Monday 3 December 2007

Princess Diana and the Stagg Hunt.

The British media is a poisonous, dangerous and demented cabal that must be reformed before both our democracy and society are destroyed.

The media and the police both need to be investigated, their rights and powers redefined and those responsible for the incitement to hatred and violence against Colin Stagg arrested and charged.

The case of Colin Stagg and the way the media hounded him for years after his release from prison after being jailed under false charges laid by the corrupt Met Police, is a prime case of why the media must be reformed.

Colin Stagg was villified by the media for years as the killer of Rachel Nickell, and yet their was no evidence to ever link him any way to the crime.

Mr Stagg, 44, wrongly arrested then cleared of her killing, said: "I became a national hate figure. I was insulted, attacked, spat upon.

"Finally people are going to have to believe I didn't do it."

The sole reason why people did think he murdered Rachel Nickell was because the media said he did. On front page after front page for years they hounded him, abused him, incited hatred against him, slandered him and villified him.

The fact he survived the process is testament to the fact that his character was of a greater nature than those of the newspaper editors and journalists who printed the lies about him.

He had no money to fight a libel case to defend his name, no form of redress from the Press Complaints Commission which is funded by the papers themselves and no way to get his protestations heard by the public.

The media said he was guilty and therefore the public thought he was guilty.

He could now be in line for £1million compensation from the police after they charged Robert Napper.

Rachel, 22, was walking her dog when she was stabbed 49 times on Wimbledon Common, South West London, in front of her son Alex, three, in July 1992.

Mr Stagg was arrested but a judge threw out the case in 1994 after a pretty woman police officer set up a "honey trap" to get him to confess.

The media are today nothing more than a wild dog pack, who once they have the scent of blood and profit in their flared nostrils chase down their prey until it is cornered and terrified. Then they rip it to peices and thrust the bloodied remains in the face of the public on the front page of their papers in the name of news and entertainment.

The links between Diana, Stagg and hunting are eerie and symbolic.

Diana was the perpetual virgin goddess of the hunt, associated with wild animals and forests. Stagg is an individual whose very name is associated with being hunted.

Both cases are the most publicised cases of the media hounding people to death in the case of Diana, to near suicide in the case of Stagg.

There are times when the Zeitgeist itself seems to be screaming at people 'wake up' and this is what has happened with the media and those two specific cases.

The fact our democracy is controlled by a pack of wild dogs who profit from misery, death and war via stealing images of death, destruction and chaos and then publishing them in their papers is symptomatic of our corrupt, degenerate and sick society.

Unless we have a moral force that controls our society instead of a pack of amoral prdators who are prepared to destroy human lives in pursuit of their own profits, then our society will continue its slow, sickening collapse into ennui, anarchy and anomie.

The media must not be allowed to control our society.

The media must be reformed , neutered and muzzled.

The sole role of the media in a free society is to report the facts, not propagandise political parties or hound people to death in order to satisfy the sick prurient impulses of a nation of sick, prurient people.

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alanorei said...

Thanks, Lee

Reinforces what Dr Peter S. Ruckman, an independent Baptist minister in the US, observed many years ago.

"The news media will get you killed."

How many of the victims in Tony Shell's excellent report became victims at least in part because the news media has always encouraged 'multi-culti-ism' and attacked anyone who opposed it?

Dr Sam Gipp, a Baptist evangelist, calls them "the news mafia."

I think the title is apposite.

He also shows how they are always treacherous.

He has another good article here.