Sunday 23 December 2007

The Shield Wall Must Hold

In further support of the argument below ;

1) I suspect that Sadie did not intend to get pregnant by Matt, and that it was in fact a complete accident. She probably had a few drinks one night ( such as she did at various party meetings and events ) and the accident occured. Even the most intelligent women on the plant have Zero control over their own bodies when they have unprotected sex. All the MI5 training in the world will not wish away an unplanned pregnancy.

Virtually everyone in the party who heard she was pregnant knew it was an accident. She was a councillor, UNMARRIED and in a senior position in the party. They had been together a few months when the pregnancy was announced.

What is odd is that at the first BNP conference a big fall out occurred because of Sadies support for the right of abortions for women, which is of course a big issue in the party. Was this support for abortion just a ploy to cause internal factions in the party ?

What is also interesting is speculation last year about Adie Wood.

This is when Adie Wood was 'outed' by his wife as being a Special Branch agent.

Guess what Adie Wood was doing before he was outed - yep, he was SADIE GRAHAMS BODYGUARD.

Now isnt that interesting, that the bodyguard of Sadie was suspected of being a Special Branch agent. What would be better protection for Sadie than to be guarded by a fellow Special Branch agent, as that way if she said or did anything that could reveal her real work this would never be revealed to the party.

It may be that this Adie person may have developed an unhealthy interest in Sadie and was then removed as a liability, or he may have been moved to allow her to get close to other people in security who were also under the control of MI5, such as Matt Single.


Who knows.

The fact is that the next bodyguard she gets, she then has a relationship with and he is thereby also protecting her.

2) Matt is either unaware she is Special Branch / MI5 or he is aware and has decided his loyalty to his child is more important than his loyalty to the party - which is an entirely understandable response in the circumstances.

My guess is that they have a new life planned probably in Australia after all this fades away. Just as Matthew Collins was sent to Australia after his grassing of the NF, and Darren Wells after grassing on his mates, then the place of choice for grasses/ infiltrators appears to be ex-Commonwealth countries like Australia and Canada.

The other option is that Matt was recruited as part of a long term Military Intelligence plan direct from the RAF.


I must admit his latest writings on the Enough is Enough Blog have revealed a cunning and intelligence that I never suspected in Matt.

If he is writing those articles then he has been putting on a bit of an act about how intelligent he is for a long while, or someone else is writing them for him.

It may well be that they are the Julius and Ethel Rosenberg of Nationalism - who knows.

It may have been that Matt was sent from Military Intelligence and was sent into the BNP as part of a plan, and that once Adie Wood was removed Matt was then sent to work with Sadie Graham and then as a result of their closeness the inevitable happened.

If that is correct then it appears that this whole operation is an MI5 plan ran in co-operation with military intelligence and counter intelligence sections of Special Branch.

How perhaps would that have been for MI5 - their Special Branch female agent protected by a Military Intelligence mole and then them falling in love, getting married and challenging the leadership.

The whole of the BNP working for the MI5 spooks.

Regardless of speculation we will never be able to conclusively prove any of this one way or another until we run Special Branch / MI5 and get access to the files - the only direct evidence we have got is of what they have done in the party.

And that alone is enough to reveal them as thieves, traitors and blackmailers.

Those that act like the enemy, ARE THE ENEMY.

3) The other option is that Matt has been bought off. Love, Money and Pregnancy are major motivating forces in anyones lives, and Matt may have been told by Sadie and decided that he wanted to keep Sadie, the baby and the money on offer.

What sickened me most was his 'father' talking on the blog about Matt in the air force. I spoke to an old nationalist yesterday with sixty years service to nationalism and who had also been in the army.

He said that as a soldier you have three fundamental duties ;

a) Obey Orders - even if you dont like them, as the moment each man thinks he can do as he likes because he disagrees with what the officer in charge has ordered you to do, then chaos erupts, each man does as he wants and the battle is lost before the first shot is fired.

b) Be Loyal - that way each man can rely 100 % on the other and not worry that the man standing next to you will betray you. Those in charge of our security should be the LAST ones to betray us or go on strike and resign their offices.

c) Be Disciplined - If you have a problem work within the system to get it dealt with. If you are right then you will be proved right eventually. Do not create a crisis when no crisis need occur. Do not go outside the chain of command and agitate for a rebellion in the ranks.

These are basic principles that all soldiers understand, so why did Matt break each and every one of them ?

This old nationalist said to me that he had suspected Sadie of being Special Branch for a while due to her 'freezing' out any people and groups that did not agree with what she said or was doing 100 %. He said he had seen it all before in the old pre-NF, NF and old BNP days. An infiltrator he told me would come in, form a faction and then initiate a crisis. He had seen it happen in the nationalist ranks time after time.

And time after time the nationalists would respond the same way with the same short term response - the leadership would surrender to their demands which would then lead to endless and perpetual factionalism in the party as the plotters would be allowed to stay in the party. The plotters once back in the party would then use their faction to build up their own powerbase and at the same time their opponents would form a faction to counter that faction, resulting in endless factionalism and fall outs until the party was destroyed.

If you tolerate treason, blackmail and betrayal then it will sooner or later destroy the party itself, as the example would have been set to all future plotters that if you embark upon a plot all you need to do is have enough people to ensure the party leadership surrenders and the party will ignore your guilt and your treason, blackmail and betrayal. That is an open invitation to chaos.

Once a plot is discovered then the plotters can only be removed.

The rot has to be cut away before the infection spreads.

If the wound is left to fester then the poison spreads.

Once those who were tasked with the most important role of all in any party, as the people who were supposed to be in charge of our security, are revealed to be the ones sticking the knife into our backs, then that betrayal can never be tolerated.

If they rejoined the party who in their right minds would ever trust them again.

That is the ultimate betrayal of all - that whilst we were fighting as part of the Shield Wall, they were behind us sticking the knife into the back of the man standing next to us.

Read facts on MI5 plots to infiltrate and destabilise British political parties here ;

In the article below it explains the Modus Operandi of the MI5 agent - first they enter the anarchists, then the far left, then the animal rights movement and then the far right, and guess who fits that profile in every way with suspicion in each organisation she has been in that she was Special Branch / MI5 , yep, Sadie Graham.

" What are we to make of Tim Hepple, who was involved in an anarchist grouping, animal rights activities, the BNP, The ultra-racist Church of the Creator and who worked for Searchlight all at the same time? Closer to home, O'Hara mentions the case of Stuart McCullough, a former political colleague of mine who in his short career disrupted the old Ulster NF, went off with the extremist 'TTP' sect and was involved with the Belfast Animal Rights group and the Animal Liberation Front in Ulster where he also allegedly incited violence and caused a lot more disruption."

More on Tim Hepple here - note it comes from an anarchist / far left background and is hostile to the BNP whilst revealing much about the way the past of Sadie Graham and Tim Hepple betray the same MI5 procedure and operational style. Note also in my recent article 'The Ghost of Christmas Future' I stated that the aim of MI5 if the BNP had given into the plot would be to turn nationalists against each other, have them attack each other , film them doing the attacks and then blackmailing them into working for MI5. It appears that this exact same plan has been used before by MI5 ;

" In April 1994 in a dramatic World in Action programme Tim Hepple appeared on camera as a source helping expose the violent Nazi group Combat 18. However, at the end of April a pamphlet 'A Lie Too Far', exposed Hepple as an agent provocateur in the Anarchist movement. This pamphlet focused on the list of names and details of C-18 thugs which Hepple encouraged Green Anarchist magazine to publish. The list contained many factual errors and was composed with intention of getting Anarchists arrested and encouraging C18/BNP members to mount-counter attacks. However the list had another purpose. They had been designed to put Green Anarchist under attack on 3 fronts - arrested by the state, attacked by C18/BNP thugs and also by anti-fascists. This would come about because after Green Anarchist had published them Searchlight would 'expose' the lists as being supplied by Nazis. The resulting smears would open the target up to attack from the Left/anti-fascists. It was this third front of desired assault - by their own comrades on the Left - that points most clearly in the direction of list passing as being part of MI5's current battle plan. "


Anonymous said...

good post lee it is all starting to make sense,the bnp has come this far. much bigger than the NF in the late seventies early eighties.MI5 have simply instructed their insiders to get it disbanded asap.with the london elections coming up and the euro election around the corner they know the party is on the verge of a breakthrough. the other plans by kilroy silk,veritas and ukip have failed,even the safety valves such as jon gaunt,peter hitchen and richard littlejohn are now being seen by the electorate as a goverment conspiracy.moles and turncoats are a fact of life but these sad people have to live their lives out in guilt.if sadie is what we think she is i feel a touch of the football film I.D. took hold (planted but got the buzz and liked it)
merry christmas to all
south staffordshire patriot

Defender of Liberty said...

For the benefit of Doriot,

Martin Webster has ZERO assets to sue for, but also Nick Griffin due to his conviction for breaching the race relations acts years ago also has no 'repuation' to defend,

the price of telling the truth is a criminal conviction remember

Defender of Liberty said...

I also note that various dyslexic monkeys are now trying to post on this blog.

Get a spell checker dickhead.

And also flattery by the friends of the plotters wont work either, I tell the truth as I see it.

If you dont like that then deal with it.

Defender of Liberty said...

This is my take on the roles of those in the plot ;

1) Sadie Graham - Special Branch Deep Cover Operative

2) Matt Single - Military Intelligence Mole (same as previous BNP infiltrator who worked for Military Intelligence Tim Hepple)

3) Ian Dawson - Searchlight mole and working with 1) and 2)

4) Kenny Smith - egotistical dupe manipulated into joining the plot by 1) and 2) and 3)

5)Steve Blake - sad inadequate little man manipulated by 1) 2) 3)4)

Overall agency in charge - MI5 working with Special Branch and Military Intelligence (same as in the Tim Hepple case).

Searchlight stooge Ian Dawson was their to act as cover for 1) and 2) whose eventual plan was to either engineer an internal crisis via the AC and demand an EGM to vote Nick off as leader or in the alternative stand for leadership in July 2007 (as many of their monkeys still are saying they should do) or engineer a crisis in the party in the lead up to the GLA / Euro elections to split the party.

alanorei said...

Again, thanks, Lee for a most enlightening post.

Also for the assurance re: the earlier post, w.r.t. contingency plans for the enemy's next possible move(s).

I mention enhanced security, however, because none of us should ever forget the strange case of the late Dr David Kelly. I wouldn't put anything past our present-day adversaries. Probably none of us would.

The analysis in the post above will most likely be vindicated by future developments. I am amazed at ID's role, if this does turn out to be the case. I have only met him a few times but he always seemed totally genuine.

One question that comes to mind is, where do the plotters, Special Branch etc. place their actual allegiance? Are they aiming for a one-world totalitarian dictatorship of some kind?

I can't see any other realistic possibility.

Because at the present time, as never before, to betray the BNP is to betray Britain herself.

Anonymous said...

I think we can learn from goings on in the far left recently ( all got from the Socialisy Unity - ahem- website). Tommy Sheridans "Solidarity " group (no link to patriotic Trades Union) has just had 3 "interesting things" happen to it in the space of a week. Solidarity came out on top of the Scottish Socialist Party for leftwing voters in the May Elections and seemed to be coming out ahead.

In a week you then get

1. Their sole councillor , in Glasgow resigning to join Labour- and she, apparently is a 20 year SWP Veteran not some no-mark plucked from nowhere- with no politics.

2. Sheridan charged with Perjury.

3. The SWP, the major membership group, withdraw in all but name from Solidarity.

Just because you are paranoid, doesnt mean they are not out to get you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lee,



Merry Christmas

p.s. Don't break any of your new toys.

Anonymous said...

barnes mate you have lost the plot your state paranoia has got bigger than your pony tail,i saw you once on the street but you felt have resorted to being an internet warrior you remind my of a lyric in 1988.tracey chapman (you got a fast car) I HAD A FEELING ID BE SOMEONE.but you never made it.piss off back to which ever part of native london you came from you seem to be east,north south and west when it suits you..

Anonymous said...

The judgement of George Bush was proved to be faulty when he took the advice of his security services prior to invading IRAQ.

Need I say more george bush?

Anonymous said...

"ex-Commonwealth countries like Australia and Canada."

Ex-commonwealth? You clearly have a very feeble grip on reality, Mr Law Degree.

Anonymous said...

Why would various intelligence agencies be involved? Is it because they are each staking out territory for themselves as happened in Ulster? Reportedly the security services are unable to cope with the workload caused by numerous terrorist plots, so how are they able to internally justify time and money expended within the BNP? Is it the case that the security services are now just another government quango, top-heavy with Labour party members, donors and sympathisers?

Defender of Liberty said...

MI5 has doubled in size since 2001, and its budget increased vastly as has its operational remit.

In order to appease the Muslim community it has at the same time as rooting out Islamist violence to be seen as tackling 'right wing' extremism - especially when the BNP has become an electable party and rejected the boot boy tactics of the past.

Now that no Hollywood Nazis are running the ideological and political development of the party, then we have become a far more deadly threat to the system and its puppet parties.

We need just 5 % to get seats on the GLA and unlock hundreds of thousands of pounds of public money, and we have an electable candidate Richard Barnbrook.

Therefore we must be destroyed.

A lot of the spooks that used to run these schemes in Northern Ireland are now back on the mainland and using the same tactics they did then.

A few years ago an article in the Daily Express stated that John Greive who was deputy assistant commissioner of the metropolitan police stated ' we intend to close down the BNP by all means avaialbe to us ".

Looks like they have now decided to try and do that.

Defender of Liberty said...

Seeing as the Australians are about to vote on dumping the queen, then they may be a satellite of the commonwealth as a talking shop but to say Britain controls the commonwealth as part its Empire as it once did is absurd.

Get a grip muppet.

Anonymous said...

Reportedly ballot papers now have serial numbers which in theory can identify the voter, have you heard of this? As the Ruling Class are apparently not willing to respect the democratic process, is not electoral fraud the way to go for them? Reportedly many ballot papers are “stored securely” overnight for the count the next day; are candidates allowed to baby-sit them overnight? If not, what is to stop many more BNP “near misses” in the forthcoming London and other elections?

If BNP candidates are elected to London, Europe or even Westminster I would hazard a guess that they will be ring-fenced by the Establishment Party; if so what is the point of participating in a rigged electoral process – to establish a brand or obtain state funding?

Anonymous said...

Good post Lee and very believable.
The BNP was becoming, correction IS becoming a far slicker organisation than anything seen in the past. Graham as a woman was in an ideal position to shmooze voters and surround herself with the sympathy vote. She was well liked and gave the impression of being a hard working member.
Fortunately their tactics seem to have failed as loyal members simply closed ranks and their heavily modded blogs are in the control of UAF and silly students.
We can live with that?

Anonymous said...

You are all mad. MI5,Special Branch, James Bond!

This is a tin pot outfit without a cat in hells chance of gaining power. Why would any secret service be interested in a bunch of clowns?