Wednesday 19 December 2007

Crossing The Rubicon.

Those in denial have to pass through three stages before resolving their issues ;

1) Overcoming their dependency

2) Anger

3) Acceptance

What we have witnessed over the last week is this process in action.

Stage 1 - We have tried to explain to people in the party using sheer logic just why the party Chairman did what he did. Once it was suspected that senior officers of the party were hacking into the parties internal e mails and leaking them outside the party, then the Chairman had to act to preserve internal party security.

Once it was discovered that hacking of the inernal e mail system had been going on then the Chairman had also to act to protect the party from those indulging in such behaviour.

The Chairman acted at all times under the defined Constitutional powers of the BNP in line with the defined constitutional procedures.

The very fact that a few people then responded to the Chairman in the way they did, showed how severe the problem was for the party.

The damage done to the party by the plotters has yet to be fully discovered, but the damage done to the party by a couple of small localised cells of their supporters is immense.

The faction around the plotters have only ever been a miniscule minority of around fifty people, though with a big internet mouth that screamed its bile and vented its spleen wherever it could.

This was primarily the Lancaster UAF site, amongst the demented Stormfront Nazis and on the EiE blog.

As a result of their activities the media have printed stories filled with their lies to attack the BNP, John 'three houses' Cruddas has used Parliamentary Privelige to spread their lies about the party in Parliament ( how brave of him, why dont you say it outside the House Of Commons Cruddass you piece of shit, and see what happens instead of hiding under the Queens skirts, you gutless dog ) and now a propaganda paper has been delivered to the members full of lies and venom using stolen membership files that will now be used by Searchlight to attack us in every election from now on.

If anyone thinks that the interests of the party have benefited from this idiocy, then they are either insane or an enemy of the party.

2) Stage 2 of the denial process, Rage, was demonstrated last night in Leeds as the full force of the stupidity, violence and irrationalism of the faction around the plotters was fully demonstrated.

Over the last 24 hours I have been sent death threats via this blog and via e mail, and so have others under attack from these scum including the Chairman, Mark Collett, Dave Hannam, and John Walker.

I think even the ex-officers of the party Sadie, Kenny, Steve and Matt would be disgusted at the behaviour of their supporters, as even though what they have done was stupid, I have know not one of the expelled people would support their supporters threatening violence and issuing death threats in their name.

I know Matt, Kenny, Steve and Sadie would be disgusted to know that people who are supposedly supporting them are now issuing death threats against the Chairman, Mark Collett, John Walker, Dave Hannam and myself.

I had hoped that the plotters would have realised that their only option was to resign the party, walk away with some dignity, and then in a couple of years time then rejoin the party. Instead they have decided to try and fight a battle they cannot ever win as the Chairman has no power to rescind his decision to expell them as he is bound by the Constitution and its internal procedures.

There could never have been any victory for them as per their demands and the blakmail of the mob, there was only ever only the constitutionally defined procedure of a disciplinary tribunal that would have forced us to reveal publically all the information on their wrongdoings in their roles as senior officers of the party, and damaged both their reputations and the party at the same time.

The fact that this failure to recognise reality has now reached the level where their supporters are using violence, threatening violence and making death threats should reveal to them that if they have the best interests of the party in their hearts - then they must accept what the constitution says and accept reality.

You have every right to attend a fair, public and open disciplinary tribunal and argue your case, and I will ensure that this tribunal is open, honest and fair.

I have helped all of you out over the years and regarded you as friends and colleagues, and saved your arses on many occasions.

Sadie will remember the two libel actions I fought and won for her. Blake will remember the Searchlight libel action I fought and ended for him and other actions such as the university spam case, the cardiff stadium legal case and many, many other legal cases. Kenny knows that whenever he needed help he only had to pick up the phone and I helped him, and the same with Matt with whom I have helped on many occassions whenever he was in need of legal help.

I never asked for anthing back from those people, I did what I did as I wanted the party to take power so we could save our people, nation and culture just as I knew that was what once motivated you.

You have now lost all contact with reason, and are now fighting a pathetic meaningless struggle that conflicts entirely with the primary motivations of all nationalists - which is to get the BNP into power and save our people, nation and culture.

Your failure to see reason has led your supporters to embrace violence in your name.

This now has to end, and if you truly have the best interests of the party in your hearts then end this now and fight your corner in the disciplinary tribunal you have a constitutional right to attend.

That is the only correct path you can follow. If you are innocent then why be afraid of proving your innocence in public for all to see.

Only the guilty criminal seeks to use blackmail and violence to usurp the Rule of Law and the Constitution in order to avoid a full and public tribunal.

If you are innocent then you can reveal this to everyone, if you are guilty then your actions are merely proving your guilt.

Those with nothing to hide need not fear a public tribunal with all the facts on show to the membership.

Only the guilty use blackmail and the mob to demand the constitution be usurped, and mob rule replace the rule of law.

The more you refuse to see reason, the more you confirm your guilt.

Last night a small clique of people at the Leeds meeting used the event, which Nick and Mark atttended to answer questions, as an excuse to abuse the Chairman, abuse Mark Collett and then one of them even tried to attack the Chairman and Mark Collett, according to my sources.

They did so in the name of Sadie, Steve, Kenny and Matt, though I am sure they would have been disgusted at their behaviour.

Such people as at the meeting last night who acted in such a vile manner do not belong to the BNP and we do not want them in it.

Our problem has always been that the media portray us as racists, thugs, extremists, Nazis etc - and so the idiot thugs, racists and Nazis that believe what the media tell them then think " I will join the BNP " and try use the party as a vehicle for their hatred.

This has always been the internal struggle for the party - between those that are POLITICAL and those that are simply motivated by hate. The former are RATIONALISTS, who understand that the political process requires discipline, logic and in obedience to the Rule of Law, whilst the latter are motivated by the fog of hatred, irrationalism and violence and who care nothing for the politics but simply the 'thrill' of being in an organisation that the media like to portray as 'outlaws'.

The fact is we are not outlaws - we work hard to ensure this party is successful in the political process - bloody hard.

And the violent, hating scum that join this party because they are stupid enough to believe what the media tell them continueto drag us all down year after year.

The only benefit of the recent events is that everyone in this party that is POLITICAL, and who wants us to achieve the POLITICAL victory we require in order to save our Folk, Nation and Culture, have now seen the poisonous underbelly of the party - those who have always been the burden in our ranks that have always held us back.

There are those amongst our ranks who were once extremists and who have understood that extremism is the path of the idiot, the state agent, the hollywood nazi, the violent scum and the path to political suicide, the political wilderness and eternal powerlessness, and they have abandoned stupidity for reason - and we regard them as comrades and colleagues.

The animals in the mob last night that screamed, threatened and abused the Chairman and who used violence to try and further their aims are not part of this party - they are the people that are doing the systems work for them by merely confirming the stereotype the media like to portray us as.

Those who act like animals and who think mob rule should replace the rule of law are the enemies of our people, as they are the systems greatest asset.

They act as an acid within this party eating away at our support in our communities and corroding all the good political work that our people do to try and get us into the political process.

These people alienate those normal people who join the party looking for someone to represent them and our community, and drive away the decent people of our communities. All we are then left with is a rump of scum that contaminate everything they touch and destroy forever any chance we ever have of any political victory.

I have been at far too many meetings where a new member has joined and then never returned because of the casual extremism of a few members present who spoke and acted like thugs and idiots.

This party has been held hostage to a tiny faction of extremists too long, and now the moment has come to remove them.

We have less than thirty years before the indigenous British people lose forever our own country. In less than thirty years time we will have become a minority in our country, and as a demographic minority we will never be able to vote into power a government of our people, for our people and from our people. Instead we will be a powerless minority ruled forever by aliens.

Unless we begin to win in the political process, we have lost forever.

Those who alienate us from the very people we need to vote us into power to enable to change our country, THE GENERAL PUBLIC, are nothing but agents of the enemy of our people.

They are doing the enemies work for them. With their idiotic extremism, their violence, their stupidity, their hate and abuse they alienate all those we need to vote us into power - the moderate, normal people of our communities.

This moment in the parties history will be remembered as the moment that the party became POLITICAL and abandoned forever the extremism of the past. This the moment when the BNP crosses the Rubicon, and leaves behind forever all those who have held it back.

The choice is now clear - all those that are serious about the BNP becoming a major political force in the country have to now support the Chairman, the Rule of Law and resist the idiots of the mob that think violence, threats and abuse are acceptable behaviour for a mature political party that seeks real political power.

The British public are not stupid and will say " If the BNP tolerates these people in its ranks, people who are violent extremist scum and who regard the BNP constitution and the rule of law with such contempt then I will not trust them with my vote ". And who could blame them.

It is Nick who is the democratically elected Chairman of this party.

It is Nick who alone has the power to decide who remains in the party or who is removed from the party.

It is Nick who alone has the power to decide who undergoes a disciplinary procedure for their actions in the party.

It is Nick who runs this party, not the mob or any clique of malcontents.

It is Nick who decides who is an officer of the party, not the mob.

You knew all of this when you joined the party as it was enshrined in the BNP constitution, and the fact of Nick being the leader of the party was confirmed by a ballot of the party that showed 91 % of the membership of the party supported him as Chairman less than four months ago.

If you cannot accept any of these simple facts, then you no longer have a place in the party. We are not going allow our chances of taking political power be damaged as a result of your delusions.

The fact that Mark Collett has had the balls to attend meetings where he knew he would be regarded as the enemy to answer the questions of the members concerned by the lies posted through their letterboxes and posted on the internet should have generated respect from all those present at the meeting, instead the fools sought to attack him.

Instead of listening to him, the fools of the mob foamed at the mouth, threw abuse and resorted to violence.

The use of violence and threats of violence is the final phase in the denial process - when it becomes obvious that they cannot win their frustration turns to rage.

Those in the tiny clique at the meeting last night who abused the Chairman, and others in the party that still refuse to accept the reality of the situation, now need to resign the party.

There is now no other choice - you have demonstrated to us all that you are not going to listen to logic or reason, you are not concerned with the Rule of Law and the Constitution of the BNP and the procedures enshrined within it and you have demonstrated that you have no trust in the Chairman or any notion of fair play or respect for those who try to debate with you on the issues you are concerned about.

You are damaging our movement nto power and alienating the very people, the general publc, that we need to vote us into power.

Therefore you must go.

All those media puppets in the party that joined the party because of their extremism, racism, nazism and love of violence of thuggery - resign now.

Tear up your membership cards and leave the party forever.

There will in future be zero tolerance for such people and their stupidity.

Those that damage the political stuggle that is required to take us into power will be removed from the party ranks.

Our people are relying on us to take power and save everything we hold dear, and if you think we will allow you to destroy our transition into power because of your thuggery, violence, indiscipline and stupidity then you are deluded.

Go now.

Tear up your membership card and go, as from now on we will not tolerate you or your stupidity in the party.

We cannot waste any more time wasting our energy and efforts on people like you that reject reason and rationalism.

We have a POLITICAL struggle to fight and win in order to take us into power.

Accept the inevitable and go now, before we remove you from our ranks as required for us to take power.


Anonymous said...

fine words Lee, over the last week or so, a quick visit to your site brings clarity to my mind. No to traitors.

montecristo said...

I've had enough of these tossers. Okay,Sadie should have got a new car instead of Collett,blah blah blah and the Chairman mentioned that in an article seven months ago. He should have honoured it and didn't. I saw Collett drive up in a new Beemer(or whatever) to a meeting in Dagenham a few months ago,and Eubanks should have had her deposit paid,but why do you give so much time to muppets and put them in positions and AC in the first place? Didn't you know what these people were like before you hired them?. Hey Barnes,you can go into a sulk for another week now.

Defender of Liberty said...

Me sulk - nah, never do that.

I prefer it face to face rather than in the back when you aint looking,


The Green Arrow said...

Brilliant summing up of the situation. SG & Co are just tools now of our real enemy. The state.