrested by Alhambra police, who alleged that he hit his wife with his car, knocking her to the ground. He was sentenced to 90 days in jail after being convicted of hit-and-run.

* In 1999, he was sentenced to 90 days in San Bernardino County jail and put on probation for four years after a domestic dispute involving one of his daughters and her mother. He was required to attend a batterer's treatment program and a child-abuse program, according to court records.

* In 2001, King was ordered to attend a yearlong drug treatment program after he was arrested for indecent exposure and being under the influence of PCP at Ganesha Park in Pomona.

* In April 2003, Rialto police watched him weave through traffic in his Ford Expedition at more than 100 mph before plowing through a fence and into a San Bernardino house. He pleaded guilty to being under the influence of PCP and was sentenced to a six-month drug rehabilitation program followed by a 120-day jail sentence.

* That October, Rialto police arrested King on suspicion of punching his girlfriend in the stomach.

Susan Mickey, a spokeswoman for the San Bernardino County district attorney, said the office declined to prosecute the domestic violence case in 2003 and a subsequent September 2005 domestic violence case because of a lack of evidence.

In the September 2005 incident, King was arrested on suspicion of threatening to kill one of his daughters and her mother after the two women argued with his then-girlfriend, the Associated Press reported at the time.

In the last six to eight months, Rialto police have been to King's home numerous times, but for quieter calls.

"It was normal neighborhood stuff . . . drinking and loud parties, stuff like that," said Lewis, the Rialto police sergeant.

Fuck me - I dont know what kind of neighbourhood this cops comes from, but I wouldnt want to live next door to him.

It appears that in fact King wasnt beaten hard enough, and that the money he got as compensation merely funded his drug habit and drink driving.

He can crash one car, then buy another courtesy of LA police.

The lesson in all of this is this ;

the next time the media tell something is true, dont believe it.

Doubt is an expression of a free adult mind, whilst believing what you are told is simply what children do.

Dont be a child - doubt the media and their bullshit and make your own mind up.

Now watch the old tapes of the Rodney King beating and enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

I remember that bastard well and all the liberals types with the ACLU leading the charge.

"Can't we all get along?"
I remember those words, that dumbass mutterd as my city burned.

The liberals don't care that King was never really beaten, the cops were trying to contol him, but in Los Angeles the liberal media hated Chief Gates and this was a perfect opprotunity to direct undeserved hatred at the force.

I got to stop now, makes me angry all over again just thinking about it.