Friday 21 December 2007

Give it Up Matt and Just Crawl Away

I see that the delusional Matt Single has now added me to the list of people he wants removed from the party and their positions at the merest whim of any criticism of his incompetent cabal of idiots and Special Branch 'extremists'.

This is the deulsional idiots latest post on his rapidly dying blog site ;

" To make matters worse, no less than Lee Barnes himself has now also been pulled into the fold at the behest of Mr Griffin to attack those that have dared to question his authority. Mr Barnes’s bizarre, foul-mouthed and semi-coherent ramblings have in the past caused a great many of us some degree of embarrassment. Considering that he is never to be seen actually helping with a Party activity, or at a conference or in a meeting, it is not surprising that he is now widely regarded as little more than a mere satellite of the Party proper. He is dusted off once in a while by Griffin and drought back down to planet Earth to apply the incomplete law degree that he pulled out of a Kinder-Egg.

Even more significant is the fact that until last week, he has never actually ever been a member of our Party; how convenient that he suddenly now feels in necessary to join us. This serves us all with an example of the type of people that Mr Griffin surrounds himself with. Non-members, an assortment of little known nationalist ‘personalities’ from around the globe and various other ‘Griffin flavour’s of the month’, all of which clearly appear far more important to him than the very stalwart lifeblood activists of this Party that make it tick from one week to the next, that often work ridiculously long hours for little more than the gift of hope for our children’s future. (Barnes claimed on his blog that he had now joined, but quoted the wrong membership fee, so whether he has actually joined is debatable – Ed).

Oh Dear Matt, it appears that not only have you abandoned any sense of honour, loyalty and common sense, it now appears that you and your cabal of incompetents hve forgotten all the work I have done for you - you pathetic ungrateful whelp.

Shall I remind you Matt ;

1) The two libel cases I fought and won for your partner Sadie Graham when due to her total incompetence she was sued by two officials in her town council at the same time. Both of these I fought for her for FREE and with no thanks from her for doing so.

2) Helping you out with your legal problems concerning your punch ups with some reds at a BNP meeting you attended.

3) Assisting you with the problems you had when the police were once again investigating you for assault.

It appears that my Honours Degree in Law was ok for you to use back then wasnt it Matt.

As for the reason why I never completed my Barrister training was simply because in 2000 I was diagnosed with cancer and then spent two years on chemotherapy and having treatement for that cancer.

Since then I have been unable physically to attend any law courses because my health has been so damaged by the treatment.

Perhaps you would like to gloat over that as well you lowlife bastard peice of scum.

Even when I was seriously ill I was still there for anyone in the party who needed help, even when I was throwing up all the time from the chemotherapy I was having at the time.

One of the reasons why I never renewed my membership at that time and since, was that I never knew if I would live long to enjoy the benefits of BNP membership.

Instead I used every spare penny I had to ensure my youngest son, who was only 3 months old when I was diagnosed with cancer, was taken care of financially and looked after.

All the savings that I had ammassed to pay for me to go through my barrister training was spent on taking my of my child and ensuring that if I died, he would have some money when he was older.

Instead of spending my money on the party and membership fees, I spent it on ensuring my son was taken care of instead, which seemed the greater priority at the time.

I gave the party what was left of my time and energy, and my son got what was left of my money.

In all the times that vile demented whore was attacking me on the internet and her Stormfront monkeys screaming abuse at me I never revealed any of this - simply because I have never asked for any sympathy and I have always fought those who want to fight me face to face.

Not one of those cowards that spat on my back on the internet, has EVER had the guts to face me and say what they say on the forums - and nor will they as they are gutless dogs like yourself.

Not only did you lose all sense when you get involved in this pathetic state of affairs you have now demonstrated that you are nothing but a selfish parasite with no sense of honour in any way.

For gods sake man, just crawl back under the stone you crawled out of and vanish - please.

As for your rambling speeches at meetings Matt, how many time haves you quoted lyrics of Skrewdriver records at BNP meetings and 'hoped' no-one would notice.

Well Matt, we did and to be frank you sounded like an idiot.

As for your pathetic attempt to play the 'sentiment' card - go away and grow up, your pathetic attempt to portray what you did as something decent is nothing more than a pathettic lie for the handful of your pathetic sucker supporters to believe.

Unlike you Matt I have never played anyone for their symapthy. The fact you are doing so now is vile and disgusting.


You spied on your party comrades, stole our e mails from us and then posted them on the Lancaster UAF website.

The enemy is as the enemy does - and what you did was worse than aything our enemies have ever done to us.

No red agent has ever done to us what you did, no red has stolen from us and betrayed us at the inner level as you did.

You are the enemy not because of what we say, but because of what you did to all those people who once trusted you.

You disgust me, and your pathetic attempt to play the sympathy card disgusts me even more.

As for the membership money issue - I did not pay it, my partner paid it for me as I have no money at all. I live on disability benefit due to the effect the cancer and chemotherapy had on my body, and that why I had to ask her to pay for the memership fees.

That is also why I have not been able to attend leafleting and the conferences etc as my health is such that I am physically unable to attend such events.

Unlike you, you vile parasites, I have never got paid whilst I was betraying the party.

Whilst the members fees were being given to Sadie, whilst she was meant to be working for the party she was working with the traitors to betray the party.

What really makes me sick is that the party were subsidising their betrayal, they were using party equipment and on party wages whilst they were betraying us.

Oh and by the way you traitorous dog, this IS MY BLOG, not the party blog.

On this blog I post what I want, not what goes up on the party site.

Therefore this site has NEVER been an official BNP site, but simply my personal site.

The reason why I set this blog up was because Steve Blake removed my Brimstone section off of the BNP website and then refused to post up any of the articles I posted to the BNP site - as well as removing me from the BNP forum at the same time.

At the same time as this he plotted with the others to remove me from the AC and also to ensure that I got no internal BNP e mails that would give any hint of their traitorous plans.

The traitor Blake did this as they knew that I would be able to sniff out what the plotters were doing.

If I had become a 'satellite of the party' it was because Steve Blake and Sadie made me one - they wanted me out of the way so that I could not discover and reveal their treasonos plans.

Therefore they shut me out of the BNP website, shut me out of the BNP e mail system (which they were stealing from) and then did not send me any notifications of when the AC meetings were being held to ensure I could not fight back against their vile lttle plot.

At the same time they were poisoning people against me and ensuring that I stayed out of the internal party loop.

They all knew that I would have been able to detect the traitors plots, just as I had discovered the Ian Cobian plot by sifting the information within Searchlight and by comparing it to what the activists in London were telling me.

By keeping me marginalised in the party and by seeking to turn their sock puppets in the party against me, they were ensuring their treachery would not be discovered until it was too late to save the party.

As for causing the party embarassment, it is you who have embarrassed this party Matt with your discgusting treason.

You have revealed that we were fools to ever think we could trust you and your cabal of lickspittles and traitors.

Seeing as you are without any honour, and still keep lieing to your supporters, then you are nothing but a manipulating thief and fool.

The evidence of your treachery is on the website and is there for everyone to see, and every day the depth of your treason is further revealed.

Go away Matt, the game is over.

We have found you out.

If you have any honour or sense then just go.

Stop your pathetic whining and accept the fact that you got caught and that you are now reaping the bitter harvest of your betrayal.


alanorei said...

I wondered why Brimstone disappeared. Now I know, thanks.

A pity some of these plotters don't invest in a few lengths of rope.

Judas Iscariot did.

Anonymous said...

Say what they want mate, i never felt compelled to study the inside's of my eyelids when you gave a talk.
There is a massive amount of verbal diarrhoea floating around on some of these blogs. Silly boys and girls!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I know of several regions that were not being given membership updates deliberately. Funny that these regions were the ones being Organised by those Sadie saw as a threat.

Also, many good ideas were put forward by our region - all ignored.

Steve Blake protected the website with a sense of paranoia. Now we know why.

I thought he just looked like a weasel, ironic it turned out he was one too!

Traitors, the lot of them It sickens me that some docile idiots feel sorry for them and are sending them money.

On that subject, isn't that paramount to "deception"? Sending out official looking bnp letters to unsuspecting members using a stolen database and asking for donations?

How many OAP's are sending money thinking it is going to the ONLY BNP and not the fake BNP!

Obtaining money by deception - surely!

Anonymous said...

great post ,l'm totaly behind the leadership and you against the gang of four BUT you say people who post on stormfront are nazis ? l'm 1/4 of jewish racial orgin,tho l believe in christianty tho l don't attend church ,l'm not a nazi.l aslo believe in the nation state and l have a blog if l posted the gable thing.could he sue me ? l'm 16 and l have 200 pounds to my name,if he took me to court and won ,could he take money from my parents ?


Defender of Liberty said...

Hi anonymouse,

For the 16 year old nationalist, please do not post anything on your blog about this argument with Gable. Keep well out of the way of this.

Keep your head down and work as hard as you can and get decent exam results, then go to college or university.

Keep a low profile and keep your politics quiet, do not raise your head in public until after your education is finished.

What we need for the future are young people like yourself who are educated, qualified and capable of building a strong nationalist movement in the future.

I dont know what you intend to do as a career, but whatever it is do it well.

It is the role of people like me to get the crap thrown at us, whilst people like yourself can work in the background and build the infrastructure of the future nationalist movement.

Remember that by the time you are 40 unless we win this struggle then we will be a minority in our own country this country will be dominated by Islam and immigrants -and this is why people like yourself must always keep this in mind.

You are not just fighting for your country - but also our culture, rights, history and our survival as a people in our British and European homeland.

When we become the minority then their will be no idiotic white liberal voices screaming racist at those Islamists and Immigrants that will be attacking us - there will only be white liberal collaborators with the Islamists that are killing us.

We reject violence as violence is the weapon our enemies use against us. Violence is what animals use against each other instead of intelligence.

The most complex and powerful weapon in Nature is the mind of the European people.

Your weapon Of Self Defence Is Your Mind - TRAIN IT, USE IT.


Defender of Liberty said...

I will be getting a copy of the leaflet peddled out by the plotters in a few days and will let you know about any possible legal sanctions then once I have had to endure reading it.

The fact is though that the use of the membership data base to send the leaflets out was a clear breach of the criminal law as defined under Section 55 of the Data Protection Act 1998.

As it is though their pet legal monkey, Lawyer, is probably very busy at the moment dealing with a few 'other' legal matters shall we say.