Thursday 6 December 2007

Migraine and Quantum Physics

I woke up this morning with a terrible migraine and the following concepts imprinted in my aching brain. I am one of those people that have visions with migraines, in my case it is black and white diamond snakes and red snakes if a particularly bad one. Often I am quite artistic during a migraine as I suspect the electrical distrubances in the brain fire the synapses in odd ways.

I am not an expert in physics so if anyone reads this let me know if it is nonsense, or makes sense.

As soon as I opened my eyes the following concepts were buzzing in my head ;

It is not light that is the fundamental constant of the universe but Dark Matter.

Dark Matter is the energy control mechanism that prevents all matter from dissipating out into the universe and the universe experiencing instant energy explosion then enrgy death by implosion. Without Dark Matter then all the bonds that bind energy into matter forms would unravel and all the matter energy in the universe would be unleashed into a flashbulb of energy that would destroy the universe itself.

Gravity, all particles and elementary particles, atoms etc are simply energy condensated into matter that without Dark Matter would instantly revert back into energy. Dark Matter exists outside the bounds of our physical universe in a structure that defines the shape and existence of our universe, but its effect on the universe is to act as the primary universal constant which defines and unifies all other constants including the speed of light. Dark Matter allows and sustains the formation of all matter itself by ensuring matter / energy coherence.

Einsteins equation should be ;

DM ( E = MC2 ) QU

Which symbolises the role of Dark Matter (DM) as the fundamental stabilising framework of the universe within which physical reality exists and also as the stabilising force which controls the energy outflow of the quantum universe. Dark Matter ensures that no breakages occur at the level of sub-atomic bonds of matter and that all the fundamental forces of the physical universe are harmonised so that matter can exist, experience entelechy and entropy. Dark Matter ensures that all matter does not instantly revert back into energy and the energy content of the Quantum Universe (QU) does not flash into the universe and into space thereby creating the instanteous energy death of the universe as all matter is torn apart and explodes.

Dark Matter exists outside the classic space/ time / physical structure of the universe as space and time and matter are all products of Dark Matter itself acting upon energy and matter, and thereby creating those forces, in the physical universe. Dark Matter does not exist as particles or as a physical presence in our universe, but instead exists outside the physical universe to which it effect gives structure and form.

There is no point looking for Dark Matter as it does not exist, simply because existence itself is a product of Dark Matter.

The fundamental reality of the universe is Dark Matter as without it the physical universe could not exist. Dark Matter ensures that all matter in all structured forms remain as coherent constants throughout the universe.

The speed of light is a constant defined by the existence of Dark Matter as space and time are merely aspects of the infuence of Dark Matter in the physical universe.

Time and space exist as matter and energy exist. But because Dark Matter is responsible for matter coherence, then both space and time are emanations of Dark Matter.

Dark Matter governs the conversion of energy into matter and matter back into energy. It defines the limit of the speed of light as it moves through space and governs time by defining distance in space (as distance is merely the space between matter structures and hence time is simply the measurement of the distance between matter structures). By determining the structure and form of matter, Dark Matter also determines the entropic reversion of matter back into different forms of energy and also the possibility of entelechy that drives matter evolution.

The experience of linear time as percieved by our minds is a function that occurs as a result of the link between the emission of quantum energy from the Vacuum Energy field ( Holographic Universe Theory) and the brain itself and how it functions as a holograph. therefore time as we precieve it is the recognition of the expansion of the physical universe in line with the flow of quantum energy from matter fields.

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The illusion of seperatness is just that an illusion, for all things are connected via Dark Matter which gives form to the universe.

Gravity as a force and as a constant is created by Dark Matter as a result of matter interactions controlled by Dark Matter. The sub-atomic orbits of electrons, neutrons etc etc is goverened and set by dark matter. The orbit of planets and the power of gravity in relation to solar system, star systems etc etc is determined by Dark Matter.

The expansion of the universe is a product of matter itself, as all structured matter forms shed energy at the sub-atomic quantum level of their very existence. This energy both attracts mass (Gravity) and repels mass ( expansion of the universe)Quantum Energy produced as a result of the existence of matter is not strong enough to disrupt the bonds of individual matter structures and forms eg atoms, as the 'force' which ensures the stability and coherence of matter structures is Dark Matter itself which is stronger than the energy released from the quantum vacuum.

So the quantum energy released by matter at the level of the quantum universe within atoms is then dispersed straight into space (both at the sub-atomic level and into general space) and this drives the expansion of the universe. Quantum energy is also transformed into gravity when mass interacts with mass that exists in a mass above the level of the quantum state.

The combined mass of all the solid mass in the universe as structured matter existing above the level of the quantum state generates vast levels of quantum energy as a simple byproduct of its existence. This quantum energy is then released into space as a repulsive force or an attractive force working on all mass in the universe at the same rate at the same time. It is this constant shedding of quantum energy into space by matter which acts upon space itself by driving the expansion of the universe by expanding the void of space with latent quantum energy. This latent quantum energy is also manifested in the universe as the force we call gravity.

This is how gravity can operate at the level of the physical universe and at the level of the quantum universe, as gravity is quantum energy entering space and then re-engaging with matter. Wherever matter exists in close enough contact with other mass for quantum energy to become gravity, and wherever quantum energy emanates from the quantum realm as a result of mass, then gravity will exist as a constant affecting matter. The more mass in proximity the more gravity is produced as the more quantum energy is released as a byproduct of that mass. Gravity is the link between Dark Matter and the Quantum uiverse and is the force which allows coherence at all levels of matter.

Quantum energy not transformed into gravity by interactions between matter is what causes the expansion of the universe. Matter constantly fills space with quantum energy and when it is not drawing mass together, it is forcing mass apart (gravity and anti-gravity) when gravity reactions cannot occur eg as when individual dust particles are adrift in space and not in close contact with other particles to attract a gravity response. In the case of interstellar dust, the quantum energy generated by their mass is leaked into the universe and is the basis of the expansion of the universe itself. The expansion of the universe and the existence of gravity as a force are both products of the same quantum energy discharge as regulated by Dark Matter.

Whilst the universe expands the constants remain the same due to the existence of dark matter acting at all times at all levels of matter in the universe.


Anonymous said...

everyone suffers this when having a migraine attack,its nothing unusual..dont you know anybody who has migraine attacks??

Defender of Liberty said...

Actually only 33 % of people who get migraine attacks suffer auditory and visual phenomena when having migraines.

I know plenty - do you ?

Anonymous said...

Less than 1/3. More like 12% - 20%.

Defender of Liberty said...

My migraine phenomena is usually a large black and white diamond patterned snake shape across the left of my vision upon which the scales move in a glittering cascade down its entire length, almost like a shimmering kaledioscope effect.

About a year ago I had a migraine where the snake shape was not in black and white, but an orange red in colour that glowed a reddish / orange hue. The scales still moved down its length but were a glistening red.

Painkillers taken at this point usualy prevent the migraine entering the sickness / pain / bright light pain stage and end the visual phenomena.