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Truth and Lies About the BNP

The Top 10 Lies About The BNP.

1) Lie Number 1 - The British people support immigration -

Total lie. Read the Daily Mail report on public opinions December 1st 2007 ;







2) Lie Number 2 - Diversity is good for society

Peaceful modern societies which respect the individual evolved from age-old familistic ties. The transition from band-type societies, through clan and tribal organizations, into nation-states was peaceful only when accomplished without disruption of the basic ties which link the individual to the larger society by a sense of a common history, culture and kinship. The sense of "belonging" to a nation by virtue of such shared ties promotes cooperation, altruism and respect for other members. In modern times, traditional ties have been weakened by the rise of mass societies and rapid global communication, factors which bring with them rapid social change and new philosophies which deny the significance of the sense of nationhood, and emphasize individualism and individualistic goals. The cohesion of societies has consequently been threatened, and replaced by multicultural and multi-ethnic societies and the overwhelming sense of lost identity in the mass global society in which Western man, at least, has come to conceive himself as belonging.

Sociologically, the first theorist to identify this change was the Arab scholar, Ibn Khaldun (1332-1406), who emphasized the tendency for mass urban societies to break down when the social solidarity characteristic of tribal and national societies disappeared. Ibn Khaldun saw dramatically the contrast between the morality of the nationalistic and ethnically unified Berbers of North Africa and the motley collation of peoples who called themselves Arabs under Arabic leadership, but did not possess the unity and sense of identity that had made the relatively small population of true Arabs who had built a widespread and Arabic-speaking Empire. Later it was Ferdinand Tonnies (1855-1936) who introduced this thought to modern sociology. He did so in his theory of gemeinschaft and gesellschaft (Gemeinschaft und Gesellschaft, 1887). This theory revealed how early tribal or national (gemeinschaft) societies achieved harmonious collaboration and cooperation more or less automatically due to the common culture and sense of common genetic and cultural identity in which all members were raised. This avoided major conflicts concerning basic values since all shared a common set of mores and a common sense of destiny. However, as history progressed, larger multi-ethnic and multi-cultural societies began to develop, and these Tonnies described as being united by gesellschaft ties. These were not united by any common set of values or historical identity, and collaboration was only maintained due to the need to exchange goods and services. In short, their existence came to depend on economic relations, and as a result of the diversity of cultural values, the lack of any "family feeling," and the emphasis on economic exchange and economic wealth, conflict over wealth and basic values was likely to disrupt the harmony of such societies at any time


3) Lie Number 3 - The British public regard the BNP policies as abhorrent ;,,30000-13520516,00.html

The internet pollster YouGov questioned 1,841 people between last Friday and Monday.

They were asked whether they supported halting all further immigration to the UK.

Nearly six out of 10 - 59% - who did not know it was a BNP plan, said they would back the idea.

The average level of support for the BNP's ideas was 55% among those who were not told where they had come from.

Among those who knew it was 49%.


4) Lie Number 4 - The BNP is racist because it wants to stop immigration ;

If the BNP are racist then so are the Asians in the UK - 60 % of them want an end to all further immigration. The question is why are the BNP called 'racists' but the asians arent - is it because the BNP are white, and if so isnt that racist to have one standard applied to those with brown or black skins and one for people with white skins ;

A poll by the BBC's Asian Network radio station shows that 60% of British Asians say there are too many immigrants in Britain.


5) Lie Number 5 - Only whites commit racist attacks and ethnic minorities are the primary victims of race attacks in Britain ;,,1928559,00.html

Nearly half of all victims of racially motivated murders in the last decade have been white, according to official figures released by the Home Office.
The data, released under Freedom of Information legislation, shows that between 1995 and 2004 there have been 58 murders where the police consider a racial element played a key part. Out of these, 24 have been where the murder victim was white.

The disclosure will add to the intense debate over multiculturalism in British society. The figures also overturn the assumption that almost all racial murders are committed against ethnic minority victims.

Overall, there have been 10 black victims and 16 Asian victims. Of the 58 race murders, 18 have been where a white attacker has killed a black or Asian individual and another 14 where one member of a minority group has murdered another for racial reasons.

The most recent analysis shows that in 2004, 87,000 people from black or minority ethnic communities (BME) said they had been a victim of a racially motivated crime. In the same period, 92,000 white people said they had also fallen victim.

Focusing on violent racial attacks, 49,000 BME were victims. Among whites, the number was 77,000.

Most of the offenders (57%) in the racially motivated crimes identified in the British Crime Survey are not white. White victims said 82% of offenders were not white.


6) Lie Number 6 - Immigration profits Britain ;

In a recent parliamentary debate, a Home Office Minister gave an official estimate that "migration has increased output by at least £4 billion and (accounts for) 10 - 15% of economic trend growth" But the Government had failed to take into account the addition to population. In 2005 net immigration was 185,000 which, on a population of 60 million, is 0.31%. At the same time the government’s estimate of £4 billion on a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of approximately £1,250 billion is 0.32%. The benefit in terms of GDP per head is therefore trivial – about 0.01% of GDP or just 4p per head per week – less than a Mars bar per month.

As for the claim that migration accounts for 10 - 15% of trend growth, the result is the same. Trend growth is 2.5% so 10-15% of trend growth is 0.25% to 0.375% of GDP. The effect on GDP per head is therefore a small negative or positive amount.
Other recent studies in the UK, and studies carried out in other countries, point to the same conclusion – namely that immigration makes little difference to GDP per head.

We know where the government can stick their Mars Bar.


7) Lie Number 7 - Immigration has no effect on house prices ;

Seven out of eight regions consulted for an official report on immigration's effect on housing said the influx had caused problems.

Council house waiting lists have soared to record levels. Homelessness has also become a problem among migrants in some regions.

The arrival of 1.8 million foreign workers in three years has also had an impact on rents and private housing. Between 1997 and 2005, the last period for which figures are available, 592,000 homes were needed for immigrants.

But only 25,596 new social housing homes were built in 2006.


8) Lie Number 8 - Immigrants have no effect on the NHS ;

The latest report from the Health Protection Agency shows that the major source of heterosexual HIV infection in the UK is immigration from sub Saharan Africa. 70% of all heterosexual cases diagnosed in the UK are among those born in Africa. Of those diagnosed in 2006, nearly half (46%) were described as Black African.

Among black Africans in Britain TB rose by over 100% between the end of the 1980s and early 1990s.

Nor do we need foreign doctors in the UK to run the NHS ;

The NHS is causing mass deaths in Developing nations due to stealing their doctors and nurses ;

In February 2000, a United Nations conference opened to discuss the plundering of much-needed professionals from Africa by Western nations. The UN Economic Commission on Africa stated that this ‘brain drain’ was a major obstacle to African development. One commission analyst estimated that over 30% of Africa’s skilled labour was working overseas.

In October 2003, the World Health Organisation voiced growing concern over the poaching of doctors from the developing world. South Africa is now forced to recruit health professionals from China and Cuba - it has lost so many to Britain and other Western nations. Less wealthy African nations must do without.

• In 2001, the UK faced a barrage of criticism from southern Africa for pilfering teachers.

• During 2002, some 2114 South African nurses came to Britain looking for work and neighbouring Botswana lost 120 of its nurses to the UK.

• From 2002 to 2003, 13,000 non-EU foreign nurses registered to work in the UK. 3,472 of these came from the developing world.

• By October 2003, around 7000 South African doctors were on the permanent register of the UK General Medical Council.

Pictures of fishing boats laden with Africans beaching in the Canary Islands seem to have struck a chord in Europe. But they are only one aspect of a massive exodus from this continent. Far more important is that countless European hospitals – particularly those in Britain - are filled with doctors and nurses from Africa.

Many thousands of expensively trained Africans, with invaluable skills, are helping wealthy patients in the well-equipped hospitals of the rich world. Meanwhile, the health services in their own countries are collapsing.

I would argue that this loss of skilled people is the biggest millstone around Africa’s neck. The familiar issues of “aid and trade” pale into insignificance compared with the fact that so many of Africa’s brightest and best leave this continent as soon as they can and never return.


9) Lie Number 9 - The BNP stands for compulsory repatriation and will send all the immigrants back home ;

The BNP will send home only all of the following ;

A) All illegal immigrants and their dependents

B) All bogus asylum seekers and their dependents

C) All those immigrants convicted of criminal offences in the UK and their dependents.

D) All those that were convicted of crimes in their own countries prior to coming to the UK and their dependents

E) All those involved in terrorism or supporting terrorism such as funding terrorist groups

F) All those that did not claim asylum in the first European nation they could have claimed asylum in according to international asylum rules as defined in the Schengen and Dublin treaties . We will follow international law and only accept asylum seekers who are French, German, Dutch etc.

F) All migrant workers not in employment

G) All migrant workers who are working illegally

H) All those immigrants who activities are a threat to British National Security and British society.

This right to do so has been confirmed by the European Commission ;

Italy's government has acted within its rights when it passed an emergency decree last week authorizing expulsions of European Union citizens deemed dangerous to public safety, the European Commission said Tuesday.

But the EU executive stressed that the measure — a response to a wave of violent crimes perpetrated by foreigners — may only be used against individuals, not ethnic groups or nationals of any particular country.

The bloc said that even though all EU citizens generally have the right to move freely within the 27 member nations and reside where they wish, they must still fulfill a number of conditions, including proof of sufficient income and health insurance so that they are not a burden on the host state.

The conditions vary depending on the country. Requirements are tougher on citizens of 10 of the 12 new member states that have joined the EU since 2004.

"It is possible to expel citizens of another state if they don't fulfill the (residency) criteria or represent a threat to public safety or public health," EU Justice and Home Affairs spokesman Friso Roscam Abbing.

I)All those refused asylum and still resident in the country


10 ) Lie number 10 ; The BNP is a racist party ;

Racism is defined as ' Prejudice plus power equals racism ' or ' prejudice or discrimination based on race, plus the power to enforce it '.

On this definition of racism the BNP cannot ever be accused of being racist, and nor can it ever accused of racism, as the BNP have ;

a) Never been in political power in Britain to pass any racist laws

b) Never actually passed any laws that are racist ( the application of power)

c) Never victimised someone on the basis of their race ( as we have never passed any laws that discriminate on the grounds of race )

The ONLY political parties that can be accused of racism are the parties that have been in power, as they have passed racist laws that have impacted not just upon the immigrants but also indigenous whites.

For example the Race Relations Act 1976 sections 37 and 38 allows POSITIVE ACTION plans to be set up in companies that discirminate against white and English people on the basis of their race and ethnicity. This is state sanctioned racism that is designed to discriminate against indigenous Britons for the benefit of immigrants.

This is racism in its purest form.

The most racist party in Britain is the Labour Party - read what the Labour Party did to the Diego Garcians here ;

Not only did the Labour government steal the land, the homes and the hopes of the Diego Garcian peoples - the Labour Party then left them in total destitution in the UK with no benefits or right to housing.

This was one of the most disgusting cases of racism this country has ever seen - and it was one undertaken by the Labour Party and endorsed by the Tory Party.

Exiles from Diego Garcia are not entitled to jobs and housing benefits in the UK, appeal judges have said.

Three councils in the Gatwick area refused benefits to the families when they arrived in 2004, on grounds they were not habitually resident in the UK.

They took the move under a rule made to stop benefits tourism. Families claimed discrimination at the appeal court, but three judges ruled against them.

The UK expelled the Diego Garcians from the Indian Ocean island in the 1970s.

Residents of the island in the Chagos archipelago were moved to Mauritius in 1971, when Britain leased the island to the US to use as a military base.

The next time you are told something about the BNP - then realise that unless you are speaking to us in the BNP or a member of the BNP or are reading something produced by the BNP, then the person you are speaking too is probably either ignorant, a liar or has been brainwashed by the media to believe lies about the BNP.

If you want the facts, ask us.

If you want to remain ignorant about the BNP - then only believe what you are told by those who have a motive to make sure you remain ignorant.

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